Hi everyone :) I'm a few good shades darker since we last spoke and my cousin is unfortunately a few shades of pink and purple (but we're praying it hopefully turns into brown soon). The sun was so strong yesterday, it completely shocked us all! We went down to the pool just before noon and by 3pm I decided to put my shirt back on and had my head covered with a towel whilst doing some work on my laptop. I knew if I stayed exposed any longer my skin would be toasted. I got a little burned on my nose but that's about it. Nonetheless, we had a nice little time by the pool :) Felt so good to get some sun after months of being covered up in the cold NYC weather.


This picture below has made both of us laugh so much. By the end of the day, we covered Skeena up - literally from head to toe! In the beginning of the day she asked me "I wonder if it's even warm enough to tan?" since it was pretty cold the day before. Lol poor girl but you gotta love her! So important to wear sun screen ladies and prevent unnecessary aging caused by the sun. We slathered it on all over today before going to the parks. Had such a good day! Will post some pictures soon. (My bikini is from H&M last spring.)


  1. you should apply some plain natural yogurt on your skin that has gotten burned... and aloe vera gel is amazing

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  2. I envy you the warm weather soo much. In my country is snowing right now and -2°C.
    I really like your blog.
    Have a nice day :)

  3. How cute! You look great in pink!

    Genevieve x


  4. Thank you so much to give us the chance to feel this summer atmosphere :)
    it makes me feel better and hopeful for the new "coming soon " season!


  5. I want spring!! :)


  6. That is the advantage of living in the south...our summers are longer. :) We get to enjoy extra sunshine!

    <3 <3 <3