Indestructible Nails

Hi beautiful! Hope you're day is going good. As mentioned in my February Favorites, I've been loving UV nail polishes for the past few months. I love having my nails done at all times, and coming across this polish, which is pretty much indestructible, has been amazing! I feel like this deserves a little blog post for itself simply because it lasts for about two weeks, and looks fab.  

The range of colors available for shellac at my nail place is pretty limited so I haven't tried out too many. My favorite one however, is definitely "Decadence" which is the one I'm wearing in the pictures shown above. It's this gorgeous deep red wine color. I've had this color a few times and I adore it. Another nice red is called "Wildfire" which is more of a lighter, orangey toned red. I also like "Gotcha" which is a really pretty nudey pink color (not as bright as it appears in picture below).
  • Long lasting (10-14 days no chipping) 
  • Super shiny and glossy color
  • Allows your nails to grow out
  • Doesn't damage your nail as there's no buffing of the nail involved  
  • Resembles regular polish (doesn't look "thick" on your nail like traditional gel polishes)  

  • More pricey than a regular manicure
  • It holds differently on everyone's nails (for me it lasts a long time, but on my cousin for instance, it peels off within a few days so it depends on your nail type)
  • It takes about 5-10 minutes to soak off 
  • Color range isn't the best (but they have the classics!) 

In my opinion, the pro's outweigh the con's, but this is because the shellac holds really well on my nail type. As mentioned, my cousin (and two other friends of mine) cannot wear this for more than a few days as it peels off, so either it will be a major hit or a miss. I recommend trying it and see how it holds! :) I don't think I'll go back to wearing regular nail polish any time soon because it's a hassle when it chips after just 1-2 days. My uber stylish mom (who does dishes every night) loves it too :) I hope they come out with some new colors soon!

Have you guys tried it? How does it hold on your nails? Let me know in the comments below! XOXO

P.S. For those of you wondering, this is not a sponsored post! Get my shellac done at a nail salon by my apartment :)  


  1. Thank you for your advice, Annie. On me regular nail polish lasts about two days, I will definitely try this out. I really like the fact, that you did not only list the pros!
    Lots of Love
    Teresa from

  2. Hi Annie Where did you buy this nail polish? xoxo Leila

    1. Have you read the post? because she explained all there.

  3. Hey Annie! I love shellac nails too! But I really think you should read this;
    It'll take a few minuets that will be worth it!

  4. You can actually buy more colors on Amazon and take them into your salon for them to apply :) Tutti Frutti is a gorgeous bright pink and Zillionaire is a clear glitter which looks gorgeous over white, beige, or light pink nails!


  5. Another really great line of shellac/gel polishes is the Gelish line - they have over 80 colors. Just thought you might want to check it out :)


  6. I just checked on amazon, and they actually have a lot more colors available! and i think i'll get the UV lamp to dry it, it's cheaper doing it at home in the long run. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=shellac+nail+polish&sprefix=shellac+na%2Caps%2C247

  7. Shellac actually has tons of colours, my salon has so many to choose from! you should check out different nail salons in your area and see if they have more. it sounds like the place you go to just has a limited supply :)

  8. Absolutely love your blog .. always one of my daily reads and I can only hope to be as great of a blogger as you one day !

  9. That colour looks great on you! I used to use shellac but since being vegan I haven't as I don't know if it is vegan. I also worry about the chemicals involved. I definitely think how long they last is amazing though!

    Genevieve x


  10. Love the necklace !! where is it from ?

  11. Love your necklace ! where is it from ?

  12. I also am a huge shellac fan - the con of it being expensive is what made me purchase the lamp and do them myself! It cost $100 on Ebay and came with 8 colours - I love it!! And with the uv lamp at home, you can actually use your own nail polishes and just use the base and top coat and cure it under the lamp as you normally would, it makes the nailpolish last just as long!
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  13. You have such great taste in nail polish colours! which are your favorites from OPI & Essie??

  14. Hi Annie! I also LOVE Shellac and cannot ever go back to normal polish. Some salons have more options than others...I dont know how devoted you are to your salon. A salon I recently discovered in my area has tons of shellac colors! OPI, Essie, and a brand called "Gelish" are carried there. I prefer the OPI or Essie because I feel like they last longer and I love their colors. Enjoy your pretty nails!

  15. Is it harmful for your nails? I mean it is a great product in terms of wear ability, for sure. But when you take it off your nails might be ruined... I really want to try it but I am scared it will ruin my nails. I read a lot of contradictory info on shellac....

  16. Hi Darling!
    I love your blog and I want to ask you if we want follow each other...
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  17. I used to live by these manicures too. I really think you should watch this video http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/ugly-truth-about-gel-manicures-pt-1 I found it after googling some issues I was finding with the gel and shellac manicures I was getting.

  18. You should investigate more on gel nails, and try not to use them as much. UV light is not good for you. That is why we wear sunscreen and UV light is used to purify things. Check the intensity of it.

  19. Hi Annie! Really nice pictures! Will definitely try the nail polish! You are just so beautiful and I love your blog and your youtube channel! I love your necklace by the way, where is it from? Lots of love - Sarah

  20. I absolutely LOOOVE shellac! Im going to get mine done tomorrow! I have tried a few colors, but my favorite by far is just simple french tips:) I love how shellac protects your nails so well while its on, and it lets my nails grow like crazy, because they're brittle when they're bare. Taking it off yourself can cause some serious damage if you don't know how to properly remove it, and that's the only con for me.

  21. I would love to get my nails done like this, looks stunning


  22. They have so many colors. Order them on Amazon (for $11 - $12) and take it to the salon with you. They usually charge less for your manicure and after a few applications it pays for itself. Or you can do it yourself, we have a post on our blog about it but basically its my favorite thing to do. I go every few times to the salon to get my cuticles done and the "spa" treatment of a manicure but in between I always do my own.

  23. My nails chip very easily, especially since I wash my hands a lot. I definitely need a polish that will last longer than a day.... :( I like the red one you have on. Very classy.


  24. hi annie, I'm really sad because of my strech marks. they ar on my boobs, hips, love handles,and on my butt too :( i was wondering if you could help me. i've been moisturising the marks but it doesn't seem to work. please help me, they make me sad

  25. Hi Annie!

    Look nice. I am a big fan of gel nail polish and love red color. It lasts 3-4 weeks without chipping. I've got one of the gel polish kit at Runway Professional. Its really nice and perfect for me. I strongly recommend checking them out.


  26. This is truly an amazing nail polish, I have come across many nail polish but never have i seen such versatile nail polish. This would create very good style for my nails for many weeks. I saw some cute reviews here about pros and cons of shellac nail polish

  27. I had shellac on my nails by a professional,but had them removed at a walk in shop. They have ruined my nails.They filed off the polish ,so my nails are very very thin and brittle. I always had good strong nails. I went back to complain,but they didn't seem to understand me or maybe they didn't want to. Will never have them done again. This post described pros and cons of shellac nail polish very nicely. Thanks