February Favorites!

Hey guys! Happy Monday! This past week had been so fun and so crazy having Skeena around. I feel like I haven't slept in days. Finally have my new video up, which I had to split into two parts, so now you have something lengthy - but as concise as possible of course :) from me to watch! Skeena and I have been filming random little vlogs here and there, hopefully they turn out somewhat decent so I can share a little part of my life on video with you guys. I also have some pictures that I will be sharing with you soon.

Below is my February Favorites video! I will be doing one of these for March too, have already found some new products that I want to share with you. I hope you and enjoy and please share your favorites of the month with me in the comments!

As for the perfume giveaway, it has now closed and I will be posting the winners later on tonight on Facebook and here on my blog :) And thanks for all the questions posted for me and my cousin to answer in our Q&A video :) It will hopefully be up soon! Hope everyone is having a good day ♥

And below is a picture of all the products mentioned! ♥


  1. So many favourites! I always love your videos, I can't wait for more!

    Genevieve x


  2. Quite a huge amount of favourites, but still love them!


  3. First of all Annie I LOVE YOU! And I love it to watch your videos, one of my favorites is the chanel lipstick (rouge allure velvet) nr.40 which is called la sensuelle. I think you will like it too,maybe you can buy it and make a video about it?


  4. Tons of favorites! Great items too! Love them. So beautiful Annie. =)

  5. I really enjoy your blog and your videos :).

  6. Hello Annie

    Thanks for sharing this i'm wondering if it's possible that you show you're skin care routine of the day and night.
    I saw you're weekly facial routine what is also very good.
    My skin is so horrible these days, i never had a bad skin like this.
    I have a very sensitive dry and combination skin. I tried so many things to clear my face up.
    At this moment i'm using honey every day for 40 minutes and i must say that it is a very good product.
    Thank you so much for you're great posts full of positive energie.
    It has helped me so much i'm eating much better know.
    Greetings from Amsterdam

  7. Well done, girl!!! You're the BEST!!!!

    Kisses from Serbia!!!

    Tatjana Bg

  8. Hi Annie,

    could you please make a video-tutorial for these nails, which last for around 2 weeks? I would be pretty interestend in this since I don´t have the time to make my nails every other day...
    Best wishes from Germany!

  9. wow a lot of faves.... great videos

    DIY strawberry fruit bouquet

  10. Hi Annie,

    Where do you get Giovanni Smooth as Silk? I buy Giovanni products from this organic cosmetics website: www.naturisimo.com. But they do not stock Smooth as Silk, only Tee Tree range...