Today we started the day nice and early, and headed to Magic Kingdom. I've been to Disney World before and even though I'm not a fan of big crowds and fast food, I love a good roller coaster! I also think the park itself is really pretty. My little sister loved it (especially A Small World - I vividly remember going on that when I was a child - it's an experience in itself at that age lol). It was a nice little family outing. We went on a couple of rides in Magic Kingdom then headed to Epcot for the Soarin' ride which I thought was fun and unique.

It was freezing today! The weather here changes super quick, but at least it was nice and sunny. As soon as we got to the park, Skeena and I went to the gift shop and got a sweater to keep warm - hence the matching :) We stayed out till about 9pm and came home to the hotel, freshened up and had a relaxing dinner in the lobby where they had a live band playing everything from Adele to Bob Marley - very sweet. Tomorrow will be another day at the park! Hope everyone is having a good day! XOXO


  1. The Pictures are beautiful and the last one is super cute :))
    I want to Disneyland too!
    Here where I am it is sooooo cold :( and in your pictures it looks so sunny =)
    xoxo <3

  2. it looks like so much fun, i would love to go to disney

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  3. so glad you like to share those things with us. ur blog is so entertaining and sooo much fun.
    aand you're my fav beauty guru on youtube in maaany years:)
    hope u two have a great time:-)

  4. Wow it's so much more beautiful than I thought it would be!

    Cute jumpers!

    Genevieve x


  5. yes florida weather is crazy. in the mornings it gets cold and by the afternoon its usually hot. i hope it warms up soon i want to beach it here. have fun in orlando annie! you should do a meet-up next time you come down in fla. im sooo down! xoxoxoxo

  6. Love your disney sweater! hehe <3 have you tried the house of terror? It's the best ride! :D

  7. Ohh Minnie mouse's Guru Annie,Skeena That great for visit disneyland it real big fun. I've been to orlando and staying at Sheraton Vistana Resort. You got to universal studio orlando and Epcot theme park??!! okay..enjoy ur next trip Guru Annie,Skeena! O:) O:)

  8. Annie I'm glad you're in town! I hope you have fun! By the way could you possibly do a video on your travel essentials?

  9. Annie if you have a chance go to Downtown Disney. Cute little shops and great places to eat. Try the new T-Rex Cafe or Planet Hollywood. Have fun !

  10. you look so nice in the last one and soo cute!
    hope you have a mazing time there

  11. I have never been to Disney World. But I'd really wanna go there some day. Your pictures are amazing. :)

  12. ohhh :/ i am from germany but i need to go there!!
    it seems so lovely, i love disney!