Best Dressed

Did you guys watch the Grammys two nights ago? I love seeing all the fashion. Some ladies were dressed beautifully! I loved Kelly Rowland's black peek-a-boo dress and Katy Perry looked so gorgeous in her fitted Gucci dress. But my favorite would have to go to Rihanna. She wore a custom Azzedine Ala├»a chiffon dress in this gorgeous red color, almost identical to the red carpet. She looks a lot softer and chic than what we're used to seeing, so it's nice that she switched it up. I love the train and the sheerness of the dress and her flowly hair keeps the look young. My favorite part of the show must have been Justin Timberlake's performance, so good! You have to YouTube it if you missed the show. Who was your best dressed? 


  1. Why aren't you making videos? :/ We miss youuuu! Hugs from Sweden <3

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  3. She always looks flawless! Good choice :)


  4. Agree she looks so stunning here, that dress is so beautiful wish I had somewhere to wear it! ;)

  5. Yes, Rihanna looks fantastic! I also like the dresses from Jennifer Lopez and Tyler Swift, which are both inspired by ancient greec dresses.
    I miss your videos, Annie :-)

  6. I agree, she looks amazing :)
    My favorite part of the show was when Mumford & Sons won the Grammy for "Album of the Year". They are my favorite band and their music is fantastic. If you don't know them, please check them out, they are amazing :)
    I also loved The Lumineers' performance. Love their song "Ho Hey ;) it's very joyful.

  7. Wow, such soft look on Rihanna and looks gorgeous!!


  8. she looks amazing very natural and glamourous

    btw.. please make videos i miss watching them


  9. I also thought rihanna was the best dressed :)

  10. Agree with you 100%, she looked so elegant and classy! So beautiful!! *_*

  11. Annie,
    I absolutely ADORE your blog and YouTube channel.. I have been a fan for a while and I think you are SO inspirational.
    I got married about a year and a half ago when I was in the best shape of my life (I was in love with my body), staying on a very strict diet and workout regimen (mostly pilates). But after getting married, I slowly but surely started eating larger portions of more unhealthy foods and stopped working out altogether.. and gained about 15 pounds over the course of the past year and a half.
    I am absolutely blessed in my marriage and emotional happiness, I just want my body to be back in shape so I can be PHYSICALLY happy again as well. I think it would complete the all-around mental and physical happiness that I am trying to achieve.
    I love love LOVE your motivational videos about staying fit and healthy and I admire your healthy lifestyle. It would be AMAZING if you could post more blog posts/YouTube videos of some of your clean-eating recipes! I have seen some blog posts of yours in the past in which you showed some delicious looking healthy meals.. I would love to know how to make them!

    Thank you again for being such a great inspiration!