Back Home!

Hello beautiful! I made it back to New York, just in time before the big snow storm. Everyone is saying it's going to be pretty bad, lasting for about 2 days but so far it's just been really windy with some snowfall. Looking forward to seeing the city all white tomorrow morning :) Anyway I am so happy to be back in the city! I walked into my apartment with a big old grin on my face :) Soaking up this space which is all mine! I started cleaning right away, dusting, vacuuming, wiping off the counter tops etc. It's crazy how much dust gets in through the windows here in NYC. Just one of those things you have to get used to living here :) As much as I hate cleaning, I crazily love it. I love the end result, let's put it that way :) I then went to buy some groceries, had my nails done - which feels so nice! - and picked up a few things from the pharmacy. Got home, lit some candles and just unpacked and organized my things. About to hop into the shower and get cozied up in bed. Couldn't ask for anything more :)

Fun times with my cousin/sister-from-other parents, Skeena, who will be here visiting in a few weeks! Can't wait :)


  1. So glad you are back safely Annie! cant wait for more posts and videos!

  2. Hey Annie, lovely post as usual! Could you please check out my up-and-coming blog? It would mean the world to me to get your feedback on it. :)


  3. Glad you back Annie! I'm look forward to more blog posts and of-course seeing your beautiful face in videos!
    I Love cleaning, I find it quite therapeutic, if I'm honest! I like to keep everything around me clean and tidy because then I feel that my mind is clean and tidy! Hope you're well xx Nabilah

  4. Can you do a room or apt tour?

  5. glad ur back Annie :) I will be in New York 19th-21th. PLEASE let me know if we cud catch up. It would be so awesome.
    much love, Carolina

  6. So glad your back! Can't wait for new videos!! <3

  7. so happy you're back. i really missed your videos and posts. since you travel quite alot, i'd really like -and obviously others- to see a packing video showing us how you organize your suitcase, what you take on your carry-on, tips, unpacking routine ..... i relly enjoy those videos. also can't wait for more new videos and posts.
    sending you so much love from Kuwait. Nourah.

  8. the lip color looks very nice! i am happy that you are back :))

  9. That sounded like a very fun and productive day!! :)