Wheat & Dairy Free - FAQ

Good morning everyone! I've gotten quite a few questions under the 'wheat & dairy-free' posts I've written, and wanted to take the time to respond to some of the most asked questions. It's so good to be curious, because that's when we learn! It's also important to do research on your own as well - I literally Google everything these days :) Feel free to leave any other questions or comments below and I will get to them in my next FAQ.  

This looks so good (plus it's healthy)!

Why are you eliminating wheat & dairy from your diet? 
Wheat & dairy affect your hormones and wheat especially, is very inflammatory. Irregular hormone levels and inflammation cause a lot of problems in your body, one of them being acne and breakouts. Read more about this in the first blogpost I wrote about going wheat & dairy free here.     

How are you not hungry by cutting out wheat? 
If ever I'm hungry between meals, I eat fruits or nuts and/or have a juice, smoothie and always drink lots of water.

Do you take a daily calcium supplement for healthy bones from the nutrients your missing from dairy?
I don't take any supplements, but I do eat a lot of food that has calcium in it - like almonds, kale, broccoli, salmon etc. 

Would you ever become vegan? 
At this stage in my life, I don't think I would, just because I like having chicken now and then, and I love fish and eggs. I do limit the intake of animal products because they aren't the best for you technically, but I do enjoy it once in a while for the protein. Who knows in a few years maybe? But it's not something I've actively thought about.

Do you drink alcohol?
My drink of choice is definitely champagne :) but I only have it once in a while. White wine is also nice, but it's very rare that I drink if it's not a super festive occasion. If I've had anything to drink I always drink extra water the next day to remove it from my system as alchol is inflammatory.

Do you ever miss pasta? Bread?
I always tell myself "I know what it tastes like" and then, I just carry on. I'd rather eat something my body can actually USE and that I will feel great about eating, if that makes sense :) It's seriously amazing how my brain has just reconfigured itself lol. But most importantly, what I don't miss are my random breakouts. I also think about that :)

Do you ever have "cheat" days?
I don't believe in 'voluntary' cheat days. It's like telling a smoker, give up smoking but you can have a cigarette every sunday - they will remember the taste and it won't do much good for their health. The reason I eliminate is for a good purpose :) But the exception I do have is, if I'm at a friends or family members house, and they've prepared food, I can't really be picky and say no if it's got wheat or dairy in it - so this is considered my 'cheat day'. Life isn't perfect, but we can do things to compensate - like drink extra amounts of water and include extra servings of fruit or veg the next day.  

Some healthy options! More of these types of pictures here

I definitely don't look at my food choices as a "diet" - just a lifestyle. By eating well, I feel amazing and my skin & body look good! At the end of the day, you can feel really proud of yourself.

If you are dealing with breakouts, body aches, sleep deprivation, mood swings - it's really worthwhile doing researching into eliminating wheat & dairy thus regulating your hormones. It may be hard at first, but the results will serve as great motivation!

Side Note :)
It's so nice when I read comments that eliminating wheat & diary from your diet has helped improve the condition of your skin :) Congratulations! It's one of those things that, unless you research into, you may never know about, so share this information with your friends if they're dealing with any of the above symptoms! XOXO

Read the full post about going wheat & dairy free here: How to: Clear Acne-Free Skin
Also check out Wheat & Dairy Free Breakfast
And How to: Stop Craving Bad Food  

Something else I want to mention:
  • If you're not dealing with any of the symptoms mentioned, then you're probably not gluten sensitive which is great! This is just for people who've been dealing with acne and haven't found a solution to clear it. Everyone's body reacts differently to certain foods, and if my body for instance, can't tolerate gluten then I just don't eat it. No biggie. If you still love your breads and pasta, that's fine! :) Just sharing my experiences with you as I think it might help others.
  • This way of eating is never about "reducing" the amount of food to eat. Just about filling your plate with the right healthy stuff - leaving less room for the unhealthy things. When you eat a clean diet, you never have to count calories or think about fat content. Eat till your full and satisfied!


  1. In the frist picture with the strawberrys is that peanutbutter in the bowl?

  2. What a great post Annie :) you always give me extra motivation for making better food choices in my life. I love you <3

  3. Annie, I recently tried eating gluten and dairy free and I must say, because of you, my skin is soooo much better!! :) In the pass i always wanted to try but I thought it was hard, especially when in social gatherings, however, if I eat clean and eliminating gluten and diary on most days, I can eat bread or other stuff when in social situations without it affecting my skin! :) But I don't go over board in social situations..which this new way of eating taught me, since I don't crave these type of food anymore. I'm so much happier now and I even feel more energetic and I lost some weight :)) Thank you!!

  4. Hi Annie! Thanks for answering these questions. Do you have recipes for the food in the pictures? It all looks delicious! :)



  5. I like your posts :) They are great. This makes me hungry :) I must do sth like you do. This is amazing like you eat healthy . More that post. :) I like your posts :) They are great. This makes me hungry :)

  6. hey Annie !!

    I love this post. For my part, I don't eat animal products , i'm vegan.. and I noticed that I have sleep deprivation, mood swing (a lot) and acné... :/

    And I eat a lot of dairy , a lot,and I can't help myself to eat it..!! :/

    So You seem to know a lot about feed, Could you please answer me if you have an idea for me :)
    thank you Annie
    Have a nice day :)

  7. I stopped eating dairy a few months ago due to a constant reoccurrence of tonsillitis. My ENT told me cutting out dairy might help. I have since gone back to him and my tonsils are 100% healthy! Completely agree about it being a lifestyle, I've never felt better! :-)

  8. I really like reading about your diary and find it very interesting! you are such an inspiration and also motivation. my skin doesn't break out, but I think it's very important to eat healthy and good. My sister had very bad acne for more than 9 years, but she started to cut out wheat and diary and now her skin looks so beautiful and good :)
    Thank you for all your good advice.


  9. Good Morning Annie! I am really glad you wrote this post because there are so many misconceptions about a wheat and dairy free diet. For those who commented on your last post and may comment here, saying milk and wheat are healthy part of any diet - it depends on the person, first of all. Many people don't understand that wheat and dairy are not a necessary part of a wholesome diet and that there are an abundance of healthy, whole, unprocessed foods that contain all the necessary nutrients that wheat and dairy containing foods may have in them. For example, you mentioned eating lots of calcium containing foods such as kale and broccoli instead of cow's milk - which is exactly what you should do and exactly what a dietitian would recommend. I'm sure many people are unaware that research has shown cow's milk can actually be harmful; there is an interesting (but a little technical) article here about a study that showed those who drank more cow's milk were actually at higher risk for fractures later in life: http://www.everydayliving.com/archives/myth_about_milk.htm

    Processed forms of wheat, such as bread, pasta, and other processed grains do not contain very many nutrients because the grain in it's original form has been broken down and processed - literally think of wheat growing in a field, it looks nothing like bread or pasta. It's a plant (just like corn that is nutritious until it is broken down into a corn chip and deep fried.) This is true for all processed foods. (And Annie, I know you already know this) The more processing, the further it is from nutritious. For those who aren't particularly sensitive or allergic to wheat, some healthy forms of wheat products would be bulgar wheat or whole grain wheat products - but I don't think bread or pasta are particularly good for anyone, personally (or necessary), but there are some better options for those who aren't sensitive.

    I felt compelled to write this comment because of the misconceptions people have. I am not a doctor or a dietitian. But I have done years of research on this subject and it is something that is very meaningful to me. I have seen several doctors, naturopathic physicians, and dietitians, all of whom have recommended different things! t can be so confusing with all the information out there, and I think people will always have questions - some people will probably think you are "disciplined" or "too strict" (things I've heard before) but really, everyone should do what feels best to them.

    The bottom line is do what makes you feel good and if it works for you, it can work for others, too.

    Take care and sorry for the schpeel :)

  10. I wish more people new that you can easily get enough calcium without milk or a supplement.
    Almonds actually have more calcium in them than milk :)
    I love these posts! I think it´s important that we educate ourselves in what´s good for our body and what´s not. Because eating healthy definitely doesn´t mean eating less, just better :) That´s what so great about both your health and fitness posts. You show what´s truly a healthy lifestyle. That it´s about being healthy, not super skinny! I think everyones ideal weight, is the weight they are when they are being healthy. And that is different for everyone!

  11. Thanks Annie!
    I'll start to eat more fruits and vegetables! if it's good for me, for my skin and my body, it's really a good thing!
    But, anyway.. You're soo beautiful and your videos are very helpful! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
    Ciaoo from Italy!

  12. Hi annie! you should really make a video about that! i personnally try to avoid wheat and i also follow a vegan diet, so i've already cut off any dairy from my meals; but i'm really interested in how do you avoid wheat without losing too much weight!! i also wanted to ask you how many protein-food do you eat in a day so pleaseee make a video about all this stuff! :)

    ps greetings from italyyyyy

  13. i've been watching you along time ago and i've benefit from you many many things, i really stated being healthier and tell other friends and family about your topics and you. lots of them get really interisted and happy when i tell them something ive learnt from you -even if some still don't!-.i like that you don't tell us things that you created from your mind bur really researched. i love your diet, life style, outfits.... bet honstly still disagree in some of things. your new diet looks very good but still think that there is some thing wrong! well, when looking at your body, no one can donay that your healthey diet did great for you. but i really don't believe in canceling any food type from your life -exept proccessed food-. i've really noticed that ppeople should cut out some, but not throwing them away. i really have lots of things to tell you. i think i'm going to send you a long e-mail. thats my first time ever to leave a comment but i really wanted to a really long time a go. sorry if i look ungry but i;ve jjust woke up! sorry again if have some mistakes because my english isn't perfect -yet! love you annie.

  14. i forgot to say, you shoul also mention if that diet suits people under 18 years old. i don't think they should! they're still growing. i'm the one with the long comment who said that i should send a long e-mail and i forgor to say my name. my name is nourah and i'm from kuwait.

  15. Can you share a sample menu of wheat & dairy free products? Sorry for my English, but I'm from Poland :) Love you and thank you for this blog and youtube channel! <3

  16. Hi Annie,
    Just wondered if cous cous is a wheat product?

  17. Thanks for this interesting post Annie! We all would appreciate a video on this. ♥
    Much love xo

  18. I love the post! And the food looks delicious! Thanks Annie!


  19. This is so inspirational to keep away from the white starches, sweets and other stuff that is so not good for you! Thank you so much for this wonderful post:) If you eat well you feel well...is so true

  20. I have recently read an article about milk and breast cancer as long as osteoporosis . Milk is bad for our health as long as dairy products . It is good eating them once in a while but not in every day basis . I have cut down on milk in every day use (but I use it in my cappuccino ! - I love coffee ! ) And my skin isn't so oily ! Thanks for all the advice and tutorials and everything you are such an inspiration ! Love from Greece !

  21. Hi Annie,

    I am studying abroad in Italy and would be so happy if you could offer some tips on how to enjoy myself but also maintain myself healthy, fit, and happy.


  22. I'm gluten intolerant and my non-wheat diet is going very well and I don't really miss anything. I only ate bread before because I thought I needed it, for it has baker's salt in it which is not found in any other product.
    But I eat a lot of corn and other non-wheat products like quinoa and rice.
    Does this also affect your hormone level?

    For a dairyfree diet, I would find it much harder to maintain, since I like chocolate and ice cream a lot. :) (But I'm not overweight or overeating myself, just now and then I love to eat this. Even though I know this will affect my hormones too. Oh well. Maybe give it a try at last...)

  23. Hi Annie it would be awesome if you posted your favorite gluten-free/dairy-free recipes :) have a wonderful Blessed day xoxo

  24. Hello,
    What do you do for a job? Or are your in university? please make a video about this because you seem to have a lot of free time;p
    Thanks ;**

  25. Hi Annie!

    I have been following your blog for quite some time, and I love this post! it's definitely one of my favourites. I also follow a wheat-free and dairy-free diet.. and consider myself a 3/4 vegetarian because I rarely eat meat. I actually started this after living in Sweden for 2 years. I found that Scandinavian food was much healthier than North American food. So then I kinda took my own spin on it and started to cut out meat and dairy. So I didn't indulge in too much köttbullar. It was a little difficult at first, but like you said, it is so much better for you! I feel so great, clean and energized! XO

    Gott nytt år! Och jag hoppas du kan se min blogg. (Min svenska är inte så bra)


  26. Hi Annie

    Can you please do un updated skin care routine?

  27. Hi Annie

    First of all I'd like to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and for always being so encouraging and inspiring :)

    My question is, have you noticed weight loss when giving up these things?

    I am 5'3 and around 90-95lbs (not by choice, but naturally) and I just can't seem to gain any weight. People are constantly accusing me of being anorexic, so my biggest fear is losing weight! I want to only put healthy things into my body but to me it wouldn't be worth it if I lost too much weight.


  28. I don't think I could cut bread out of my diet - I have sandwiches almost everyday!
    I've just written a blog post about your blog and YouTube channel and how it has inspired me to eat healthier and my reasons for doing so. It would mean a lot to me if you could check it out.
    I'm such a big fan of your blog and every time I need a little bit of inspiration - I know where to go.
    Here's my post about your blog

    Christina x

    1. Hi Christina,
      You don't have to cut bread out of your diet entirely, you just have to consume it earlier in the day so that your body burns it throughout the day...also make sure it's whole wheat. I've been doing this for the past 6 months and have noticed a difference in my physique.

  29. Hi! Nice blog. Follow you.


  30. I found your youtube channel as a coincidence and just realize that apparently we went to the same school!!! lol So funny!!!! ^^ Your blog and youtube channel are great!! I love them!!! :)



  31. I was wondering if you have any tips for under eye circles. Please do a video or a post on it

  32. hi annie! i love ur post and i am considering going wheat and dairy free. My question is does this
    diet allow for grains such as barley and oats and such?

    1. barley isn't gluten free, so would be out if you want to follow a gluten free diet and not just a wheat free diet. oats are often contaminated with gluten, but certified gluten free oats are available in some grocery stores and online.

  33. going to start this myself and post the progress below http://liveabeautylife.blogspot.co.uk/

  34. Annieeee Where Are You We Miss You :(

  35. Waiting sooo much your next video/post<3

  36. I have always wanted to try wheat and dairy free food but it has always seemed so hard. However the tumblr URL u added inspired me and I will definitely try to do either wheat or dairy free. Thanks for the motivation! :)

  37. Great post! I love your blog! Follow you!

  38. Oh man, I don't think I could give up bread...

    B – www.coutureandcarbs.com

  39. HI ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick comment::: I don't have acne or skin issues, however, I have little energy (for someone whose only 25), feel tired a lot, get horrible headahces which ultimately result in vomiting (yuck) which I am 100% are due to things I eat and poor digestion because I've had this issue my whole life, and I also think I have mood swings...So that being said, I strongly believe that the foods I'm putting in my body are the culprit for a lot of this, I just never knew what to change? I've tried juicing, I've tried drinking more water, and I now exercies 3-4 times a day. But I really like your wheat/dairy posts...perhaps this may work for me? I'll give it a go and see. These dietary changes are very difficult, especially when I have a live-in boyfriend that doesn't want to follow the same rules. I'll do my best though, thanks for the inspiration!

  40. I love your posts!

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  42. when is your next post coming? So looking foward to it :)

  43. Świetne piekne zdjęcia ! <3



  44. Hey Annie,

    I’ve been a fan of yours over the years and love, love what you do. I admire you so much for giving us all great advice about how we can all look and feel our best. This time, I have so advice for you. My skin type is somewhat similar to yours and I know you use the Acne.org system, however that is really bad for you skin. Since it is stripping the oils from your skin it can make you age faster, it also has some cancer properties. I want to share my regimen with you, I use the Oil Cleanse Method. I know your probably thinking what kind of person cleanses their face with oil but it’s the best. I use Castro oil and jojoba oil to cleanse my face and my skin has become so plump and baby like. I haven’t washed my face in 2 months; with store bought cleansers that it. It’s a really great alternative to anything out there. I used to have oily, oily, OILY SKIN and very acne prone skin. Now I can actually say my skin is "normal" lol with the help of this amazing, amazing holistic method and eating healthy of course. You should look into it and tell me what you think.


  45. I miss your updates, Annie! Days feels like weeks! You are such an inspiration and I learn so much trough your videos and blogposts. If I'm not so motivated one day, I'll just look trough your posts or videos, and my motivation is back! You have really helped me getting fitter and healthier. Thank you for being so awesomee!

    Håper du får en fin helg!
    (I don't know if you understood that, since it's norwegian,but I wrote ''have a nice weekend''

    Xxx from Norwaaay

    (And sorry for my bad english..)

  46. Hi Annie, let me first say I love your blog and youtube channel, you are such a positive inspiration!
    I do have a question though - aren't eggs considered a dairy product?

  47. Hey Annie! awesome post. Hope you're doing alright.. You haven't posted in a while. Well, take care & be happy & safe!

  48. I recently was told by my doctor to go wheat/dairy/caffeine/alcohol free completely due to allergies and vertigo that I am suffering from. I would LOVE a few meals blog posts that you do :) xxoxo

  49. Annie where are you??? Please do some new posts :))

  50. Annie where are youuuuu? Missing new posts! :-(

  51. Hello!
    Interesting blog. Welcome to http://filmandotherstories.blogspot.se/.
    :) Take care!

  52. Where have you been?? I miss your daily/weekly blog posts! :) Hope you post soon!

  53. Hey Annie!
    I love your blog and have been an avid reader since the beginning. But we haven't heard of you for a long time now! Are you alright? Please write a post soon! I can't wait xx

  54. Love this! Im a vegetarian and did a one week vegan challenge once, I felt amazing! Never thought of cutting out wheat from my diet because what would I have left to eat? LOL but now I want to give this a try!

  55. Great post!
    I'm about to make dinner soon & this is a good inspiration to get ideas on what to make.


  56. Hey Annie! :) I hope you're fine and everything is well!
    I hope you're back soon, and when you are, could you please make a video about your life in NYC? You told us that you're from Sweden, so at some point you must have decided to move to NYC and study there. You don't have to tell us details if this is too private, but just tell us how you made that decision, how you achieved it and how life has been treating you there ;) It's my dream to move to NYC when I finish university (in the Netherlands). Thanks :)

  57. Hey Annie! You really seem to know your stuff on food! I really want to try go wheat and dairy free but it just seems so hard!

  58. hey,

    Please check out my blog: Thebeautycorner2013.blogspot.com

  59. ANNIIIE ?!?!???? Did you stop blogging??? :-(

  60. Please post a new makeup video

  61. Yammy! We can follow each other?


  62. Annie :) are you still alive ? :b Miss your daily posts :'( Keep us informed about you :)
    Ps : I totally enjoy watching your videos and i love reading your posts . Apart from that , I think that your so inspirational and i really look up to you . Your personality always impresses me once more .
    Hope we''ll hear something from you ,soon
    xoxo , lots of love

  63. Where did you goooooooooo

  64. where have u been?

  65. annie where are you? Miss you! xxx

  66. Hi Annie I started this diet as soon as you first ever mentioned it and my skin has never been better. Although say for instance I go to a friends and they've cooked things I wouldn't usually eat I feel that I'm extra sensitive to it and see major effects by eating what I shouldn't, being dairy and wheat free. There are a lot of options out there being on this diet you just have to be imaginative and creative and then something lovely, healthy and enjoyable is produced Xxxx

  67. muy bella inspiración besos


  68. Hi Annie, I've been reading your blog about 6 months now and I adore it! (or should I say you!)

    I was recently diagnosed with a severe wheat allergy and other food intolerances. Since completely cutting out wheat, gluten, refines sugar and most dairy (can't resist mozarella and ice-cream!) I have noticed a huge difference in my energy, weight, skin, hair and mood.

    I just started a blog http://meetoprahwheatfree.blogspot.com/ and I've put up quite a bit already on the health benefits of eating a cleaner and GF diet. Do take a look when you get a minute.

    Take care xx Ella

  69. Hi everyone,

    I have just started trying to "eat clean" and I have cut out wheat and dairy from my diet. Its amazing what a difference it has made already! I feel like I have more energy, my eyes are brighter and my skin is definitely clearer. The main difference that I have noticed is that I don't get bloated and tired after my dinner. I'm tracking my progress on my blog. Feel free to check it out :)

    Hollie xo

  70. Here's an anecdote that I hope readers on the internet will find useful.

    In a desperate attempt to stave off or find a cure for my Psoriatic Arthritis, I went wheat-free last year. I felt some positive benefits at first, but they were short-lived. I replaced a large staple of my diet (bread) with another one that I loved--cheese.

    While I lost weight, I still had bouts of painful PsA inflammation. A couple of weeks ago I woke up with really stiff fingers the day after I had eaten a plate of cheese nachos and had a gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich before I went to bed.

    I figured that I had nothing to lose by giving up a food that I loved, to see if I would get better.

    My main diet staple is now a plate of fresh carrots, vegetables and modest amount of meat. Call it a semi-raw vegan diet with some meat supplementation.

    I can say that two weeks of now being wheat and dairy-free that my good days now outnumber the bad.

    Will I go back to eating the tasty orange stuff? I want to continue this 'detox' for quite some time before I ever indulge in it again--and if I do, it will be in extreme moderation and not make it a main staple of my diet as I had done for so many years.

  71. Try quinoa pasta! It's organic and grain free! :) Just made from quinoa flour.