Wheat & Dairy Free Breakfast

Good morning angels! As a lot of you know, I've recently cut out all wheat and dairy products from my diet to regulate hormone levels which effect everything from acne to sleep patterns to your mood. If you want to read more about it, click here: How To: Clear Acne-Free Skin. Eliminating dairy was easy because I never ate or drank it a lot before, but it was really difficult to cut out wheat (all bread & pasta and white rice). Especially my breakfasts as they usually consisted of something including wheat!

But over the last 4-5 weeks, I've been really good and something just switched in my brain "It's just not part of my life anymore" and I don't even crave the white bread or pasta anymore. The thought of having clear skin, and not feeling bloated is just much more appealing that the 1 minute of pleasure you have when eating the bread! And when you cut out these "fillers" like white bread, you have so much more room for the nutritious stuff like fruit, veggies and protein. 

Everyone is of course different, and for those who aren't gluten sensitive probably won't have the same reaction to wheat and dairy. But if you have been suffering from bad skin for a while (especially around your cheeks and jawline) and you don't know why, this may be the reason and it's worth looking into!

Yesterday: Fruit salad with banana, kiwi & orange
Today: Avocado with pepper spice & 1 egg (boiled is better) - Also had an apple
This is of course accompanied by my big cup of green tea :)

It's also about changing your mind set and reevaluating your patterns. For instance, breakfast is a really important part of the day! Would you rather eat toast with jam & butter / cereal or something that has lots of vitamins and protein to fuel you up? Another tip is to think of which food is more "alive" - thus, which gives you the most energy.

Also, when you eat healthy, you don't ever have to worry about fat or calorie content - you can eat as much as you like until you are satisfied. Fill your whole plate up with the healthy stuff.

Some other good breakfast examples for those of you cutting out wheat & dairy: 
(Combine 2,3,4.. together)
- boiled eggs  
- sliced turkey 
- oatmeal 
- raw peanut butter
 Fruit & Veggies
- tomatoes
- cucumber 
- avocado 
- black beans 
- apples, oranges, banana, kiwi...

Eating clean and simple is always best for our bodies. Check out this tumblr page for healthy food inspiration: http://beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood.tumblr.com/

And I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who emailed me and/or updated me with their progress on cutting out wheat & dairy! I am so happy that it has worked for you too :) Keep the updates coming! If you want more health tips and info, check out the "Health and Diet" category on my blog. Love you guys! XOXO


  1. Hey Annie,

    wow, you're so disciplined! But I have a question. How are you not hungry by cutting out wheat? I would be hungry all the time.


    Julia <3

  2. It looks very appetizing ! ;)

  3. Bonjour Annie, merci pour ce nouvel article... j'aime beaucoup ton blog.
    J'ai moi aussi remarqué que depuis que j'ai réduit les laitages et le blé blanc ma peau est plus belle. alors qu'avant j'avais quelques boutons, dorénavant ils ont disparu...

    keep posting on your blog!!


  4. Annie, cutting out dairy can lead to serious osteoporosis. Women need calcium and it's so difficult to get it if dairy is excluded from your diet.

    1. Meats and vegetables contain enough calcium to accomodate. And with the addition of supplements, she is more than covered. Anyway, a women builds up most of her calcium levels up to early 20s.

  5. I usually make a smoothie with almond milk, fruit chia seeds and honey to taste. My fave combo is almond milk with a banana,(frozen)strawberries,kiwi and chia seeds. Delicious!

  6. I've being cutting wheat and dairy for few weeks, I need to wait more to actually see results :)
    Thanks for these ideas


  7. Thank you so much for all your tips Annie:) You look by the way so happy and beautiful ( and skinny but in a good way):) I'm trying to do the same as you but I can't let my hands of my favourite greek yoghurts and my cereal..:/ Right now I have to deal with some acne, and it's annoying me so much because I'm almost 21 years old...I'll start to exercise more and continue this diet( I kind of cheated on it during the holidays hehe)
    I love all your food posts, please continue to make them:)
    big kisses<3 sarah

  8. does this mean no whole wheat or any kind of bread???

  9. Hi Annie!

    I'm gluten-free too, not by choice unfortunately, but because I'm allergic. Just wanted to share some great pasta and bread alternatives! Schar pasta is my favorite! I prefer the corn pasta over the brown rice kind. I like the texture/taste much better. Also Udi's or Rudi's GF bread is great too if you ever crave a sandwich! Before I made the switch to GF I was nervous I wouldn't be able to do it...eating no pasta makes me the worst Italian ever! But in time, my body didn't crave it anymore and I feel so much better! Thankfully there are tons of great healthy alternatives out there! :)


  10. Hi Annie, is good to know you are feeling great without consuming wheat and dairy. Is your bloodtype O+? If so, then you may be intolerant to gluten (wheat). I know you are very well informed about nutrition, so as you may know carbs are the main nutrient that provides energy. The carbs contained in fruits and veggies are not enough for the human body to perform correctly during several workouts through several days (and in general to have energy no matter what your activity is), so how are you doing with your workout routine? Just wondering 'cause I've been there with the whole no wheat situation and didn't perform my best.

  11. Hey such a coincidence or maybe not...who knows(I ve realized so many people try to make healthier choices in their life recently), but for the past 4-5 months i ve been doing the same. I also cut out any animal products...Basicly i am a raw lowfat vegan right now...maybe only 80 % of the time RAW... i sometimes eat some cooked vegetables or soup with vegetables...but thats it...I just wanted to tell you, to stay away from 2 much fat....a half of an avocado is enough fat per day and no other oils should be consumed...but maybe you already knew that...
    I wish you stay that healthy and continue your way on being more and more healthy....You will see how much energy you suddenly have and how your body changes...My yoga and pilates routine that i had for years only just now that i ve cut out bread and pasta shows results...my body is so toned...and i dont have to struggle with any kind of pimples anymore...it is incredible. You should check out daradubinet, easytoberaw, fullyrawkristina on youtube!! Or maybe you already know them :P

    Much Love, A

  12. Looks delish miss! You should try Bircher Muslie - it is ahmazing and so yum!
    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  13. Annie,
    Love your blog, been a follower for a long time! This post is so inspirational and its amazing how much disciplined it takes to have a diet like this. Do you take a daily calcium supplement for healthy bones from the nutrients your missing from dairy? Also, would you ever consider going vegan? You seem like a consistent and strict dieter, from what I see on your posts.


  14. Hey Annie,

    about one and a half years ago i cut off wheat and dairy from my diet, too, because suddenly I had lots of really bad food allergies. I wasn't only allergic to wheat and dairy, but to almost everything. For about half a year I was only able to eat potatoes.
    Now I'm almost back to normal. I can eat everything as long as it's wholefood products, but I still avoid dairy and wheat. Most of the time I don't even miss it and I feel so healthy because since the allergies came up I really watch what I'm eating and I'm aware of what I'm eating. Eating healthy and treating my body right was one of the best choices I ever made (well back than it wasn't really a choice actually, but now it is) even though I never suffered from acne. These days I feel so good and healthy.
    And there's many many great glutenfree and wheatfree products these days because more and more people start to suffer from food allergies. Pasta and bread and almost everything from schar for example. And it almost tasts like normal products.
    About once a week or every other week I go to my favourite italian restaurant though and eat my favourit pizza there, but that totally doesn't harm me anymore :)

    Keep eating healthy guys, it's just the best you can do for yourself! :)

  15. Annie,

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. You're beautiful inside and out. I have the majority of my acne on my cheeks, reading through your blog I realized how much Wheat & Dairy has been affecting my skin. I'm huge on eating pastas and bread along with many dairy products. I am on my 3rd day of cutting off those products from my diet completely. I'm not going to lie it is very difficult but worth the results.
    I'd love to see daily posts of your breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinners. This way I can get an idea of what I can prepare for myself.


  16. Hey Annie,
    respect, most people never make it longterm without bread. Just plz be careful not to lose weight because your body is amazing as it is.
    Much love

  17. This is amazing, Annie! Thank you so much for sharing this! About 5 years ago I started to realize I had a problem with both gluten and dairy. Dairy would cause stomach and back aches (not to be tmi, but usually from constipation, which in itself is extremely dehydrating to your body) and wheat and gluten caused breakouts exactly where you were saying - along my jawline, neck, and chin. After cutting out gluten and dairy for a couple years, I lost a lot of weight and my skin cleared up - about 15 extra pounds came off without trying and my cystic acne was gone. I got down to my lowest (and healthiest) weight by doing that. Sadly, over the next few of years, I got lazy and stopped caring about how I looked or felt. I was very depressed and went back to a highly inflammatory diet of gluten and dairy products - lots of fast food, sandwiches, pasta, etc. Before I knew it, I had put on 50+ pounds and was at my highest weight ever. And this was all by my wedding day - the day you are supposed to look and feel your best.

    Since my wedding in August, I am much more careful when it comes to eating gluten and dairy. I have lost almost 20 pounds now! Reading your post has reignited that desire to eliminate those foods from my diet permanently, because they just shouldn't be a part of my life any longer. I know for a fact that when I eat them it's like a vicious cycle - eat wheat and dairy containing foods, crave more of them, gain more weight, feel sicker, look unhealthy, feel bloated and depressed. That is another thing - on top of breaking out, my skin gets very dry - almost as if it is completely dehydrated by these processed foods.

    Anyway, I want to thank you so much for bringing attention to this. Many people - especially young women who are busy with school and other priorities - go day in and day out not paying attention to how their body feels; they get used to feeling mediocre or unhappy. From now on, every time I am tempted by a piece of pie, a pastry, or some other processed food, I will think of how happy, positive, radiant, glowing, and healthy YOU are. Not in a comparative way, but in an inspiring way - to keep myself going on that same path. If you can juggle your priorities and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I can get my priorities straightened out too.


  18. Hi, Annie :)I would recommend you to see a nutritionist before taking this kind of decisions. It's perfect that you want to solve the problem of your acne and so on, but think that carbohydrates are for the body what gas is for a car. Perhaps cutting wheat is right for your acne but it is not good for any other aspect of your body. Eating a toast in the morning is not going to make you gain weight and it will add extra energy to begin the new day :)

    I like you to be so resolute, but please ask a specialist whether what you're doing is right or not.

    XO <3

  19. To everyone making a huge deal out of cutting out dairy and wheat...it's FINE and healthy. There are alternatives to both that will give you the same benefits. And any smart, truthful nutritionist will tell you so. And anyways, in what way is eating bread a must? That's ridiculous. Bread isn't needed, ever. There are other ways to have carbs in your diet without eating wheat. Annie's tips are very helpful for anyone wanting to eat clean!

  20. Hello, Annie! I love almost every single image in the tumblr page. The food looks delicious! Thank you so much for sharing.
    Greetings from Spain.


  21. Hi girls! I am a French girl of 19 years (excuse me for my bad english lol). My problem is the same as you, dairy products are bad for me. But also, I need to gain weight! I had a bad time and I lost a lot of weight, but I would like to stay healthy ..
    Could you advise me?

    I leave you my e-mails: adorealwaahid@hotmail.fr
    I hope to have your help .. Thank you for reading ))

  22. i have recently cut out wheat and sugar out of my diet...

    its just so much better for you and i feel so much healthier...

    i think i will add these to my breakfast ideas, can't wait


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  24. Hi Annie my name is rowan and I am eight.I just heard about you today and I am totally hooked! You are so amazing and pretty!I wish I could be you when I grow up! Your friend and fan Rowan.

  25. I'm gluten free as well. I was really strict about it for nearly a year so now if I want to have a nibble of pizza it doesn't effect me too terribly, but it makes me feel a bit sleepy the next day. Your breakfast looks delicious! Nothing is better than gooey eggs with avocados <3