iPhone Pics from London

Hi beautiful! Hope everyone had a good day. I am back home in Geneva from my one-week trip to London. It was amazing! :) Even though I miss it, I am happy to be home to "reset" myself.  I love glamming up but feel the need to detox from the makeup and hairspray for a couple of days :) Have been drinking extra amounts of water, applied a hair & face mask, deep cleaned all my makeup brushes and did a big load of laundry - maybe the best part :)

One of my favorite things to do in London is shop the high-street. Love the fashion there! I picked up a few cute tops and jeans which I'm really happy with. I love finding inexpensive items and make them look super chic and sophisticated. Harrods is another part I love. I could spend a few good hours in there just admiring all the amazing jewelry, the beautiful food hall, the beauty & fragrance area, the in shoe department!.. I could go on :) They put so much effort into every detail that it's a joy to walk through. And of course, the restaurants in London are so good! Beautifully decorated and amazing food.

Below are a few pictures from my trip, mostly taken with my iPhone. They're a little mix of everything :)

Touching up! I think I was putting on Fairest Nude by L'Oreal
My New Year's Eve dress from TopShop
Ice :) Can never get enough!
Trying on beautiful diamond rings from Sydney Evan at Harrods #oneday!
The calm before the storm (relaxing before getting ready for the New Year's party)
Sparkly things are my friend
Movie night at my brother's!
Rocking a top bun - seriously the easiest way to fix a bad hair day!
Disney Land in Harrods? Yep.
And we ran into things like this
 Matching berry nail polish :)

And some of the lovely food we had!
Fruit platter at Banca
Sole fish, spinach & tomatoes at Novikov
Breakfast fruit bowl at home
This place was seriously amazing! Looking at this makes me hungry lol :) 
Restaurant called Zefi
Belated birthday cake for my younger brother! (And healthy tropical fruit for the girls!)


  1. Glad you had a good time in LDN. Would love for you to do a UK meet up next time.
    You are so inspiring :) xxx

  2. Hi Annie, all pics are A-mazing!! You're very lucky to live in NY and travel around Europe at the same time, those two are one of my biggest dreams... how I wish that I lived in NY!:( You should definitely do a video on how to do the same top bun you have on that photo with leopard phone cover!:) Lots of love... xx

  3. omg you were in london! i live in UK and I havnt even been london for new years eve! Even though we did still go out anyway lol.

  4. Love the pics, looks like you guys had an amazing time. Your dress is so cute, gotta love a low cut back.


  5. Very cool photos, and u look stunning as always. Thanks for sharing

  6. Annie you are so beautiful and you definitely inspire me live a healthier lifestyle!

  7. please do a london haul!

  8. Really nice photos! Looks like you had a really good time <3 And you looked beautiful in all these outfits!

  9. You're seriously my inspiration to put healthy foods in my body so I can glow as beautifully and amazingly as you! Oh my gosh, you are so gorgeous!

  10. You look like you really had the most amazing NY/ time in London. This really makes me want to go back, your pictures truly remind me how much fun it is. I love your NYE dress- you look really beautiful in all the pics!

  11. Great pic!! It's been such a long time since the last time I went to London! I think 4 years! I'll go back one day :)


  12. You and your cousin look like sisters, it's amazing:) I love all your clothes and jewellery! Thank you for all those beautiful pictures, they're full of joy:)

  13. hey annie, where did u get the black gilet you are wearing in one of the pictures? xox

  14. annie, you and your cousin look sooo alike :))) and she obviously has a wonderful taste as you do :)) very pretty pics :)

  15. wow!! espically the rings!!!!

    Miriam K

  16. love your dress ! It's so cool, and the bow too :)
    It fits you really good <3

  17. You and your cousin look gorgeous! Glad you had a fun time in London! Come back soon! :D

  18. i live in the UK! you should do a meet up next time! i'm 17 but would find a way of going. you look gorgeous and love the dress! what do you now do after uni? xoxo

  19. Hi Annie where did you buy your leopard phone case? Thanks!

  20. Annie ahhhh can't believe you were in London,,, wish I bumped in to you :( Hope you had a great time there,,, next time try out the disney ball restaurant in Harrods, its so lovely and the food their is amazing (although not very healthy) you'll feel like a princess !! :) Glad you loved your trip and you look beautiful in your new year's eve dress, as always!

    Lots of love,

    Noura xxx

  21. Nice time in London! Really enjoyable reading your blog and watching your videos :)

  22. OMG you are so lucky you are in london! looks like you're having so much fun!

  23. Hello annie your are so gorgeous and have excellent taste. I find it super from you to wear affordable colthes altough you seem also to afford the more expensive ones. Your are setting trends for me and your are definitive a role model for me. I am waiting for every post and video you make and follow them with great interest.... thanks for sharing your life with us...

  24. Wooou, you look amazing! Iam Annie too! and Iam your new fan :)
    You look like Kenza. She is pretty like you too.

    Annie ♥

  25. Oh my god! I love the dress.
    What is TopShop for kind of store? Do you know if you can by it in another county or in another city then London?

    I really like your makeup tutorials!!

  26. I loooove your dream/love rings.

  27. I absolutely love your New Years Eve dress!! I wish Topshop still carried it :(

  28. iPhone is perfect for all occasion, one can take it anywhere to have such beautiful pictures on which a whole story can be written. It seems like you are passionate about fashion that relates to jeweleries and the dresses. You look gorgeous in your black dress, even a ring(love and dream)looks nice on your finger. I think I should take some dress tips from you as I am not that good in it.

  29. I'm in love with your New Years Eve dress!! I went on Topshop but they don't carry it anymore. Would you willing to sell it to me? It's for a very special occasion. Pretty please I've spent months looking for it