New Perfumes! & My Favs

Hi beautiful! Wanted to show you the new perfumes I got for Christmas and my thoughts on them :) I've been really into perfumes this year and trying out different ones. I've always loved good fragrances (always spritzing some on before leaving the house) but stuck to my classic one that I wore for years - which was Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, still a favorite! But I recently discovered some new ones that I really love and my mom was sweet to get them for me. Woop!

(1) Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf 
This is a new love of mine. My friend Emily introduced me to this perfume when she was in New York. At first I thought it was a tad heavy for my taste, but it's grown on me and I am now obsessed! I love oriental perfumes like this one (and the last two pictured above) for days when I'm all glammed up and feeling fab. It just fits perfectly.

Notes: Sambac Jasmine, Centifolia Rose, Cattleya Orchid, Ballerina Freesia, Patchouli.
Style: Oriental. Gourmand. Floral.

(From Sephora)

(2) Fame by Lady Gaga 
I was unfortunately a bit disappointed with this scent from Gaga! I had high hopes for this one, but it just didn't smell like something she would wear. I was hoping she would create something deeper and fuller - closer to her persona. It reminds me more of the Taylor Swift perfumes. "It smells like strawberries" as my five year old sister said :) She liked it! But still happy I got it because the bottle is beautiful and the fact that the perfume liquid is black is really cool. It's by no means a 'bad' perfume, just not my cup of tea :)

Notes: Belladonna, Incense, Apricot, Honey Drops, Tiger Orchidea, Jasmin Sambac.
Style: Empowering. Mysterious. Fabulous.  

(From Sephora)

(3) Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel & (4) Suddenly Madame Glamour by Lidl 
These two are my babies! :) My mom got them for me because she knows how much I love them. She even got a few extra Suddenly Glamour ones that I will be giving away to some of my viewers! :) Coco Mademoiselle is a fabulous classic perfume - love at first.. sniff! - and the Suddenly perfume is an exact dupe for it! If you want to know more about these perfumes, I have a whole video dedicated to them :) Click here to watch, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9EMvrqsYwc

Notes: Wild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline.
Style: Tantalizing. Teasing. Tempting.
(From Sephora)
Some of my other favorites: 

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, Parisienne a l'Extreme by YSL, Angel by Victoria's Secret

If you're on the lookout for a new fragrance definitely give these a try! What are your favorite perfumes? Share with me below! XOXO

 "You're never fully dressed without perfume" 
... and a smile! ;)


Next Tutorial

Hope everyone is having a good Christmas day :) Just finishing up my next video which will be up soon! I show you how I've curl my hair using straighteners. I've been doing this for years and I love the results. It's been highly requested so I'm happy that I'm finally showing you how I do it. The Internet upload speed here is beyond slow so bear with me if it takes a little longer to upload. Did you receive some nice Christmas presents? I got a couple of perfumes from my mom that I will take pics of and show you soon :)


Merry Christmas! ♥

Hi beautiful! Merry Christmas! :) I hope everyone is having a fab time this holiday season. I am currently in Geneva celebrating the holiday with my family. Flew in a couple of days ago, thankfully making my flight despite the weather conditions, and been soaking up family time with my brothers and sisters. I have quite a lot planned for my time here back in Europe, including visiting my cousin in London, skiing, going to Paris and seeing some old friends. Will take lots of pictures for you guys :)

Today we celebrated Christmas (Swedish tradition to celebrate the night of the 24th) and it was beautiful :) Helped my mom prepare our annual Christmas turkey with apple, prune and chutney stuffing, which turned out nice and juicy. We also had smoked salmon, tomato salad, potato gratin and baked zucchini. Since I'm not eating any wheat or dairy (read more about it here), I just loaded up on smoked salmon (which I could eat every day!), tomato salad and turkey. Yum! I am going to do a proper update on that soon but so far the results I've seen with my skin are wonderful (and I of course also feel less bloated due to the complete elimination of wheat). More on that soon!

I want to say a big enormous thank you to everyone who has shown me so much love this past year. I truly adore you and the support you've shown me :) Merry Christmas from Geneva everyone!

My older brother brought over these gorgeous long stem roses for my mom
(but they were really for me from a secret admirer ;) lol)

Sitting down for dinner. How amazing is my mom for making the table so pretty and
writing everyone's names out on these cute cards (and we were 12!) :)
Love you! ♥


Pink Clip-In Highlights

Hi everyone! My new video is up :) Here I show you how to switch up your hair with some colored clip-in highlights. They're super cute and edgy but still subtle and wearable. You can also add more highlights than what I showed in the video if you want an even bolder look, and you can of course experiment with different shades as well - from blonde to blue to black. Have you guys ever tried this type of look before? What's your take on it? Let me know in the comments! :)

Look #1

Look #2

Black top - Nasty Gal
Necklace & Earrings - Forever 21
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - J. Crew & Forever 21

Below are the clip-in accent extensions from Rebelle in the shade "Rose"

Feel Good, Do Good

I was just about to turn off my computer and call it a night, and saw this comment which totally made me smile! :) I completely agree with it. It's so important to take care of yourself because you just feel good when you do! And when you feel good, you do good and you're more productive! It's like having an extra kick of energy throughout the day. Whenever I have my hair done nicely or after painting my nails, working out or giving myself a quick facial - the world is a little brighter :) Take those extra few minutes (or hours lol ;) not judging) and treat yourself! Comment if you agree

Congratulations on your little baby! Enjoy your candle lit bubble bath You've inspired me to light some candles in my room now :) XOXO 


New Lipstick

Hi everyone! Been wanting to show you this new lipstick I got a couple of weeks ago called "Rebel" by MAC. If you're a makeup lover like me, you probably already know about this gorgeous lipstick as it's been raved about online for ages. The lipstick is in a deep purple / plum shade - a bit darker than the pictures portray it (the flash makes the lipstick look lighter). 

When I first saw this lipstick, I wasn't the biggest fan as it's a pretty dark color, but the shade has really grown on me and I am loving it these days! It looks gorgeous with neutral and gold eyeshadows, or even just a simple liner and mascara. My friend, Emily who has fair skin and stunning green eyes also wears this lipstick and it looks fab on her. 

It's definitely a statement lip that's fun to wear from time to time (day or night)! Have you guys tried this lipstick? Do you have any other favorite lipstick shades for the holidays? Share with me below!

 Rebel Lipstick by MAC

If you want to see some more of my favorite lipsticks, you can watch this video here. Hope everyone's having a good week! I will have a new video up for you soon :) XOXO


Peek Into My Week

Hi beautiful! Happy Saturday :) Just finished editing a new video which will be coming up soon! As you probably know one of my besties was just in town visiting me for an ultra-packed 'bomb diggidy' girls week lol. The days just flew by so fast! I MISS YOU We did everything from shopping to bowling to partying to stay-at-home spa nights.

Here comes a little big photo bomb, I know you guys like these lol :)

Bun ladies The fur is faux for all my animal lovers :)

Shopping at F21 - obsessed with my new leopard phone case
Excitement overload from all the beautiful earrings at F21
Live for now
We got matching hats :)
Ma belle!

Healthy feast at Hummus Place

BOWLING This was so fun! Guess who won the last round? ;)

Emily, Terrence and I :)

Got a microdermabrasion done at this cute little spa
The awesome tree in my apartment building :) Happy Holidays!



Holiday Glitter Makeup

Hey everyone! Just uploaded a new video showing you how I create my heavy glitter eye makeup that I wore in my lipstick video (click here to watch). I love the hint of pink with the gold glitter. This type of makeup would also be nice for birthdays and/or any other festive occasion where you feel like glamming up. Keep in mind that when working with loose glitter there will be fallout so prepare by either doing your eye makeup first, then wiping away the fallout and doing your foundation after. Or, like I did in the video, lay down a tissue and then sweep away the residue with a loose powder and fluffy brush.  

And thanks for all the requests for a hair tutorial on the curls I've been wearing recently! I will film a video showing you how I do it soon and will try to get a few extra straighteners for a giveaway :)

A few pictures taken after filming

How I do my eyebrows: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rX-Aqk0inI
How I do my foundation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NqylnvuapA 
This makeup worn with two other bolder lipstick shades here: http://www.anniejaffrey.com/2012/11/favorite-lip-products.html

Thank you so much for watching! Missed you guys this past week! I have loads of pictures from when Emily was here which I will put up soon :) Hope everyone is having a fab day! LOVE YOU XOXO


Emily is Back!

Hello my lovelies! One of my closest friends is here visiting me from Geneva. You've most likely seen her on my blog before as she used to live here up until this summer. She arrived last Thursday and we have been out and about in the city like no other. Going back to our favorite little spots, discovering new ones, shopping, going out with friends and just doing fun girly things. Feels like I haven't slept in days! Lol so tonight just having a relaxing night and going through some of our pictures we've taken so far and wanted to share some with you. 

Below are a few pictures from this weekend :)

Before heading out to the Hurricane Club restaurant. It was my first time there and I loved it. The decor was fab :)

Curling my love's hair. Also did my other friend's hair & makeup. My place turned into a little beauty salon :)

Et voila! 

Grilled chicken, quinoa and avocado salad. So good!

At Bliss Spa getting our nails done :)

Got Shellac's "Decadence" which lasts for 2-3 weeks. Love it.

At a really cute little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant in the Lower East Side where we had organic pan seared salmon with roasted cauliflower and steamed spinach - so good!

Full moon & the Empire State Building - I love NYC!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to film the holiday glitter makeup tutorial for you guys so hopefully that will be up soon :) Hope everyone's had a nice weekend! XOXO