My Foundation Routine!

Good morning beautiful! Ok it's finally up :) Woop! Wanted to make this video to show you what I usually do BEFORE I film my makeup tutorials which involve mostly eyeshadows. I don't do this routine on a regular basis, just when I'm filming, special occasions or for night's out because even though it looks great it's also important to let your skin breath now and then :) If you want to see my everyday makeup routine (consisting only of the MAC Studio Fix powder as a foundation) then watch this video here

As I've mentioned before, you can apply all the makeup in the world but you need to start with a good canvas which means eating right, drinking lots of water and taking care of your skin. This is the most important! Makeup then just comes in to enhance your beauty. 

Recap of products used:
- Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Primer
- Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (#153)
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Bobbi Brown Corrector "Bisque"
- L'Oreal True Match Concealer W123
- MAC Studio Fix (NC40) / Rimmel Stay Matte
- MAC MSF in Medium
- L'Oreal True Match W7
- ELF Blush "Pink Passion"
- MAC Highlighter "Soft and Gentle"
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
- L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner
- Skindinavia Setting Spray 
- Lancome Rouge in Love #322

A few pictures taken after filming
My head band is from Goody (purchased at CVS - comes in a pack of two)
Also available here

These are the brushes I showed in my video. From left to right:
1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush
2. MAC #187
3. ELF Powder Brush
4. Sigma F60

They all work great. If I want a heavier coverage I use the Sigma 'paintbrush' one. It makes your skin look amazing! The ELF one is also great and it's only $3! The MAC one gives a very airy-light type of finish. It's good to experiment with different ones!

Now over to you, what's your favorite foundation? And your favorite foundation brush? Always good to know what you guys like too!

The glitter holiday makeup from the lipstick video will be my next video! XOXO


Want to add in this comment from a viewer & my response! It's good because I want to emphasize the importance of eating healthy and how it affects your skin - I am a walking example. Everyone can have beautiful skin, you just have to take care of it properly.


Live, Dare & Experience

It's just after 11pm and feel like I'm pretty much done for the day! My next video is nearly ready just have to record the voice over,  so it's looking like it will be up tomorrow not today. Even after making videos for almost 2 years, I still underestimate the time it takes to edit. I'm like "I can edit this in a jiffy!"... and it ends up taking hours and hours! But it's all worth it in the end :) 

Below is a quote I read the other day and really liked it. It's so true - sometimes we just need to take the plunge and most of the time something amazing will happen. If something not so expected happens, well then you're left with a good experience at least that you can hopefully laugh about :) If you want to see more of my favorite quotes, visit the 'motivational' category on my blog. What's some of your favorite quotes? Would love to know! XOXO

Love this quote (and Hawaii!)  

Saturday Night

Good morning beautiful! Have a super packed day today but wanted to stop in and say hello and hope everyone has a fab day. It is raining like crazy here so I am the process of getting all wrapped up to go out and run some errands first. I filmed a video yesterday that I will edit today as well :) Will also film a makeup tutorial on the look I wore in my latest lipstick video. It will be great for holiday parties! One of my best friends in the whole world is coming to visit me from Switzerland for a week this thursday. We have so much planned :) So excited for that! 

Below are 3 out of the like 50 pictures my friend Larissa and I took this past Saturday night. It's fun taking pictures when I'm out - do you guys do the same? It's good looking back at them during rainy cold mornings like this :) Anyway will be back later today hopefully with my new video! Hope everyone has a great day! XOXO


W27 Interview

So excited about this! The first interview I've done for a published newspaper. I've done quite a few online but this is hardcopy lol :) very exciting! Hope there will be many more in the future :) This interview was done for the November Issue for FIT's W27 newspaper. I used to read these monthly newspapers when they'd come out and now I'm actually IN it haha so crazy! Thanks so much to editor, Dianna Mazzone for interviewing me! 

Favorite Lip Products!

Hi beautiful! Hope everyone's had a good weekend :) Just uploaded my latest video on the three lip colors I've been wearing the most recently - thought it would be fun to share them with you! They're three pretty classic shades that I think will work beautifully on many skin tones.

Products Mentioned: 
L'Oreal "Fairest Nude" Lipstick
Revlon "Bellini" Lipgloss
MAC "Cherry" Lipliner 
Revlon "Cherries in the Snow" Lipstick
Jordana "Plush Plum" Lipliner
Rimmel "Indian Summer" Lipliner
Lancome "Magie Pourpre" Lip Creme

Below are two closer pictures of the makeup I'm wearing in the video. Would you guys like to see a tutorial on this look? I think the heavy gold glitter and hint of pink is perfect for the holidays! Let me know in the comments :) 


My three current favorite lipsticks in action! :) 
 L'Oreal "Fairest Nude"
 Rimmel "Indian Pink" & Lancome "Magie Pourpre"
   MAC "Cherry", Revlon "Cherries in the Snow" & Jordana "Plush Plum"

What are your favorite lipsticks? Share with me below! XOXO



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! At my dad's house in NJ now, soaking up the fresh air and calmness that comes with leaving the city for a few days :) Just had our thanksgiving lunch which consisted of an organic Turkey (hey hey), roasted veggies and some other little dishes. It was delicious! Then for desert, I brought a pumpkin pie from this amazing bakery in New York called "Babycakes". It's an allergen-free bakery, which means no wheat, no dairy, no gluten and hardly any processed sugars. And it tastes so good! If you're ever in NY, you definitely have to check it out!

Felt like wearing this amazing sparkly sweater today (more pictures of it here). I was standing in the sunshine and my brother told me I looked like a disco ball cause the light was reflecting off all the little sequins lol I took it as a compliment haha :)

So in the spirit of thanksgiving, I'll share a few things I'm thankful for,

  • My incredible (sometimes crazy but always loving and supporting) family 
  • My friends who are just the bomb diggidy 
  • ALL OF YOU who watch my videos, read my blog, leave me comments, send me emails etc I LOVE YOU! I talk about you to my friends and family all the time lol 
  • Being able to do what I love every single day
  • Having a safe and warm place to call home 

What are you thankful for? Share with me in the comments below!

Also been editing a new video for you which will be up by the weekend! Hope everyone is having a good day! XOXO


$500 Giveaway!

Hi beautiful! Happy Monday :) Just uploaded my new video which is a huge giveaway! Good luck to everyone entering & this giveaway is one way to say thank you for being the best readers & viewers in the world! Love you guys XOXO

Watch the video here



Hi friends :) Firstly, thanks so much for your comments under my Workout DVD post - you guys gave me some great recommendations for other workout DVD's that I want to try - it's always so good to hear from you and what you guys enjoy.

This weekend has been so fun :) Last night I reunited with an old friend and we had such an awesome time! It's so nice to be with people that you just click with effortlessly. We went to a club where her boyfriend was deejaying and danced till about 3am - good times! I got home exhausted and slept in this morning which was a real luxury since I'm usually up by 7:30am every morning. After waking up to bright sunshine and a clear blue sky, I made myself a cup of green tea and watched Super Soul Sunday on OWN, which is on every sunday morning - have you guys seen it? I love that show - so soulful :) I only caught the last few minutes of it, but they were talking about passion and how it's so important to feel passionate every single day - even when doing daily tasks like making the bed or doing dishes. If you put passion and love into every thing you're doing, and with everyone you meet, it will bring even more meaning and happiness to your life. I thought that was a very interesting point and it lingered with me whilst trying to get my butt into gear this morning lol :)

Anyway now I'm up and ready to go! I will have a new video for you guys tomorrow :) Hope you're all having a fab weekend! XOXO

Gabbi and I last night :)

One of my favorite party songs - an oldie but goodie! 


Workout DVD's!

Hello beautiful! How is your weekend going? I want to tell you about this new workout DVD which is sculpting and toning me up like no other! A few weeks ago I was looking into different Pilates studios in the city, but they were all so expensive! I used to go once in a while, but paying $15-$25 a class is a little steep if you want to do it regularly. So I went online and literally googled "best Pilates DVD" and I came across something even more amazing! I discovered the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout DVD, and I had seen her many times on TV training different models and celebrities (and she's also been featured on E! News a few times).

I've been to hundreds of different workout classes with different instructors, and her workout is definitely in my top 3. Plus it's on a convenient DVD and I bought it for $9.99!! That is just crazy. I like her's especially, because she emphasizes on lean long muscles, and her workouts wont "bulk" you up since she's constantly changing the moves and making you use every muscle you can think of. You will look like a lean dancer! And I can already see some really nice definition in my abs and arms. 

It's important to remember however, as with any workout - you have to keep switching it up! Otherwise your body will get used to it - so it won't have to "adapt" therefor you won't get results. So I'm going to continue with her DVD but switch it up once in a while with different workouts - like my Brazil Butt Lift which I still love :) 

Below is a picture of all my workout DVD's. I used to just do the Brazil Butt Lift and The Firm but now I've branched out and am trying new workouts like the Tracy Anderson one as well as Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown. I've only tried that once so I can't give you a good opinion on it yet, but if it's good I will let you know! DVD's are great during these colder months because you can do it right from your home without having to bundle up to go outside :) 

For those of you who may be wondering how often I do these DVD's, I try to do one every other day and of course always trying to keep active during the day is a must! If I'm really busy or just don't have time, then I don't stress myself about it but just try to walk more or take the stairs instead of escalators / elevators. 

A tip I have for working out at home is, if you have the possibility to (have the house to yourself or have your own room), work out in just a sports bra and little shorts or undies in front of a mirror so you can see yourself moving. It's good to see your muscles working, and what exercise makes what muscle move - it's good for self awareness & getting to know your body! 

Do you guys have any favorite workout DVD's? If so, share below! It's always fun to hear from you and know what you guys are interested in as well :) XOXO


How I Fill In My Brows!

Hi everyone! Finally got my new video uploaded! It is past 2am here and my internet has been sporadically turning on and off due to the damage from the storm so a video that takes 2 hours to upload will take 7-8 hours! Anyway :) I'm happy that is up! In this video I show you how I fill in my eyebrows - and I know there are already many tutorials of this on YouTube but I wanted to show my way of doing it, and maybe it will be helpful to some of you! 

Something worth mentioning is that a few years ago, I use to have the most hideous eyebrows ever... EVER! I just over plucked and the few hairs left over were holding on to dear life. I talk about it briefly in my previous eyebrow video here. Anyway the moral is: Don't over pluck! It took me years to realize this, and I wish someone would've just confiscated those darn tweezers lol but at the time I really didn't see it. I sometimes look back at pictures and honestly wonder what I was thinking. But I guess we all learn! And now after some discipline, I'm really happy with them! 

My beloved eyebrow beauty products!  


How To: Stop Craving Bad Food

Hi beautiful! Hope everyone's had a nice weekend! Just uploaded a new health video talking about 3 ways to stop craving bad unhealthy food, like fast food and sweets. I LOVE doing these types of videos because I think feeling good in your own body and being proud of your body is such an important thing. And it seems like you guys like them too, so that makes me happy :) Feel free to leave more health-related video requests down below in the comments - as well as any others you may have.

Here is a little summary of the video:

We all want to look & feel good! A big part of that is having a beautiful body to be proud of! We can control our body shape by two things:
1. Food
2. Exercise

Why do we crave "bad" unhealthy foods?
  1. Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients 
  2. Below normal blood sugar levels 
  3. Dehydration
1. Eat more nourishing and vitamin dense foods 

PROBLEM: People are nutritionally starved. Most of the "popular" foods people eat these days don't have a lot of nutritional value. Even though they may taste good for the few seconds, it can do a lot of damage for years in your body. Our body NEEDS certain vitamins and nutrients every day: if we don’t give it to them – they’re gona keep craving!

SOLUTION: If you eat healthy, and you check all those nutrition boxes you wont be craving bad food as much. Our body, pretty much craves because it is not satisfied with what we "feed it". For instance, a lot of people crave ice cream, cupcakes, pizza etc - there's no nutritional value in that. So they keep craving and craving - trying to fill this missing puzzle piece. If we fix this crave the first time with fruits and veggies, even though it might not be as mentally satisfying at that very moment, you will start to notice the difference long term.

This picture is a bit graphic BUT I think it does a great job of demonstrating
how our bodies function with healthy food and with unhealthy food.
(Open to read more!)



Hello there beautiful! Today we are having a major snow storm here in New York. I'm sitting at my desk in front of my window, high up from the ground, looking at all the snow fiercely pouring down. It's crazy!! Nonetheless, today I am really happy :) Been working on my next video (& blogpost) on how to stop craving bad unhealthy foods - and how to eventually eliminate them entirely. Been researching all morning and condensing my own knowledge I have on the topic. I am so excited to share this information with you!

I think good nutrition and understanding your body is just as important (if not more) as knowing how to create a good smokey eye when it comes to beauty! Beauty is so much more than the exterior. Having glowing skin, a healthy body figure, beautiful hair all comes down to how we take care of ourselves. 

So anyway I am just taking a little break and wanted to say hello! Going to do some Brazil Butt Lift DVD exercises now and then later tonight I'll be catching up with a good friend over dinner :)
A snapshot from the workout DVD I'm about to do

I've also been reading all your comments under my latest video, where I asked you to write one nice thing that happened to you today as your entry for the giveaway. Have you read everyone else's comments? They are just so nice & heart warming! Totally makes me smile :) You can check them out here. How is your day going? XOXO


3 Fall Outfit Ideas!

Hi beautiful! My new video is finally up! Here I show you three different outfit ideas for the fall time. The leaves in the fall here are just amazing. Such beautiful colors! At one point, while filming the third outfit, it was actually "raining" leaves :) Just gorgeous! Filmed this over last weekend - right before the big storm hit!

I hope you enjoy this fall inspired fashion video & don't forget to enter the giveaway! Which outfit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments

MY HAIR: Curled with flat iron
NAILPOLISH: Essie "Sheer Bliss"
LIPSTICK: Revlon "Cherries in the Snow"

To enter the giveaway, please read the instructions under the video on the YouTube page! XOXO


Bejeweled Top Bun

Hi beautiful! I am back home in New York City! We got the news that power was back on, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. Feels amazing to know that everything is in tact here, no broken windows or icy floors. It was strange driving back in knowing the road we were on was flooded with several feet of water just a few days ago. Everything around my neighborhood looks pretty normal though, but I know further out towards the water is a completely different situation. Hoping everyone stays strong and warm! 

Today I tried out this large top knot, bejeweled, bun using one of my old necklaces I got a few years ago at an art/fabric supply store here in the city. The donut bun is about 5"(13cm) in diameter - although they normally just go by "small" or "large". I love this bun! Literally takes under 5 minutes to put this together, and glams up your look instantly.

If you want to learn how to do a similar top bun, watch this video HERE that I posted a few weeks ago. I did the exact same steps, except today I just used a bigger donut (shown below), and tied this gem necklace around the base. You will also need two hair ties and a few bobby pins to secure the leftover hair into place. You can also try this look using a smaller donut (or even a sock donut) if you prefer. 

What do you guys think of this hair bun? Have you tried something similar? I think adding a big bow to the back would also look cute! 


How To: Clear Acne-Free Skin

I've been wanting to do a video on this next topic, but due to the situation I am in right now from the storm, looks like I won't be filming till sometime next week, granted power and water are restored. So, I'm going to write it out for you! :)

I've been struggling on and off with mild to moderate acne since I was a teenager. I've gone through phases of having clear beautiful skin, to others when I don't want leave my house without makeup! After years of this, I finally had enough and decided to do some real digging into the causes of acne. This is also one of my most asked about topics so I hope this will be helpful for you!

One of my good skin periods over the summer! 
I've noticed my skin breaks out after eating certain foods that impact natural hormone levels. 
More below. 

Three main factors contributing to acne:
  1. Overproduction of oil (sebum)
  2. Irregular shedding of dead skin cells resulting in irritation of the hair follicles of your skin
  3. Buildup of bacteria
Overproduction of oil is usually the number 1 reason of acne and breakouts (granted we take care of our skin on a regular basis by cleansing, treating and moisturizing - which address factors 2 and 3).
    Anti-acne medicines (salyslic acid & benzoyl peroxide) work by drying out the skin and/or absorbing oil as well as killing bacteria. If we, however, go to the source of the oil production - and try to minimize and rather, regulate it - we wont have to harm our skin with strong medicines. Much better!

    Factors that increase oil production & why:
    1. Hormones
      A hormone is a chemical released by one or more cells that affects cells in other parts of the organism. A lot of acne stems from a hormonal imbal­ance caused by diet and/or the liver’s inability to process hor­mones efficiently
    2. Blood sugar levels
      When we eat overly processed foods (high in sugars and calories), the body turns it into glucose and starts releasing it into the blood. This causes a high blood sugar level, which in turn, means a spike in insulin levels. (Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which helps regulate the glucose in the blood.) Too many releases of insulin can cause inflammation - which in turn can cause acne (as well as eczema).  
    3. Stress
      When the brain recognizes stress, it involuntarily releases stress hormones (cortisol) that help thicken the hair follicle's lining, causing blackheads/whiteheads. If bacteria get trapped, a large pimple develops. The skin, being one of the body’s largest organs, is intricately connected to the rest of physiology including the mind. Just as the body is affected by stress, so is the skin. The body responds to stress by directing blood flow and oxygen to areas vital for fighting the stress, and withdraws from other areas including the skin. The skin subsequently becomes starved of blood and oxygen, making it dehydrated, dull, lifeless and prone to clogged pores and breakouts.
    So what do we need to do to cure acne naturally?
    1. Balance hormones
    2. Eliminate high glycemic foods that cause high blood sugar levels & balance out blood sugar levels
    3. Eliminate stress & exercise regularly 
    (Open to read more)


    Another Storm?

    Hi everyone :) Thank you for being patient with the video! It's been uploaded since Wednesday but unfortunately I am having copyright issues with the music used, so I can't make it live just yet. Been trying to sort it out so I can get it up as soon as possible. I might have to re-edit the whole thing but keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out! :)

    To give you a little update, we had to leave New Jersey and drove 3 hours away to Connecticut - the closest place with available hotel rooms! All hotels in New Jersey are fully occupied, and getting gas is almost impossible (2 to 3 hour waiting lines). So we got in last night, never been here before. It's nice to visit new places. I'm starting to feel like a real gypsy lol. Anyway I am warm, have a nice bed to sleep in and food to eat which is the most important.

    I keep tuning in to watch the news, and recently became aware of a snow storm said to arrive next week tuesday - how is that even possible?? Even though this one won't be as strong, it will be a difficult one to cope with for all those without power - or furthermore, homes! These are times when coming together and helping one another is so important, and I really hope everyone puts all social barriers aside and just helps out as much as possible.

    Mother Nature is as beautiful, as she is viscous. Whether this storm, or one of Mother Nature's other unjustifiable and devastating disasters, I truly believe times like these are moments when we have to show our strength, our compassion and at the end of the day become stronger, better people. Hopefully this will make people stronger & smarter, and will bring out the fighter in everyone. My prayers are with everyone who is suffering during this difficult time.