Oh Sandy

Hi everyone, sorry for being absent for a few days. I hope everyone in the east coast is safe & dry today! Monday night's hurricane was really bad and caused power and water outages for millions of people - including myself. The whole of lower Manhattan flooded, including the subway system, the NY Stock Exchange and Ground Zero! Incredible. Nobody anticipated such a storm. Fallen trees along with broken electricity poles line the streets here.

I couldn't even fall asleep last night, just thinking about the thousands of people who lost their homes :( it breaks my heart and I am praying for everyone. I hope everything will get restored, as best as it can, soon. I am currently safe & dry with my family in New Jersey, hoping power & water come back as soon as possible. We are thankfully staying at a hotel for the moment - which by the way looks like a busy, bustling, airport with the amount of people here. I will keep you posted! Were you affected by this hurricane? If so, do you have power and water back?

I do have a new video coming up today that I hope you will enjoy! Thank you so much for all your comments, tweets and emails. You guys are seriously amazing and I appreciate you so much XOXO

Screen shots from my next video, which will be up soon.
Thank you for being patient with the video! 
It's been uploaded since this morning but unfortunately I am having a little issue with the music used, so I can't make it live just yet. 
I am working on it right now xoxo


Clean Nutritious Dinner

Hello beautiful! Hope everyone is having a great week :) Thought I'd do a little food log today. Took a picture earlier of my dinner, which included lots of vitamins and nutrients. I am at my parent's house now, and something I LOVE about my family is that they are very passionate about healthy food and it's just so easy to eat well here, so I am very thankful for that!  

I am always thinking of ways to make unhealthy things healthy. For example today we experimented with making a healthy blueberry crumble, using almond flour, coconut oil, dates & agave nectar for the crumble, with blueberries and cinnamon as the base. Still need to perfect the ratios of the ingredients to make it perfectly crumble, but so far it was really tasty (plus no bad ingredients)! Another idea I had was making a healthy version of chocolate milk. I personally prefer to drink almond milk - it has more calcium than cow's milk, without any hormones that can effect our bodies causing imbalances (acne, body odor etc). You can also make almond milk at home! So that take cares of substituting the dairy. As for the chocolate, I thought of grinding up pure cocoa nibs to make it into a powder. Mix it with the almond milk and add agave nectar until it's sweet enough. I am going to try that tomorrow! :) This heated could be a great drink for these upcoming colder months. 

Basically trying to keep everything as raw and as untouched from it's natural form as possible is key. When you do this, there is no need to count calories, look at fat or sugar content etc.. If you're eating healthy natural foods - it's healthy! 

 So good! Sliced up an apple and had it with peanut butter for dessert  

Healthy Food Inspiration Log
- Two hard boiled eggs, black beans
- Smoothie (First juiced: cucumber, apples, celery, lemon, ginger. Then poured into blender with kale, parsley, another lemon, honey bee pollen and aloe vera.)
- Big salad with spinach, apples, salmon, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado with lemon & olive oil dressing
- Baked fish with wild whole grain rice, avocado, tomato and asparagus
- Honey Crisp apples with freshly ground organic peanut butter

I find a lot of joy in eating healthy. From experience I can definitely say it takes up more time to eat healthy than say the "easy" fast-food route - but the payoff is extraordinary. It's almost like a hobby that you want to keep learning more about - because every day you can learn something new about your body or about different foods. I find it all pretty amazing! :) 

"Take care of your body. 
It's the only place you have to live."
- Jim Rohn

Fall Fashion & Accessories Haul!

Nail polish: Shellac "Decadence"
Lipstick: Jordana "Tawny" Lipliner & L'Oreal "Unending Kiss"
Leather & metal belt, seen with lace top: I got it at Express about 3 years ago. I just googled 'metal mirror belt' and a few cool ones came up on eBay :)

The accessories I got from Forever21 

And these great black basic shoes I purchased at Zara!

So in love with lace tops for the fall & winter! 


Blue Liner Makeup Tutorial!

Hi everyone! Just uploaded my newest video, showing you how I got the blue liner makeup from my FAQ video I posted last week. Totally in love with this eyeliner and how it fades from light to dark. Might not be completely fall-time appropriate lol but still wanted to do it! :) 

This technique shown here can be used with ANY color you like!
I've also tried this with two toned: 
- purples 
- greens
- browns
- and golds 
And it looks really pretty (plus it's super simple to do!). 

What do you guys think of this look? Also let me know if you have any other makeup requests down below! Would love to read them! XOXO

Products Used:
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium
- Jordana Eyeliner in "Mint" & "Sterling Blue" (available at drugstore)
- "Blackout", "Bootycall" & "Tease" by Urban Decay (Naked 2 Palette)
- 24/7 Black Liquid Liner by Urban Decay
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara 
- L'Oreal True Match in N8
- ELF Blush "Pink Passion"
- MAC "Soft & Gentle" Highlighter 
- MAC "Creme Cup" Lipstick
- Revlon "Bellini" Lipgloss
More pictures from this look!
NAILPOLISH: Shellac "Decadence" 
NECKLACE: Forever 21 
Mentioned in this video here and more pictures of it here

Thanks for watching!! XOXO


Thinking Like A Star

Good morning angels! How is everyone's week going? I had to refilm the blue liner tutorial due to some issues I had with the first one :/ being a perfectionist can really bite you in the butt! Just want to make sure I'm giving you guys the best quality every time! But I refilmed this morning and I think it came out pretty good :) Just in the middle of editing it and it will most likely by up tomorrow morning (or maybe even tonight). Excited to show you because I absolutely love this look! It's so fresh yet still has something unique about it, and as most of my tutorials, it's so easy & simple to do!

A little preview of my next video! 

I love sharing quotes with you, and here is another one of my favorites!

"If you think you can do a thing,
or think you can't do a thing,
- Henry Ford 

In my words, this quote basically sums up the idea of "You are what you think". So if you say, "I suck at doing makeup/playing sports/cooking" or "I can never be healthy" or "Bad things always happen to me" or "I am not confident" - then that is what you're brain is going to function by.

However, if you say "I might not be an expert at ___, BUT I am going to try my hardest to improve on it" your attitude is completely shifted, and so is your brain and your thoughts, thus your actions. If you say "I can be healthy", "I am confident" - you're brain is going to go by what you say. Make sense? And notice how good it feels to say that - I am strong! I am confident! I am beautiful! I am smart! I am special! Good things happen to me! (Even if you don't fully believe it now, and it's almost like you're 'lying' to yourself, keep repeating it until you feel it coming naturally.) This also goes back to positive thinking, and The Secret (which if you haven't watched or listened to yet, you should really!)

A good quote which sums it up: 
"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."
- Buddha

Have you guys experienced, or put this idea into practice before? I certainly have! :) I remember having to give presentations in class, and I'd sometimes get pretty nervous and choke up a little, but then I'd literally tell myself "I am a great public speaker!" (lol even if I'm not, it just makes you feel so much better and really gets your through it!). When we have positive thoughts, our mind and our actions follow accordingly. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Be back soon with my new video! XOXO


Recently Added Music

Hello sunshines! Thought it would be fun to share some of my new favorite songs that I've been listening to for the past few weeks. I am such a big music fan! I feel like I listen to music all day long - whenever I'm out for a walk, getting ready, showering, cleaning etc.. just love it! Plus it can totally turn your mood around if you're having an off day. I've compiled a few videos below with some of my fav songs, along with the top 5 tracks played on my iTunes (you can find out by sorting your songs by 'plays'). What are your top played songs? Let me know in the comments! XOXO

Lol silly picture of the day! Look at that hair action! This was taken in LA a few months ago in Brentwood - right above Santa Monica :) 
The view was SO incredibly gorgeous! 

Let's start with my favorite songs from Justin Bieber's latest album. I am a Belieber :) and you? 
This kid is so talented and has grown up so much! 

Justin Bieber - Die In Your Arms
This is such a catchy, relaxed, nice song! Can't stop replaying it.



Fall Makeup Tutorial!

Hi beautiful! How is everyone's weekend going? I just uploaded a new video showing you how I get my fall-ready nighttime makeup! Been loving wearing this deep pink and bronzed shadow combo, totally fall appropriate :) The blue liner look I wore in my FAQ video will be up right after this one. I hope you enjoy this video for now! Also, if you would like to be entered to win a new Day & Night palette from BH, head over to the video on the youtube page for the giveaway instructions. I think this palette is great for people just getting in to makeup since you're getting a lot of eyeshadows for a mere $13 (currently on sale)! It has a total of 60 eyeshadows (30 for day, 30 for night). So if you're a beginner with makeup and want to get a palette to play around and experiment with definitely check it out! What do you guys think of this look? Let me know below! XOXO

Some pictures taken right after!

NAILPOLISH: Shellac "Decadence" 
BLOUSE: From Zara, http://tinyurl.com/9xbd8vd
NECKLACE: Jewelmint (last year)
EARRINGS: Kenneth Jay Lane


Frequently Asked Questions!

Hello beautiful! Hope everyone is having a nice week :) Just uploaded a Frequently Asked Questions video which I hope you will find helpful and interesting. Before filming this video, I did a makeup tutorial using these new blue eyeliners I recently picked up. How gorgeous is this color? I am obsessed! Just need to edit it and it will be up soon.

I also just came home from an amazing event, held at the Paley Center here in New York, for the 10x10 campaign educating girls in the developing world. It was so inspiring and beautiful. I will definitely write more about my experience and this campaign for you guys soon. It is all about empowering young girls and allowing them the opportunity to make the world a better place, which I am ALL for! :) Hope you enjoy the video!

Here is a closer look at my makeup in the video! 
Super easy to do but really fun and can give your makeup a nice pop. 
A tutorial will be coming up soon :)

- Hair (Used the same technique, just left it a little messier and less sleeked back): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnj7SHyV9bA
- Nail polish: Nude Now by Sally Hansen 

If you want to see more Q&A's check out the "Questions & Answers" category! LOVE YOU xoxo


Gold & Silver

Hi beautiful! Below are a few pictures taken of the outfit I wore recently. As always, thanks to my friend Gregory Palmer for the beautiful photography! I can definitely say the summer weather is officially coming to an end here in New York, it is starting to get cold really fast! Has the weather started switching over yet where you guys live? In the photos below, I am wearing some of the new jewelry I got from London last month. Totally loving silver and gold together. I also think this sweater is great as it covers up the bum, which, when wearing white pants, is a good thing! :) I paired it with a few statement accessories and just threw on my white converse which just seem to go with just about everything! Totally casual and comfy yet still chic. What do you guys think? XOXO ♥ 

What I'm Wearing 
Silver High Low Sweater, River Island (UK)
White Jeans, Zara
Bag, Chanel
Both Necklaces, Forever 21

Spiked Bracelet & Gold Cuff, Forever 21
Watch, Michael Kors
Shoes, Converse 
(Also looks great with black leather pumps)
Sunglasses, Nasty Gal
Lipstick, Sao Paulo NYX Matte Lip Creme
Nail polish, "Dear Diary" Sephora


Two Food Logs

Outfit of the day pictures coming up! 

Healthy Food Inspiration Log (Today)

- Two hard boiled eggs, one avocado and an apple (this has been my go-to breakfast for the past few days)
- Big cup of green tea (fuels me up and is great for the body!)
- Shrimp cilantro wrap from Pret a Manger (my fav thing to get there!)
Afternoon Snack:
- Green smoothie (kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, frozen banana, almonds, coconut water)
- Grilled chicken with avocado, tomato, onion and lemon 'salsa' 
- Whole wheat pasta
- Watermelon! 

Healthy Food Inspiration Log (Yesterday)

- Two hard boiled eggs, one avocado and an apple
- Big cup of green tea 
- Big mixed baby greens salad with tuna, cherry tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, mixed nuts, olive oil and vinegar 
- Grilled salmon with lightly steamed veggies - without butter/salt (at Italian restaurant) and had some of my sisters pasta - I love tasting everyone's food :) 
Later on:
- Dark chocolate cocoa powder dusted Acai berries (they are phenomenal  - will definitely be included in october favs)

Health Note:
I never count calories or think about fat content (for ex. in avocados or nuts) - if it's healthy, it's healthy! The rawer and the least processed, the better. 

And just a little disclaimer :) 
I sometimes share what I eat from day to day as a source of inspiration for others who like healthy food ideas. These posts are in no way meant to influence the way you guys should eat, everyone is different! And we are all in different stages on our way to optimum, beautiful & healthy bodies. These are just little inspirations! Just wanted to clear that up for those of you who had mixed opinions about my motives :) 

What did you eat today? Join me in these food logs and share your healthy meals with all of us! XOXO

All Gifted

Hi loves :) Hope everyone had a great weekend! Loved all your comments on that fab Chanel-like embellished jacket. I will definitely style it for an upcoming fashion post soon! Today I spent the day in Chester, NJ with my family. We went to a cute little farm where they had everything from pumpkin & apple picking, to fresh baked good and hot apple cider and lots of little fun things for kids to do on the farm. I even climbed up a huge hill of stacked hay with my little sister :) Was fun! What did you guys do over the weekend? Now I'm unwinding and getting ready for bed and wanted to share this quote I came across earlier on, which I totally agree with.  

Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that?
We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves
We must believe that we are all gifted for something
and that this thing must be attained. 

- Marie Curie

The second we wake up, we start making choices, decisions - both long term and short term, that all effect our lives. We could be productive, happy and fabulous - or we could choose another, possibly less fulfilling way of life. You have the same chance of succeeding as the next person. It's all about applying yourself and never - ever, ever, ever, ever! - giving up. We are all amazing because we are here, and it's our decision if we choose to live our lives, or let our lives be dominated by negative things. So my beautiful readers, what way of life do you choose? 


Bejeweled Bomber Jacket

Hi beautiful! I have to show you this new jacket I got from Zara today. I saw this and literally said "YOU are coming home with me!" :) it was love! I had to do a bit of inspecting on all the jackets since there are hundreds of beads sown on to this, and a few were loose and/or off on some of the jackets. So I got a fresh new one from the back and it is perfect Zara has done it again and created something so expensive looking for a great price - this could easily look like I just dropped $800 at Barneys! I would wear this with black jeans, super high leather booties and my Chanel bag. It is definitely a statement piece and I can't wait to rock it! Would you wear a fun crazy jacket like this? 

Here it is on the Zara website! 
In these pictures, the embellishments look more silver, 
but the color of the jacket is more accurate in the pictures above where it looks more golden :)
Bomber Jacket with Diamante, $159


Glitzy Mani

Just a quick post to show you the nail combo I was wearing in my latest video! I've been really into experimenting with different subtle nail art recently. This color by Essie, called A Crewed Interest, is gorgeous on it's own, but felt like adding a little sparkle to it so I paired it with this gold fleck polish by Milani, appropriately called "Gold". I first just painted all my nails with the nude pink color, then did a stripe down the center the gold flecks. Easy! And looks pretty cute :)

Gold Glitter Evening Makeup

Hi beautiful! This makeup is inspired by the gold glittery makeup I've been wearing in my last few videos which I got a ton of requests for! :) I love doing this if I'm going out at night as it totally glams up my eyes, but doesn't look over done. Plus, it's super quick and easy to do! Important tip when using loose glitter: Place a piece of tissue under your eye to catch those sneaky fall outs. If you want a more intense glittery look, just layer on the glitter till satisfied :) Have you ever tried working with loose glitter before? What do you guys think of this subtle but glitzy look? XOXO

Products Used:
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- MAC Pressed Pigment "Spot Lit"
- "Buck", "Naked" & "Blackout" from Urban Decay 
- L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner 
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
- Skindinavia Finishing Spray
- OCC Glitter "Beige"
- L'Oreal True Match Powder N8
- ELF Blush "Pink Passion"
- L'Oreal Infallible Lipstick #112
(Would also look amazing with matte plum / deep pink lips!)


September Favs & GIVEAWAY!

My new video is up where I show you my favorite products from September! September is one of my favorite months actually since it's the beginning of fall, and everything starts to get a little cooler. You can wear boots, nice jackets and your face doesn't feel like it's melting off during the day :) Love that! Fall in New York is definitely the best season! Which time of year is your favorite? I'm also looking forward to reading your responses for the giveaway :) Make sure to leave them under the video on the YouTube page as that's where the winner be selected. 

Below are the products that you could win! :)
- OPI Nail Envy
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
- Jordana Lip Liner in Plush Plum
- Jordana Lip Liner in Baby Berry
- Hopelessly in Love Nail Polish by OPI
- ELF Pink Passion Blush
- Rhinestoned Pyramid Bracelet by F21
- Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask by Neutrogena
- Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Other items mentioned:
- Nature Box
- L'Oreal True Match Foundation (W6)
- L'Oreal True Match Concealer (W123)
- Bobbi Brown Corrector in Bisque
- MAC Pressed Pigment in Spot Lit

Visit the original video for all the details and to enter the giveaway! Good luck ♥ XOXOX

Rose Gold Nail Art

Hi everyone! Happy happy monday :) I filmed my September Favorites video yesterday - which will be up shortly :) I'm also doing a little giveaway on some of the products I mentioned which I'm really excited about! 

Over the weekend, I also painted my nails a little crazier than I usually do. It is my first attempt at doing somewhat edgy nail art at home (as opposed to having it done professionally), and I really love the way it came out! It's not too extreme, but still unique and cool! I love the color combo too. It's like wearing jewelry on your nails. It's fun to catch a glimpse of them now and then :) 

(On my lips: Jordana Lip Liner "Plush Plum" with Revlon Lipstick "Cherries in the Snow")
Sally Hansen "Guilty Pleasure", OPI "Hopelessly in Love", Sephora by OPI "Dear Diary", Kiss Nail Dress "Babydoll"

I chose to go with two neutral light pinks and a gold polish to create a rose gold look. 

Got these nail stickers two days ago for about $7. You just peel them off, and place on your nail and cut off the excess. 
It totally looks like gold embellishments on your nail 

For the triangle design on my ring finger, I simply cut the edges of a piece of scotch tape, as to form a triangular tip, and placed it on my nail (make sure nail polish underneath is completely dry). Then I just painted the gold polish on top of it and it made this cool design :) 

The stacked rings & necklace are by Forever 21, and the spikey ring comes in a set of two at H&M! :)