Hi beautiful! Had a nice productive day today :) How was your day? I filmed two videos, one is currently uploading and the other is on this makeup look below. I got these really cool glitter eye liners the other day and decided to use both of them to create this fun party look. This video should be up sometime this week, the next one will be up shortly. Can't wait to wear this out! :) 

Totally random, but I've decided to include what I've eaten during the day in each daily post for some healthy diet inspiration for you :) Breakfast: Oatmeal with cinnamon & raisins. Lunch: Spinach salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, peppers, mixed nuts. Dinner: Grilled chicken & fruit for desert. What did you eat today? :) 


Diamond Head Hike

Hiking up one of Hawaii's most famous volcano's was definitely a highlight of the trip! The crater, called Diamond Head, is the remainder of a volcanic explosion that took place over 500,000 years ago. Pretty amazing to hike up inside of it and get to the top to see a spectacular panoramic view of the island. The hike took about 45 minutes and wasn't too bad but we definitely got a good little workout in. The payoff was beautiful! 

(Photo by debd April '12)
The hiking trail going up! We started in the middle of the crater and made our way up. 
It's about 1.5 miles up. Great way to get a workout in!
Overview of Waikiki!

Later that day, we went snorkeling here at Hanauma Bay. All those dark areas in the turquoise waters are live coral reef. It was pretty cold due to the strong winds but we still got in and saw some pretty fish. We bought an underwater camera which we've yet to develop, but will show you when I get them in! The sites were surreal.


Back home!

Back home in the big city! Feels good but I'm definitely missing the beauty of Hawaii. Definitely one of the most gorgeous places I've been, and the people there were so friendly. Would love to go back, but to Maui next time! Anyway now I'm home in my cozy apartment. Spent the last few hours unpacking, cleaning, organizing and am now sitting with a hair mask on going through all of our fun pictures. We went hiking one day on a volcano called Diamond Head which was gorgeous! I will put those pictures up next :) Below is one from our last day, miss you Hawaii! 


Fia Fia Show

Later that day we attended the Fia Fia Show, hosted by Chief Sielu. It was a great show about the different Polynesian cultures. Lots of dance, live music, beautiful costumes and talented performers. One of the most fascinating things were to see their intricate Samoan tattoo's that take days to create, and are often very painful to get. They literally hammer or "tap" the ink into the skin with handmade tools. It's incredible. The word "Tattoo" derives from Samoan "Tatau“ - meaning "to hit or strike (ta) with the au (tool)". Three of the men had them all the way up the leg and onto their hips. It is often described as a rite of passage to young men, but also represents their culture and where they come from so it will never be forgotten by future generations. I thought they were beautiful and really interesting to see the detailed work up close. 

They showed us how to make braided head pieces from palm tree leaves.

We drank fresh coconut water, yum!

The show was amazing! 
Performances highlighted different Polynesian cultures. 

Ko'Olina Lagoon

Hello sunshine! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Below are some more photos taken from our little beach adventure. We decided to go snorkeling after breakfast and someone working at the hotel suggested we walk beyond the hotel's perimeters to snorkel on the natural lagoon. He said it would be "a little rocky" but that we wouldn't have any issues. Well, we walked for a little bit, then discovered two beautiful untouched lagoons that were just paradise. To the hotel staff, it's called the "Secret Beach". It was not really snorkel appropriate though since it was pretty rocky, so we decided to return the snorkeling gear and grab our camera instead to take some pictures by the beach. It was so nice!! The water was crystal clear and the color of the water was gorgeous

The first natural lagoon...

Then we walked across these rocks on the right and arrived to the second lagoon 
(we discovered a new appreciation for our feet!)

A couple minutes later, we arrived to paradise!!

And decided to play :)
Nothing beats this background, it was breathtakingly beautiful.

And we even saw a turtle! Can you see it?

So fun! The salt water felt amazing on our skin.


Kisses from Hawaii!

Hi loves! Hope everyone is having a great week! Taylor arrived to paradise today to spend a few days with us here before returning home. We spent the whole day exploring the other beaches outside of our hotel's perimeters. We found some beautiful spots! Below are a few pictures but more will be coming soon. I just couldn't believe the beautiful sites. I am truly in heaven! Now we are off to a Luau dinner for some Hawaiian food & dance :) Will post more pictures soon!

Kisses from Hawaii!