New Babies

Stopped into Zara today and saw these gorgeous strappy wide heel sandals which I fell in love with. Love the chunky black velvet heel against the skinny gold strap, totally 80's. These will be my go-to summer party heels. I think they will look great with both pants / jeans as well as skirts and dresses. They are very Christian Louboutin / YSL looking! Happy!

 Wide-heel strappy sandal, $99.90 Zara

Red Lip & Sunglasses

Hi everyone! It is a gorgeous day today here in NYC, sun is shining, weather is warm :) Just about to step outside and enjoy the day, get some lunch and run some errands. My hair is still nice and curly since yesterday, despite tying it up to sleep and shower :) Since it's pretty hot outside today, I'm just wearing a red lip and sunglasses, without any face makeup. Cool & fresh is the best in the summer! I got these vintage-looking glasses recently from H&M, love them because the shades are ombred. My lipstick is called "Amsterdam" and it's a lip creme by NYX. I also just got my NastyGal order delivered this morning (excitement-galore), and am rocking my new booties I showed in a previous post - they're so comfy. Will be back later tonight, hope everyone's having a lovely day!! XOXO


How to: Heatless Curls

Hi beauties! My new video is up :) It is exactly the way I curled my hair in my two previous videos I posted a few weeks ago. You guys wanted to see a tutorial and here it is :) Totally in love with this hairstyle for the summer. It only takes a few minutes to put in the rollers before bed, then you wake up with this gorgeous wild hair. In the morning it takes about 10 minutes to tame down the locks a little to make them look nice and groomed. I hope you enjoy this video!

Extra tips!
Before rolling up hair:
- Comb through each section to smooth it out
- Spray hair slightly with water / hairspray if you're hair doesn't curl easily
- Roll in the same direction for one smooth wave, or in opposite directions for a wilder look

Products Used:
- Curling Rods, 16mm foam curlers, eBay. Also available at drugstores. 
If you want looser curls, use thicker rods - tighter curls, smaller rods.
- Curling Wand, 24mm curling wand, NuMe
- TRESemme Flawless Curls Mousse
- Argan Oil

My Nails:
Day 1 Coral color: Tarte Deco, Essie
Day 2 Light pink: Dear Diary, Sephora

Day 1: Pink Nouveau, MAC
Day 2: #187 Rouge Allure, Chanel

It is now 11pm and the curls have fallen so nicely! It's so nice knowing I didn't use any heat and hardly any product to get my hair this way. Next time, I'm only going to use the Argan oil and a spritz of water to relax the curls. The curls are so bouncy and natural looking, love 
Have you guys tried this before? It's an old school method that works pretty darn good!


Been filming and editing for the most part of today and it is finally uploading! About another hour and it should be live. The curls came out really well so I'm excited to share this video with you. I'll include some extra tips on how to get them looking beautiful in my next post. See you soon :)


Good morning girls! This is how I went to bed last night after filming part 1 of my no heat curly hair video. I wrapped a light scarf around my head (like a turban) to keep the rollers in place. It feels strange at first when you're laying down in bed, but after a while it's not too bad "ska man vara fin får man lida pin" lol :) Now just getting ready to film and take these bad boys out. The video should be up either tonight or tomorrow morning! XOXO


Total Stud

Just ordered these super cute pieces from nastygal.com. I've seen their clothes featured on a few fashion blogs and fell in love with their edgy yet girly style. I've been eyeing some of their things for the past couple of weeks, but was hesitant to buy since it's hard to know how it's going to fit. Anyhow I loved these biker boots and this flowy cream studded blouse. I read the shoes run a little small so got mine in half a size bigger. The shirt is flowy so I don't think there will be any sizing issues - got it in a medium. Both will be great for summer :) Excited! Have you guys ordered anything from them? I'm curious about how their shorts fit. They have some really cute ones!

Total Stud Blouse, $48

Rum Moto Boot, $148


New Camera

Purchased a lovely new camera today from Samsung. When I was in Aruba a couple weeks ago, my other one broke out of the blue - mid-vacation! The lens got stuck and refused to shut so I decided to upgrade and got the newer version (and it was on sale!). It has the 'beauty shot' feature on it, which is what I love the most about Samsung cameras. It instantly airbrushes the skin ever so slightly to make you look extra flawless - why not right :) It also has an 18x zoom and 14MP which makes the pictures come out clear and vivid. It is the WB150F and got it for $199.99. This is the camera I'll be using for the most part for pictures on my blog.  

NY Family Time

It's been so nice having my family here from Sweden. Been getting up early every day this week and spending the whole day out and about in New York... we've been everywhere! My grandparents are troopers, visiting from a small town in the quiet suburbs, to crazy busy NY wasn't an easy adjustment. I'm proud to say that they now they make their way through the streets like true New Yorkers. In swedish you say you need to have "sharp elbows" to live here, couldn't agree more. That's something I love about New York though, it's the perfect mix of beauty and toughness. The city is gorgeous, but you gotta have some cojones to live here lol. Today we took a horse & carriage ride through the park, went shopping and had lunch at the Time Warner Center where I met a lovely subscriber - Hi :) if you're reading this!  

My grandmother is such a doll!  
She taught me so much about health & beauty growing up.

Here are a couple pictures in Times Square from our little sightseeing adventure this week. 
We took one of those double decker bus tours around the city. We had fun :)

Craziness of Times Square



Class of 2012

Hey guys! Been off the blog for about a week, finished up my final exams and graduated Summa Cum Laude! It feels so great to be done with school, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It got pretty crazy the last few weeks, juggling classes, final projects, an internship and trying to keep up a social life. Crazy enough, it hasn't really hit me yet since my family is here from Sweden and I've been playing Miss Tour Guide for the past few days :) I think once I'm alone again, I'll really feel that sense of relief! Been having a great time with all my family here in NYC. I am so excited that I'll have some free time on my hands. I want to start reading some really good books, start following a few TV shows and of course get new videos up on my channel. (Still planning on doing that mini workout video for you guys!). I am also looking forward to traveling as much as possible, taking photos, spending time with my family and just enjoying life :D  
Under my graduation gown I wore this silver, tweed Chanel-inspired dress from Zara. I got this dress last November, thinking I'd wear it to a Christmas party of some sort, but it got its first outing today! I love the high neckline and peplum structured skirt. I also added a skinny metallic belt around my waist to accentuate to the hourglass shape of the dress. I paired it with my black embellished heels and threw on some sheer black tights in case it got cold. For my hair, I just curled it slightly with a curling wand in an outward direction, brushed through it with a comb and added a touch of hair spray. 

Silver tweed "Chanel-esque" dress, Zara

Black embellished shoes, Zara
Congratulations to everyone graduating this year! WE DID IT :) 
Party hard, work harder & DREAM BIG 


One Week Left

Hi Ladies! I am back from my super short little vacation in paradise, diving straight in to a crazy week of final exams, papers and presentations! Only one more week left till graduation :):) I had the best time in Aruba, literally soaking up the sun, sea and sand for the entire time. 

Bye bye beautiful island, see you soon!

On the way back to NYC I got this Parisienne perfume by YSL, and I am totally in love with this scent! It's really fresh, has a hint floral and a touch of sweetness. If you stop by a perfume store soon you should give this one a try. Another thing I fell in love with was the perfume bottle itself, so pretty. Now I'm back to grinding for the next few days. Good luck to everyone having their final exams this week! XOXO


White Peplum

Wore this out for dinner tonight. This dress is one of my favorites because it fits like a dream, but it's also pretty stretchy so it's not uncomfortable. I love peplum dresses, they are so flattering! I like adding a belt to accentuate my waist and to draw those curves out. I recently got that turquoise & gold stone necklace, which I think looks so pretty against the white dress and nude accessories. 

What I'm Wearing 
White peplum dress, H&M
Nude waist belt, Small Boutique NYC
Necklace, Aldo
Clutch, Aldo
(Paired with some simple rose gold sandals)

Sun & Sand

Hi everyone! Woke up bright and early this morning, so happy and excited to be here. Last night we ended up getting in around 1am so I still got some good sleep. I had a great breakfast consisting of fresh fruit and an omelet along with papaya & orange juice, so good! Then we pretty much spent the whole day by the beach. I am in heaven haha! We swam in the sea, laid by the pool and just relaxed. I've gotten pretty damn dark to say the least, tomorrow I'm amping up my SPF a few notches. Here are a few pictures from today! I love wearing this F21 dress when it's hot, it's so flowy and light. 

We are planning on going on a scuba trip on a nearby island hopefully tomorrow. I'll try to get one of those disposable waterproof cameras and take some pictures of the coral and the colorful fish! XOXO 


Outfit of the Night

What I'm Wearing
Black & white blouse, Zara
White crochet vest, Zara
Jean shorts, H&M
Clutch, Aldo
Watch, Rose gold MK
Bracelets, Aldo
(Also wearing my sparkly sandals from Zara)

Hope everyone's having a great week! Kisses from Aruba! XOXO

Arrived to Paradise

Hi everyone! Got in a few hours ago and it is so beautiful here! I wish I could somehow bring you all with me. This is the view from our room, isn't it gorgeous? The first thing I did when we arrived was change into my bikini and went straight for the sea. The water is clear blue and just the right warm temperature. Just about to leave to go have dinner then check out this local salsa bar which I'm pretty excited about :) Speak soon! XOXO

On Route Woop!



In the spirit of going on vacation, I went out to buy some new bikinis and found the nicest ones at H&M for under $10. I got a couple of different colored sets for this summer, two being the nude and lime green. The tops and bottoms were each $4.95, so cheap! So I definitely took advantage  I'll have to squeeze my books in my suitcase too - boo! But at least I am almost done :) This is like a pre-graduation trip lol - got to love my family. 

A few of the things I'm bringing with me

Love the shimmering nude color and gold accents!

Some new arm candy from Aldo! And of course brining my rose gold MK watch :)

Makeup Drawers

Where did you get your acrylic clear drawers which you kept all your cosmetics? Which website did you order it from?
I got my drawers from Muji (www.muji.com), they're pretty inexpensive and look amazing. I love that they're clear so you can see exactly what you have. I have 3 stacked on top of each other:

I like that you can stack them and organize different products by different drawers. So for instance I have two drawers for lipsticks, one drawer for blushes etc. They're also great for organizing jewelry and/or other small items.

Can you do a makeup collection/organization video?
Definitely, I'll be back to filming soon!

Do you read all your comments? Do you reply?
My blog comments, Facebook and email messages, yes. Under my youtube videos it's hard to keep up because new comments come in quite often. I reply to emails almost everyday so if I haven't gotten around to yours yet I will soon :) On my blog, I like doing these Q&A's because I get asked similar questions a lot so I like to share answers with you here (and I also answer totally random questions too).

Why do you delete negative comments?
My blog is a positive place and I don't like seeing negative/rude/inappropriate comments here - it's just like a wet blanket for no reason :) So I just delete them! If you don't like my blog, you don't have to read it :) It's so funny (& sweet) when I see people reply to them basically telling them to shut the heck up, which I appreciate lol but there should be no reason for you guys to waste your time on silly people.

Love Your Sandals!! <3 Where are they from?
From Zara but a few years ago, they have similar ones in stores now for spring though!

Aruba Tomorrow!

Hi girls! Tomorrow morning I am off for a short family getaway! Of course, my family books the vacation a week before I graduate and have a million papers due, BUT I wasn't going to pass this up, so I guess I'll be writing my papers on the beach :) not too shabby! I am beyond excited and so thankful for this little trip! Woop 
So excited! Can't wait to be there again 


Nail Polish Heaven

This is probably one of the most exciting beauty-related things I've ever bought, a beautiful and spacious nail polish rack  I used to keep all my polishes in a little box in my fridge (makes them last longer), but it was hard to see what colors I had and I always wanted a nice nail polish display. Finally I purchased one on Amazon for only $20! Very inexpensive and totally worth it! I've seen a few DIY polish racks on YouTube if you want to save a few dollars and make one on your own. But I really loved this clear acrylic one and I think it just looks so amazing in my little desk/makeup area. This rack holds 90 polishes. 

Very happy with this purchase! Actually about to pick out a shade and do my nails right now. Think I'll do a nice light nude/pink shade. Then I'm going to do some school work and hop into bed early, have a busy weekend ahead! Only TWO more weeks of classes until I'm a free as a bird :) Who else is graduating this year?? XOXO