Good morning sunshine! Here is a healthy breakfast/snack idea for you. This morning I made a veggie & fruit smoothie which tastes amazing. If you're not so into eating greens, this is a perfect way to incorporate some into your diet without even tasting it. The smoothie mix you see below makes two large full glasses, (and you can always save half of it for the next day!).  

Ingredients in this smoothie:
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Frozen strawberries (also try frozen blueberries)
  • Frozen mango 
  • Orange
  • 1 Banana
  • Non-fat Greek vanilla yoghurt
  • Coconut milk

If you're using frozen fruit, there's no need to add ice :) It's packed with vitamins, protein, and fibers. Great way to start the day! Have you guys tried this before? I hope you like these little healthy food posts! XOXO


Live Fearlessly

Hi everyone! I came across this inspirational video and wanted to share it with you. It's from Oprah's Lifeclass series featuring Tony Robbins. It's super motivating and will definitely put a smile on your face. Plus, Tony is a super cutie pie! I also had a look at some of her other Lifeclass videos featuring Deepak Chopra which are also great and worth taking a look at! 

This one in particular deals with living without any fear - nothing holding you back. Isn't the thought in itself is so relaxing? I think we all have little things holding us back from time to time. One of my biggest fears, believe it or not, was public speaking. I used to be very shy and super awkward whenever I had to give presentations in class. With a little practice, and lots of readjusting my way of thinking, I've thankfully moved passed it! Facing your fears is a great way to conquer them, so putting yourself out there and owning that fear can really have a huge impact in your life. I try applying this to even the smallest things, like for instance if I have a pile of dishes stacking up and I feel like putting it off time after time, I just get up and do it so it's done! Sometime's Nike's tag "Just do it" puts me into "let's-get-this-done" mode real quick. This can also apply to other area's of life, like exercising. The end result is of course the big reward cause you know you'll feel so good when it's accomplished! 

Is there anything that is holding you back from accomplishing something? Have you tried doing anything to overcome it? Have you succeeded? Share with me below! XOXO

"You can conquer any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. 
For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind."

- Dale Carnegie


Bubblegum Pink

I picked up this beautiful light pink nail polish the other day from Milani called "Tip Toe Pink" and just painted my nails with it this morning. It's quickly become one of my favorite shades of polish. It's a light neon bubblegum pink color, with a cool undertone, perfect for spring & summer. So in love! It's also important to apply a good top coat so that the polish lasts long and stays nice and shiny. A good one is called Seche Vite, works really well! What is your current favorite nail polish? Share with me! XOXO

Milani "Tip Toe Pink"


Avocado Toast

Hi lovely! Happy friday, I'm so happy it's the weekend! Just about to dig into some late lunch. This is one of my all time favorite easy healthy meals. It's so easy to prepare and it's very filling and nutritious. I'm having whole wheat toast with sliced avocado, with some seasoning (sometimes I sprinkle a little lemon on top). Avocados are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that we need to absorb vitamins. It also makes our skin glow and our hair healthy and shiny. Then I fried some eggs (great protein) and included some carrots and cucumbers to get in my veggies. I usually switch up the veggies, so sometimes I'll have this with tomatoes and/or broccoli. Love it cause it's all totally fresh, natural and tastes so good! Feel free to share any easy healthy food ideas below :) XOXO


Balance Ball

Yay my balance ball arrived today! I've heard great things about using this in place of a regular desk chair as it's really good for your abs and back muscles. I always love finding new ways to keep myself in good health, so when I researched more into this and read all the benefits I had to give it a try! I got mine online from YogaAccessories for only $15.99. I ordered it on Monday so it got here pretty fast :)

Benefits of using a balance ball instead of a chair:
  • Forces proper spine alinement
  • Strengthens stomach muscles since you need to balance
  • Will make you burn extra calories during the day (up to 300, without doing much extra!)
  • Since you don't stay in the same position, it causes your body to keep moving thus increase circulation and energy 
  • Inexpensive (less than a regular desk chair)
  • You can also use it for toning exercises and stretching 
  • It's way funner sitting on a ball that moves lol :)

Do you girls own one of these? In case you are wondering the details, mine is a 65cm anti burst silver yoga ball (different sizes for different heights). I'm literally bouncing around on it now :) It reminds me of those bouncy ball toys with the handles that you could get when you were little. They were my fav! Dinner with my family was fun. We had the best asian food at this cute place uptown. Now I'm about to finish a paper for class, then hop into bed. Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post, you guys are the best! Love you all! XOXO

Busy Week!

Hi guys! I miss you!! How is everyone? Nothing too exciting has been going on the past few days here, I've been buried in school work and dreaming of graduation and the summer :) I could tell you lots about Philosophy and Creative Strategies but not too sure you want to hear about that haha. I really wish I had more time to film cause I have so many videos I want to make, but right now I have to focus on getting all this work done. Come June, I'm all yours! :) 

Today I'm wearing my silver sequined cardigan from Zara, with a bright yellow tank and my gold 'shark' necklace from H&M. My jeans are high waisted black denims by Zara as well - love them! Yesterday I bought a lipstick from MAC called "Creme Cup", a gorgeous nude pink which I'm wearing on my lips today. I quite like it! Anyway I just wanted to say HI, HELLO, MISS YOU and now I am off to school to work on a group project and take a test! Later I'm going to a big family dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday  I hope everyone is having a great week! *Hugs XOXO


Afternoon Tea

Having a nice little tea & snack with my dad. Ordered this yummy smoked salmon and avocado tartine.  Bon app!  

Questions: Tea, Books, Bum Bum

What kind of green tea do you drink? D
o you add sugar to your green tea, or just drink it plain?

I like to buy both caffeinated, for the mornings / afternoons, and decaffeinated for the evenings. I am not super brand loyal to any specific type, so I try new ones out all the time. I go through boxes of green tea pretty quick so I have tried a few brands! One of my all time favorite flavored green teas is by Mighty Leaf. It's on the pricey side so I consider it my little luxury that I have every other day when I'm in the mood to really enjoy a good cup of tea (as opposed to drinking it quickly before heading out in the morning). The "Green Tea Tropical" and "Green Tea Passion" are my fav luxury teas! I find it as satisfying as a piece of cake after dinner. Oh and no I don't add anything to my tea, just plain! :)

A few of teas in my "tea cupboard" :)
Regular affordable Green Teas are just as beneficial

Just wondering if you could tell us a little bit about you bangs (like how they are cut etc) because mine have overgrown so I need them cut too. Do you have a preference for which side you have your parting?

I always ask for my bangs to be cut down the middle, because then I can part my hair which ever way later. But then again, it also depends on your face structure and the overall style of your hair. Bring in a couple pictures of hairstyles you like and ask your hairdresser for their opinion :)

What are your favorite inspirational books?

I love The Secret, and listen to it on audio. A few years ago I read Fabulosity by KLS and it was really inspirational and fun at the same time. I've heard so many great things about The Magic, which is a follow up to The Secret which focuses on the importance of Gratitude. I am planning on getting that one soon!

Hi Annie! Waiting on your march 2012 fav:-) 
Thanks! :) Sorry I haven't been able to film it yet, I've been so busy with school work. Hopefully I'll get to do my April Favs soon!

How long have you been doing the Brazilian Butt Lift? Have you noticed a big difference?

I love this workout because, of course it focuses on sculpting a beautiful behind :) but it also has a lot of core workouts and cardio exercises which are important as well. I bought it at the end of February, so I've been doing it for about 2 months. I have noticed a big difference in the sides of my hips (or otherwise known as the "saddle bag region"). It's a lot more toned and smooth. My abs are a lot more toned as well as my "bum bum" as they call it in the workout. Definitely recommend it! I am still planning to do that workout video where I will show you some of my favorite moves from this DVD.

I Instagramed a snapshot from the DVD when working out this past weekend
(follow me! @AnnieJaffrey)


Gone Runnin'

Good morning friends!

It was such a gorgeous day here yesterday, the sun was beaming, clear blue skies and we had the nicest warm breeze. So I decided to go for a little run which felt great! I didn't even need to wear a jacket or sweater. I stopped periodically to do lunges, squats and other toning exercises. It's good to alternate your workouts so your body always keeps adapting, that's when you see change. Today on the other hand, its totally grey and rainy so I'm staying in, cleaning up my apartment and doing some work for school. I'm super comfy right now in my ultra cozy sweats, sippin' on my cup of green tea and listening to the rain outside. Going to put on some up beat music and get to cleaning!

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday! XOXO


New Haircut!

Hi everyone! ♥ Here are a few pictures of my new haircut I got yesterday. I love it! I used to get my hair cut by the same person for about 8 years but I decided to venture out and found a great stylist here in NY. I know I might get some questions on the color, cut, styling etc so I've answered a few questions below. If you have any others just let me know! 

What color is your hair? The overall base color is my natural color (medium brown), which gets lightened naturally by the sun as well. On top of that I have very, very thin golden/caramel highlights just on the top half part of my hair (that's why it looks darker underneath and gives that nice sun kissed look). I also do occasional honey lightening masks at home which lightens all my hair slightly. 

How is your hair cut? My hairstylist did a great job sculpting really nice layers that frame my face perfectly. I always like having bangs or shorter pieces in the front because it gives a nice airy light feeling to the hair (and I think bangs are just so sexy!). When you have bangs, you want to make sure they connect with your other layers, so you dont have too much of a drop between the bangs and the next section of hair (if you like this hairstyle of course). Layers creates lots of nice movement in the hair - perfect for spring and summer! 

The Length: I wanted to keep as much of the length as possible, but still get rid of the dry ends. Since he layered it quite a bit, it feels a lot shorter (and healthier) but looks long at the same time, if that makes sense :) 

How did you style your hair? My hairdresser curled my hair in a backward direction with a large curling wand. I have a tutorial on a very similar hairstyle I did that you can watch HERE if you're interested. When curling your hair, make sure to curl it all in the same direction so that when you brush through it, it will flow nicely together, just like in the pictures below. 

Care & Maintenance: If your hair is fully colored or just slightly highlighted, it's important to deep condition it once a week or every other week, since it will be much drier than normal hair. And I always apply a few drops of Moroccan oil after shampooing and conditioning to lock in moisture. Of course try to use the least amount of heat and/or styling products as they can dry out your hair. Going "au naturel" is the best for our hair in the long run :)


Friday ♥

Hello beautiful! I'm just about to head out to get my hair cut and styled :) It's been almost a year since I cut it last time so I am definitely in need of a trim... excited! Later on I'm meeting up with Emily and we're going to cook a nice healthy dinner at my place tonight. We're thinking a nice big salad with some grilled fish and roasted veggies #HealthyIsSexy. Then we're off to a cute place in the LES to dance! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any fun plans? XOXO


New Necklace!

Picked up this stunning necklace today at this random little jewelry store on the upper east side in the midst of running errands this morning. Best part, it was only $25! Crazy. Just a beautiful statement necklace, which I think will look great on a night out with something white, perhaps the white dress I recently showed you in my spring time haul. But it can also be styled to look more causal, like with a jean vest for example. I love it :) What do you guys think? It's fun to find expensive looking accessories for only a few dollars ♥ 

Bananas & Blueberries

Good morning girls! Just got back from an early morning run. I was SO tired when I woke up this morning, and ended up snoozing a little lol but finally made it out the door. I had prepared my running stuff the night before so it made it easier to get ready. I alternated between running, jogging and walking and did lots of mini exercises throughout, to target abs, butt, legs etc. Now I'm back home and feel great! Below is what I'm having for breakfast, lots of blueberries, a banana and a big cup of green tea. I love having this for breakfast because its loaded with antioxidants, fiber and vitamins. If I'm extra hungry, then I add in some Greek vanilla low fat yoghurt and Shredded Wheat cereal. A healthy breakfast idea for you! XOXO

Today's breakfast
Also add Greek vanilla yoghurt & Shredded Wheat Cereal


Fashionista Feature

I am featured on the homepage of Fashionista today in "The 10 Best YouTube Makeup Tutorials"! Yay :) I had no idea until my friend texted me a few hours ago, I was totally shocked. Fashionista recently won the Best News Site at the 2012 Bloglovin' Awards here in NYC. All the ladies in the article are amazing so I am happy to be part of it!

I am home now from a LONG but good day! Going to workout now to my Brazillian DVD and later having a little spa night, pedicure, hair mask, and a mini facial. I also just booked a hair appointment for Friday and I can't wait! I haven't cut my hair since August, that's 9 months (..a baby lol). So excited for a fresh cut! 

Hope everyone's having a great day ♥ XOXO


You Choose

Good morning everyone! Just getting myself ready for this beautiful sunny day. Every morning I listen to a few minutes of The Secret because it's so inspirational & gives me an extra kick of motivation. It reminds me to always be thankful for everything I have in my life. This part in particular resinated with me after I heard it and I wanted to share it with you,

"You are not here to try to get the world to be just as you want it. 
You are here to create the world around you that you choose. And allow the world as others choose to see it, exist as well."

I can relate to this quote in so many ways and think it's beautiful said. You create your own reality, your own world and you can make it as blissful and as amazing as you choose. It goes back to the saying "You are the CEO of your own life". Other's may think differently than you, but who are we to judge others? I think the more accepting we all become of others, the more peaceful the world is. Just my two cents of course! :)

It's going to be 25'C today!  WOOP :) Wearing my new gold "shark teeth" necklace from H&M, and black high waisted cropped jeans with a flowy cotton top. I also have on a really bold light pink lipstick from NARS called "Roman Holiday" and lined my eyes with a brown pencil (rather than black). I think a soft smokey brown liner really compliments brown eyes well, and looks soft and sultry. My hair is a bit of a mess to say the least lol but I'm rocking the big beachy au natural look!

I hope everyone has a great day!! XOXO


What's In My Bag?!

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a great weekend! I just got back to New York a few hours ago and arrived to amazing warm weather. Feels like summer and I like it :) I had such a nice time with my family and it was totally worth the long trip!

Just uploaded my new "What's In My Bag" video and I hope you like it! As you'll see in the video, I totally forgot to mention one of the most important (and biggest) part of my bag - my wallet! Totally zipped it shut in the beginning and forgot to take it out, whopsie! Anyway enjoy :)

I would love to know what you keep in your bag? Any must-have essentials? Let me know below!

Close up of one of my favorite bags! 

So my day was pretty good! How was yours? I had a great trip to NYC this morning, the 9 hour flight went by pretty fast. I usually take Swiss, but this time got a better deal with United airlines, and I was so impressed! The plane was very modern and roomy. They had a huge selection of movies and shows to choose from, which I of course dug right into. I watched Ocean's 12, a classic bad ass movie, Fool's Gold with Matthew McConaughey (who is utterly gorgeous) as well as Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez, a cute and funny movie. Have you guys seen any of those? Loved them all!

When I got home I made a big green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, corn and mixed nuts, as well as a big cup of green tea, and got to work on my assignments due for class next week. Tomorrow is going to be 32'C here - a true HOT summer day so I think I'm going to rock a summery dress to class :) Now I'm about to brush my teeth and hop into bed. Big hugs! XOXO


Touch Down

Hi Friends  touched down in Geneva yesterday for a short but much needed trip to see my family! The best part of arriving is when I step off the plane, and take a deep breath of the fresh clean air. In new york, I do quite the opposite sometimes lol. I also love the drive from the airport to my house. It's so scenic here, its almost unreal (I will try to get some pictures up before I leave). On the flight I watched a few movies, one of them being Mission Impossible 4 which was so entertaining. Every 20 minutes I'd think "No way that did not just happen" or "How the hell did they think of doing that?!". Haha I was obviously very entertained! I also watched The Descendants with George Clooney which was great but quite heavy - I was balling like a baby! 

I've just been hanging out relaxing with my family and little adorable brother and sisters. Finished editing my What's In My Bag video this morning so it should be up either tonight or tomorrow! I'm already leaving on Sunday so definitely trying to make the most of my time here :)

Hope everyone's doing great! Lots of hugs from Geneva XOXO

View from up top 


Morning Sunshine

Good morning sunshine! It's another beautiful day here in New York and I am getting myself ready for the day. Got to bed really early last night and slept like a baby! I decided to put my hair up in this simple braided ponytail this morning, which is perfect for any bad hair day and looks sleek & polished. I'm also wearing my new bangles from Forever 21 along with my MK watch. I love the beachy, exotic colors paired with a simple white shirt. Now I'm going to make some oatmeal and have it with blueberries & cinnamon. I hope everyone has a lovely day!! XOXO

Oh and p.s. Thanks for all the feedback in my latest video. I will definitely be doing a tutorial for that curly hairstyle! And the little workout video is also in the works! 


Sunrise in New York this morning 


Spring Fashion Haul!

I'm back with a new video! So happy I found these things for such great prices. Which item is your favorite? Let me know below! :)

My favs! 

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for being a little MIA this weekend! I spent the last couple of days with my family out in NJ just relaxing, being lazy and enjoying the nice weather :) Being on spring break last week really recharged my batteries :) Now it's Monday and I'm back to being productive! Been editing this morning and now just waiting for my new video to upload. Below are some sneak peaks of what I'll be showing you in the video. Really love everything I bought especially these necklaces!

Today's plan includes a 3 hr Creative Strategies class, going on a power walk, deep conditioning my hair, writing two Philosophy papers.. and hopefully get to bed semi-early! Cant't wait for graduation, only one and a half months away!! XOXO


White Hot

Good morning beauties! It's so nice waking up and seeing a clear blue sky outside :) Nice weather seriously amps me up  I got up nice and early to film two videos, a springtime fashion & accessories haul and the "What's in my purse"tag video (finally!). Last night I put my hair in foam rollers before I went to bed and it came out pretty nice! The curls were super tight but after a little combing and Moroccan oil, they tamed down. I love this because it's totally heatless so it's not bad for your hair. I haven't filmed a tutorial for it yet but if you guys want to see one then just let me know! :)

Yesterday I also went to get my monthly mani pedi and decided to go for this beautiful white nail polish. I've never had pure white nails before but I kinda like it :) It looks fresh and springy. What do you guys think of white nails? For my toes I picked out a bright pink fuchsia color. I had my favorite nude polish, "Topless and Barefoot" by Essie on my toes for ages, so it's nice to see a pop of color on my feet!

"White Hot" by Sephora OPI

Now I'm going to clean up my post-filming clutter and get some lunch! I hope everyone has a great day! Be back later XOXO 


My Favorite Brush Cleansers

How do you clean your makeup brushes? And how often?

If you have sensitive and/or acne-prone skin, you must, repeat: MUST! :) keep your face brushes squeaky clean :) Makeup brushes can harbor so many gross bacteria especially those used with liquid products like foundation. So I tend to wash my foundation brush, my pink sponge, and my powder brush every time before I use them. Since I don't wear foundation on a daily basis however, the times I wash them varies, but I just make sure their clean before they touch my face! :) If you have normal skin, I'd suggest washing them once a week.

Fresh & clean after a nice bubble bath 

I've tried DIY brush cleaners but never felt they did a superb job, and since I spend a lot on brushes I wanted to invest in a good cleanser to keep them fresh and clean. These are the three I've used in the past and really love!

1. Sephora Brush Shampoo
Size: 6.75 fl oz
Price: $14
This is a great brush cleanser and does the job well! It comes in a small travel size (2 oz) so it's great for traveling. On the other hand, I recently discovered the MAC cleanser which costs less money, and has more product, so I switched over to that one.

2. MAC Brush Cleanser

Size: 7.9 fl oz
Price: $13
This is my favorite! Firstly, as stated above, it gives you the most bang for your buck and the quality is amazing. It leaves my brushes really nice and soft. (You can also return this with Back 2 MAC!)

ELF Brush Shampoo

Size: 4.1 fl oz
Price: $3
This is obviously a bargain for $3, but unfortunately I am not a huge fan because it leaves my brushes very dry. I do however use this to clean my eye makeup brushes from time to time, and it does a great job. I recommend this one for someone just getting into makeup and experiment with different brushes and products. I keep one of these as a backup whenever I run out of my MAC one.

How do you wash them?
I wash each one individually, starting by running the hairs under some water (avoiding the part where the metal meets the handle) always keeping the brush facing downwards to prevent water getting inside the brush and loosening the hairs. Then I just put some cleanser in my hand and wash the brush until all the makeup is gone. Then just rinse, and lay the brushes flat to prevent water from seeping in. Voila! 

How about DIY brush cleanser or baby shampoo?
Using baby shampoo is great for eye makeup brushes, but for the skin it's important to use something with an anti-bacterial formula to kill the germs that accumulate on the brushes. 

I've tried Michelle Phan's DIY brush cleanser which consists of anti bacterial dishwashing liquid (to remove bacteria and grease) and olive oil (to soften), but my brushes were either too dry or too oily, so wasn't a big fan. I also recently heard about EnKore's brush cleaning recipe and have read mixed reviews, but it's worth a shot if you want to save a few extra dollars in the long run. You can find his recipe here

Overall, I like to stick to the three cleansers above! I think they do a great job and are worth investing in if you have acne-prone skin like I do and want to make sure you're brushes get a nice clean. 

Hope you guys found this helpful!! Keep the questions & requests coming. Love you all  XOXO


My Weekly Facial Routine!

Hey everyone! My new video is up and I hope you enjoy it! As you can see, I am 100% au natural in this video, not a drop of makeup on! It feels really nice to do a video without makeup since most of you guys think my skin is 100% perfect, I want to show you that I do have breakouts and uneven skin tone as well, although my skin has improved tremendously since doing these facials. We sometimes fool ourselves into thinking we should look like we do with makeup on but that's just unrealistic. Foundation is like magic and we all love it, but we should also enjoy our natural skin as well! 

My Facial Routine Summarized w/ Products Used:

- Neutrogena Deep Pore Cleanser/Mask o
- Acne.org cleanser (http://www.acne.org/)

- Sugar + coconut oil / raw honey
- Personal Microderm (http://www.personalmicroderm.com/pages/try-2-0

- Hot water

- Indian Healing Clay, 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay (http://www.aztec-secret.com/clay.html)

- 100% pure Moroccan Oil (bought on eBay)
- Acne.org Moisturizer 

My previous skin care video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzerrIDQKuc

More skin care tips!
  • Avoid wearing makeup whenever possible - let your skin breath
  • Always make sure to cleanse your face properly before bed 
  • Try to wash or change your pillow case every 3-4 days, lots of germs build up on it easily
  • Drink lots and lots of water!
  • Make sure to get your daily dose of veggies & fruit, try juicing!
  • Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
  • Exercise! Sweating helps remove impurities and gives you a nice glow, just make sure to wash your face when you're done 
  • Keep hair out of your face as much as possible, it can irritate your skin
  • Avoid stress! It immediately impacts my face and I can see the breakouts happening - stay positive and do fun things and keep those breakouts at bay 
  • Embrace your skin! Take care of it and don't feel like you always need to cover up, no one is perfect! 


It's a Beautiful Day!

Hey guys! Sorry my video is taking a little longer to get up than expected but it should be live in a couple hours, excited to share it with you! It's a beautiful day here in NY, the sun is out, clear blue skies, and its surprisingly hot! I'm going to talk a nice long walk in the sunshine in a little bit and listen to my recently added playlist on my iPhone. Some news songs I just downloaded are International Love by Pitbull, King of Wishful Thinking by Go West - a song from the 90's lol but it's so good! And I've also been loving Domino by Jessie J. I'm always looking for new songs tho so feel free to leave me a comment with your fav song of the moment! I leave you with some pictures...  Be back in a few hours with my new video! XOXO


Power House Shake

Hi beauties! Had a great day today, got lots of important things done and now I'm in the midst of editing my next video and figuring out what to have for dinner. This morning I skipped my usual cereal and instead had a bowl of fresh blueberries and an apple. Feels good to make healthy choices in the beginning of the day, feel like it sets you off on a good track! I also filmed a video that required absolutely no makeup on my face which allowed my skin to breath - excited to share the video with you soon!

Later in the day Anastasia and I met up and had a delicious smoothie, the Power House Shake to be precise lol at this really cute little Italian cafe. It was made of banana, strawberry, yoghurt and papaya juice - yum. Going to make some dinner then hopefully have the video up later tonight or tomorrow morning. And thanks for your feedback on the workout video, I am planning it out and definitely going to film it! :) XOXO

Gold & Green

My new video is up! Decided to experiment with a hint of color and went for a subtle touch of green in the inner corner of the eyes. It really brightens up brown eyes and makes them stand out. You can of course change the green to any color you like without it overpowering your face since it's quite subtle. Hope you guys enjoy the video! 

  • Eyeshadow Primer, Urban Decay
  • Half Baked, Urban Decay
  • Naked, Urban Decay
  • Flipside, Urban Decay
  • Blackout, Urban Decay
  • Smoldering Eyeliner, L'Oreal
  • Grow Luscious Mascara, Revlon
  • Foxy, Urban Decay
  • Peche Passion Lipstick, YSL
  • Diamond Lipgloss, CK
  • Pink Passion, ELF
My Foundation 
  • Chanel Mat Lumiere #50
  • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer "Fair"
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish "Medium"
  • MAC Blot Powder for T-Zone



Hi everyone! Happy Sunday :) Spring Break has finally sprung after a crazy two weeks of midterms yay! I filmed a tutorial for this look below using my favorite gold eyeshadow and a really pretty blue color, which came out looking green in these pictures. I will edit it tonight hopefully and it should be up by tomorrow :) Friday, I spent the whole day shopping with my friend Anastasia who's visiting from Geneva and we got some really cute things that I'll share with you all in an upcoming haul. I will have more time to film next week so I am excited to get some new videos up! (As always feel free to send me requests either here on on my facebook) Now I'm going to get ready for the day, and I think I will wear similar makeup to the below, quite like the green/blue springy touch :) XOXO