Top Knot

Since I only wash my hair twice a week (YES its true lol) by the third day, I like to wear my hair up in a high bun (sometimes a messy one, sometimes a sleek one). But I think it is one of the most fool-proof ways to rocking a bad hair day! You can really tailor it to your mood, outfit and/or occasion. 

In these pictures I'm wearing my "classic bun" but positioned it on top of my head and a little to the side, to give it an extra bohemian, 80's look. I used a brown hair tie, but for occasions when I want a more sophisticated sleek bun, I use bobby pins to pin it in place.

I absolutely love having my hair up and I think it makes ALL women look so chic and sexy. It makes your face shine and shows off your neck and chest. When I have my hair up this way, I also love wearing a bold lip color, like a nice red or bright pink. That combination makes me ooze :)

So, if you're ever having a bad hair day, just throw it up in a little bun ♥ 

Hope everyone's had a great day!



Bag Love

After class today I went into Aldo do have a look around and saw this gorgeous black leather messenger bag, called the "Kessell" on sale for $39.90! 
It was love at first sight 

This bag is great because it has a long strap so I can wear it across my body, depending on what look I'm going for. 
And the interior is also leopard skin, woop!

Here's a close up of the beautiful gold hardware detail and the furskin material on the top.

It's so nice to find things you LOVE and know you'll wear a ton of times, AND have them be on sale! Good day :)

Now I'm off to my last class off the day! Hope everyone has a great night :)


My Everyday Face

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new video, which has been requested quite a lot :) I hope you like it and find it helpful! 

Here are some pictures I took right after filming.

Today is my first day of class! This is my last semester at university YAY.  

Hope everyone has a great day! 



Ciao Toronto

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. My last day in Toronto today, have had such a great time here. Last night we headed into the city to have dinner and decided to get a little glammed up.

I used my newly purchased Naked 2 palette, which has some gorgeous shades in it. First, I sweeped "snakebite"all over my lid and blended up into my crease. Then I applied a little bit of "chopper" on the inner half of the lid, to bring more light to the area. And then used "darkhorse" from the first Naked palette in my crease and under my lash line. I lined my eyes with a liquid liner and gave it a little cat-eye flick, and then applied some mascara. 

This is the restaurant we went to called Ciao Wine Bar. It was one of the prettiest restaurants I've been to! This was the first weekend of Winterliscious so they had a really delicious prix fixe menu. 

Driving back, I quickly snapped a picture of the Rogers Center, home of the Blue Jays (even though we rep the Yankees!).

Although I don't normally drink coffee, I had to try a Canadian specialty :)

We are off to the airport now, will talk to you all in New Yor



Sequins & Suede

This is today's glam yet casual outfit. It was so windy when we were taking these pictures, hence the huge hair :) I later added my faux fur collar which looked really good with this! Hope you enjoy the pictures  

Beige Suede Jacket & Gold Sequin Skirt, H&M
Beige Suede Booties, H&M
Metallic Purse, Chanel


Having It All :)

I've always been a strong believer in positive thinking, dreaming big and doing things I LOVE everyday. The movie, "The Secret", is one of those powerful movies that can really change your life.

You can also convert this into an audio file and listen to it on the go.

The Secret Summarized
  1. The first step is to think and imagine great things for your life. Make a vision board, dream big! (Good health, love, money, happiness etc) We attract what we think.
  2. Then begin to listen for signs and/or ideas on how you can create these dreams. (I get a lot of ideas when I'm relaxed in the shower.) 
  3. Now, act upon them. These little ideas will lead to others and before you know it you are living your dream. 

 Some of my favorite quotes from the movie

  • Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting
  • Life can and should be phenomenal .. and it will be when you consciously apply the Law of Attraction 
  • "All that we are is a result of what we have thought" - Buddha
  • Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind 

You have to know your worth and believe that everything you want is possible



Pre Dinner Pic

Just got ready to go out to dinner and wanted to take a quick picture of what I'm wearing. I've really been into wearing all black with nice accessories. The faux fur collar is by H&M and have had it for three years, its great because it goes with everything! My watch is by Michael Kors (rose gold), my necklace is by H&M (the one featured in my last video), and both my jeans and top are by Zara. I'm also going to wear my dark brown biker boots with this. Simple and easy but still nice!

Hope you guys have a fun & safe night  


Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Last night we made the most delicious grilled chicken fajitas. We wanted to make it as fresh as possible so we headed to the grocery store and got some green salad, tomatoes, avocados, fresh cheddar, whole wheat wraps and grilled rotisserie chicken. It only took us a few minutes to prepare and was so satisfying.

And of course had to get some hummus lol 

Car pic ♥ This furry hat seriously saves my head from the cold every winter. It's my baby!  

Tonight we are going to the movies and later might be heading to a club called This is London, looks pretty! This is also the first weekend of "Winterlicious" in Toronto (like Restaurant Week in New York) so we're currently researching where to go. If you live in Toronto, what's your favorite restaurant? Let me know below!

I hope everyone has a fabulous friday! 



My Diet

"What does your diet consist of on a day to day basis?"

I'm not one of those lucky people that can eat whatever they want and not gain weight, so I really watch what I eat and I workout. I've never believed in weird diet fads (or simply not eating at all) because those methods may help you loose a few pounds fast, but you'll end up gaining it all back as soon as you stop dieting. The best way to go is to eat right and to move your body. Below is a list of foods I like to eat :) These are the ones I can think of right now, but if I remember others I'll go back and list them.


Face of the Day

Hi everyone! 

I arrived in Toronto last night and feels great to be here with my friend :) I thought NYC was cold, but the weather here is like 10 times colder! This type of weather makes me research vacation packages online (have checked out resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic lol can't help but dream about the sun). Hopefully the next trip I go on will involve the beach! ♥ 

Anyway! I just got ready and took these pictures real quick :) 

This is my "face of the day" :) I always like to keep my makeup light and natural (I think everyone looks prettiest that way) 

Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix #54
Mascara: Benefit "They're Real"
Lipstick: Revlon "Pink in the Afternoon"
Blush: Hard Candy "Spicy & Sweet"
Brow Shadow: Anastasia Brow Duo in Medium

I have a couple hours of down time now so I'm going to edit a video I filmed before leaving. Then later today will go enjoy the big city! Hope everyone has a great day 



Fashion Haul & Toronto Tomorrow!

Hi everyone! Just uploaded my latest video which features some new clothing items I've picked up recently. As said in the video, I am going to be extra smart about clothes shopping this year. I want to focusing on buying key pieces that will act as staples in my wardrobe :) Will keep you updated on that!

I think my favorite purchase are these beige suede booties! Too cute.

Tomorrow I'm flying to Toronto for the week! I am super excited :) I'll be there visiting my close friend and will try make a little vlog while I'm there. I'll also upload some pictures up of my trip to my blog. I know I have viewers and readers from Toronto so just want to give you all a little shout out and tell you I'm excited to come to your city!

Waking up really early tomorrow to pack and get my stuff organized. Now I'm off to bed! Hope everyone had a great day :)


Lip Love

"What do you do to keep your lips healthy and beautiful?"

1. I moisturize them with lip balm. Some of my favorite ones are Smith's Rosebud Salve, EOS lip balm (round little ball) and 100% pure jojoba oil (great for before going to bed).

2. I avoid biting and touching them too much during the day to prevent premature wrinkles.

3. I gently brush my lips with my toothbrush to exfoliate dead skin. This also helps plump them up and brings out their natural pink color ♥ 

Thanks for your questions! Keep them coming :)


Beauty Drink

Good morning everyone! I woke up early as I have a ton of stuff to do today and wanted to make a fresh juice to start the day off right. I never stick to a strict recipe when making juice, and I always try to incorporate a variety of different fruits and veggies. So every day is a little different :)  

Today I used: kale, beets, apples, celery, a carrot, ginger and lemon 

This is my juicer, as you may have seen in my juicing video. It is the Breville Juice Fountain Plus and works really well.

Open to read more!


Makeup Haul & Review

Yay my first video of 2012 is up! It was fun filming again after a long time. It took me a few takes  to get everything right lol but I got it together :) 

This is a collective haul (and mini review) of some beauty products I've gotten recently. Enjoy the video!!

I think my favorites are the YSL lipstick and the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay - LOVE!

Kisses to everyone! I hope you all have a fabulous sunday! XOXO


Back in New York!

I am back in New York! Woot woot :) I filmed two videos today and now just waiting for them to upload, which usually takes about 2 - 3 hours since the quality is pretty high. It feels good to be home again! Got woken up this morning at 5am by snow plowers scraping the street. It's loud and busy, but you gotta love this city.

Got a little dolled up today for the video :) I used a clip less wand to do my hair. I just wrap the hair around the wand going backwards, which allows the hair to stay out of your face. I apply a tiny amount of moose and a spritz of hairspray to keep it in place. 

Tonight I'm going out with my friend Emily for some healthy food at a cute little place here called Souen. The videos are almost uploaded! Will edit them and have the first one up soon :) Hope everyone has a great night! xoxo


Express Yourself, Girl!

I just came across this video on YouTube and thought it was fab. Something I've been able to practice more and more in the past year is the ability to be FREE and express myself without worrying about what other people think. That is one of the best feelings in the world.

This video represents that freedom for these ladies! :)

Perhaps dressing in extreme clothing just isn't quite your thing, but I think we all have things we want to do but we feel restricted in doing them in fear of what other people will think. Let this video be PROOF that we all deal with issues like that but at the end of the day its about having FUN, accomplishing your dreams and letting loose.

Whats something you're holding back from doing? Have you conquered your fear? Share below! :)



Beautiful Bright Eyes

"Do you have any tips on how to prevent dark under eye circles?"

1. Sleep, sleep SLEEP! :) I try to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

2. If you tend to wake up with puffy / swollen eyes, put two small spoons in the freezer before you go to bed and in the morning, place the cold spoons over your eyes and relax for a few minutes. This will help de-puff the eyes, increase circulation and make you look awake. 

3. Puffy eyes can also be a result of sleeping on your face too much, and/or rubbing your eyes when you sleep. Try to sleep on your back or on your side but making sure you're not placing too much weight on your eyes. This will also help prevent thinning of the skin, thus wrinkles.

4. Its important to moisturize the under eye area since the skin is more fragile there then anywhere else on our face. 

5. As for darker colored skin around the eye, I recommend avoiding any whitening treatments and just stick to good old concealer & highlighter! Don't be embarrassed and don't feel the need to always conceal them.

6. Eat well and keep hydrated with water! Salty foods and alcohol can really dry you up internally, so try avoiding that as much as you can. Eating healthy will provide you with lots of vitamins and essential nutrients your body needs to keep it looking gorgeous. 

Thank you all for your messages, comments, questions and emails! I read every single one of them (and I love you guys!!) but can only reply to a few, so this will be a good way of answering questions I get asked a lot and share them with everyone :) 

Keep your questions coming!


Leopard Couch & Red Lips? Fab!

I absolutely love a bold lip on anyone. It instantly brightens up your face and makes an impact without saying a word. Although this lipstick looks like it has a pinkish tint, its truly a matte red lipstick. 

In these pictures I'm wearing one of my favorite reds of the moment called "Russian Red" by MAC. If you do however like the pinkish tone, I would recommend trying "Girl About Town" by MAC also... it's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

What's your favorite bold lip color? Let me know below!! 



Hugs from Geneva!

It feels so good to be home with my family! I'll be flying back to New York next week and I'm excited for all the great things to come in 2012. I have added quite a few goals to my list for this year. One including to take more photos! Time seems to fly by faster than ever these days, and one of the things I love the most is looking back at pictures of fun times. I'll be sharing a lot more on my blog this year which I'm excited for :)

New videos will of course be coming up too! They just take longer to create, so if you haven't seen a new video in a while check in on my blog for updates. As always feel free to send me video requests (I have started my list of ones to do when I get back lol).

And before I have PETA at my door, the jacket is faux fur! :)

My mom and I were driving through this beautiful area by my house yesterday and the lighting was just gorgeous, so we stopped to take some pictures. 
Credits to my mom for the beautiful photography!

Faux Fur Jacket - Forever 21, Cardigan & Jeans - H&M
Rose Gold Watch, Michael Kors 

Back in the car :)


I wish everyone an amazing 2012!