Emily is Back!

Hello my lovelies! One of my closest friends is here visiting me from Geneva. You've most likely seen her on my blog before as she used to live here up until this summer. She arrived last Thursday and we have been out and about in the city like no other. Going back to our favorite little spots, discovering new ones, shopping, going out with friends and just doing fun girly things. Feels like I haven't slept in days! Lol so tonight just having a relaxing night and going through some of our pictures we've taken so far and wanted to share some with you. 

Below are a few pictures from this weekend :)

Before heading out to the Hurricane Club restaurant. It was my first time there and I loved it. The decor was fab :)

Curling my love's hair. Also did my other friend's hair & makeup. My place turned into a little beauty salon :)

Et voila! 

Grilled chicken, quinoa and avocado salad. So good!

At Bliss Spa getting our nails done :)

Got Shellac's "Decadence" which lasts for 2-3 weeks. Love it.

At a really cute little "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant in the Lower East Side where we had organic pan seared salmon with roasted cauliflower and steamed spinach - so good!

Full moon & the Empire State Building - I love NYC!

Tomorrow morning I'm going to film the holiday glitter makeup tutorial for you guys so hopefully that will be up soon :) Hope everyone's had a nice weekend! XOXO


  1. beautiful pictures <33 you girls look great!! love hair hair and the food looks yummy!

  2. Wow you and your friend are so gorgeous! so jealous of both your skin!


  3. Please do more hauls and favourites videos :)

  4. wow! see looks lovely
    hope you have a great time with the girly things!
    lots of love from holland!

  5. you've amazing hair style :D

  6. really like the color on your nails :)

  7. Love her eyes in the first picture!!! And you both have gorgeous hair!! =D Isn't it the best when old friends come visit?


  8. that chicken and quinoa dish looks to die for ! yummmm! I also love shellac although I found if you do too many applications in a row it dries our your nails so bad:( but it's great for a treat now and then! xo great post!

  9. You did a great job with your friend's hair, Annie! Oh and I love your dress!
    I have never tried the Shellac but my host mom swears by it :)

  10. Hi again Annie super guru of beautylife O:) You and your friend look classy and gorgeous. :) And yummy food of dinner! :) , aww..it great full moon picture of you. :)

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  12. Wow your friend has really beautiful green eyes and amazing hair and you look beautiful as always Annie! you guys are so lucky to be in NYC, shopping and having fun together! I love quinoa and chicken so much, I did a recipe last week but I'm afraid you'll not find that mine is healthy :) http://maxcebycecilej.blogspot.fr/

  13. I love the colour of your nails and lips!
    And Emily has got such a amazing eyes:D

    Kisses from Poland

    I'm your fan for over a year! :*

  14. Giirrrl, you should film NYC for us.
    I've never been there, aha.
    By the way, i loooove your video's ! (:

  15. Both of you two look beautiful. I like your friend’s eyes. And grilled chicken, quinoa and avocado salad looks so delicious.

  16. Annie pleaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee tell me you speak french ??????

  17. Annie the dress you are wearing in the latest picture the one in the restaurant is from H&M?

  18. Annie the dress you are wearing in the restaurant is from H&M?

  19. Hello :)
    Do you know what nail polish are you going to wear for the year’s end celebrations (and for December 31 especially) ?

    I ask you this because I want to complete my collection of nail polish, and so it would give me an idea :)

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    Have a nice weekend!


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  21. Wow! :) love the nails!! Can you do a tutorial on your curls with the flat iron please?

  22. You girls look so beautiful :) Have fun together! <3

  23. This post remind me the days I spend with mu friend Anna before she shift to USA.L love the hair make up and the nail polish color.

  24. Hey Annie! Just wanted to let you know I've been following your blog for a year now and I love your attitude toward health and beauty. I actually spotted you last year in Toronto but I was too shy to say hi! Anyway, keep your posts coming :)

    If anyone here likes to read about everything from beauty, health, music, films, and current events then please check out my blog! http://mezzoandmezzo.blogspot.co.uk/ Hope to see you there :)
    xx JN

  25. please tell me where your dress is from in the picture you're doing your best friends hair? :D

  26. where your black dress is from in the 2nd picture? I´ts amazing!!