My Foundation Routine!

Good morning beautiful! Ok it's finally up :) Woop! Wanted to make this video to show you what I usually do BEFORE I film my makeup tutorials which involve mostly eyeshadows. I don't do this routine on a regular basis, just when I'm filming, special occasions or for night's out because even though it looks great it's also important to let your skin breath now and then :) If you want to see my everyday makeup routine (consisting only of the MAC Studio Fix powder as a foundation) then watch this video here

As I've mentioned before, you can apply all the makeup in the world but you need to start with a good canvas which means eating right, drinking lots of water and taking care of your skin. This is the most important! Makeup then just comes in to enhance your beauty. 

Recap of products used:
- Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pure Primer
- Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (#153)
- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- Bobbi Brown Corrector "Bisque"
- L'Oreal True Match Concealer W123
- MAC Studio Fix (NC40) / Rimmel Stay Matte
- MAC MSF in Medium
- L'Oreal True Match W7
- ELF Blush "Pink Passion"
- MAC Highlighter "Soft and Gentle"
- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
- L'Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner
- Skindinavia Setting Spray 
- Lancome Rouge in Love #322

A few pictures taken after filming
My head band is from Goody (purchased at CVS - comes in a pack of two)
Also available here

These are the brushes I showed in my video. From left to right:
1. Real Techniques Buffing Brush
2. MAC #187
3. ELF Powder Brush
4. Sigma F60

They all work great. If I want a heavier coverage I use the Sigma 'paintbrush' one. It makes your skin look amazing! The ELF one is also great and it's only $3! The MAC one gives a very airy-light type of finish. It's good to experiment with different ones!

Now over to you, what's your favorite foundation? And your favorite foundation brush? Always good to know what you guys like too!

The glitter holiday makeup from the lipstick video will be my next video! XOXO


Want to add in this comment from a viewer & my response! It's good because I want to emphasize the importance of eating healthy and how it affects your skin - I am a walking example. Everyone can have beautiful skin, you just have to take care of it properly.


  1. this is my favourite brush! http://www.nevecosmetics.it/it/pennelli/145-pennello-flatbuki.html i don't know if you can buy it in the us but it's a great brush! love you so much annie <3

  2. Lovely girl with lovely skin! I agree that you have to eat well to have a good canvas.

  3. Gorgeous Annie! I'd love to try MAC's "Soft and Gentle," I've heard such good things about it!

    xx Ellie
    deborah lippmann giveaway!

  4. love your brushes!

    xo Cassy


  5. You look flawless! My go-to is the Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme foundation. It's perfect for oily skin. And I like applying with any of the Sigma Sigmax foundation brushes (F80, F82, F84, F86). Love setting it with Rimmel Stay Matte, too :)

    xo, Mal
    Pastels and Mascara

  6. Annie you are an example for me! My skin is full of acne problems :( and I am on a diet since 5 months ago thank you so so much four your support, videos, comments! You are gorgeous inside and outside! kisses from Barcelona!!!

  7. Hello Annie! I just wanted to let you know that I have decided that you are hands down my favorite youtube makeup artist! It's not even how well you explain how to apply the makeup or your great recommendations for beauty products, but the fact that you take the time to encourage us about eating right and it really does matter more about what you put into your body. And I like the way you think that it's not what we would want to eat, but what would our body want. Seriously, thank you so much for being such an inspiration to so many girls out there (myself included). I hope you will come to Miami one day and do a meet up with some of your followers! I would love to meet you!!! xoxo --Sarah

  8. you look flawless
    I love the MAC 187 brush


  9. You do have a flawless skin:) I am also trying to eat very healthy everday, I started 3 weeks ago:)
    I am already seeing some results, as I am only eating vegetables (not neglecting avocados!), a lot of fish, white meat, fruits and drinking a lot of water( mostly tea!) I try to avoid starchy food as much as possible; it's not always easy:)
    But your positive attitude, and the appearance of your great skin/body/hair just motivates me everyday! Your video about " how to stop craving unhealthy food" was so inspirational, I can't even tell how much:)
    So I want to give you a big thank you, you are a great girl:)
    Kisses from France:)

  10. The MUFE HD foundation is one of my favorites!!

    The Weekend Diary

  11. Hey Annie, I have a request for a next new video! Can you please do your Eyelash/Mascara routine? How long do you usually spend on Mascara? Your lashes turned out soo amazing in this video. I would love to know how you do it (in real-time), and hopefully your viewers can replicate it!! Much love xoxo

  12. Your eyes are so damn gorgeous i'm so jealous :O I should probably start drinking a lot more water since my skin is very dry! (:




  13. Yay! Thanks for the video Annie! Looking gorgeous as always :)
    Love you!
    Kisses from California

  14. love your skin <3. I recently started watching your videos, you are great!!!
    Where are you from ?

  15. I use nars she's glow and my best brush is well the beauty blender . I use Mac powder nc40 and use the beauty blender to apply it. Works amazing. My friend told me abt it. Love it. Also thank you Annie for your sweey happy blogs.

  16. Hi Annie:) OMG! I just found your channel this week and have been stalking your you tube channel every day LOL!! Your skin looks amazing and flawless and love your tutorials and the encouragement you give about eating healthy!! My favorite has been Revlon for the longest and just recently have been LOVING the Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation which come with a fantastic foundation brush from QVC and it's been fabulous on my skin. I use either the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural or the Mac Studio Fix Powder to set my foundation and love using these products. I love your videos Annie and look forward to more of them! Have a fantastic evening:)

  17. Wow. Your eyes are amazing. You have talking eyes and make up has sharpened it. And you have a glowing skin too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. I truly admire your dedication to staying healthy and beautiful and sharing it with your admirers/fans. I especially enjoyed watching your "3 Fall Outfit Ideas". . . that was brilliant and spectacular to watch you put the outfits together beautifully. The details provided were spectacular! I cannot wait to watch another outfit/haul videos similar to this one. Thank you!

  19. You have amazing lashes!!! I will try the thing with cancelling wheat and diary... curious what it does to my skin...

  20. Annie u look really cute without makeup :)


  21. plz do a tutorial for night skin routine

  22. Love love this make up U are amassing Annie click her it's my Blog Pleaaase

  23. Annie, I cannot emphasize how great you are! I really love ALL of your videos.

  24. Hey Annie! :) So I've been definetly taking your tips about eating right and getting exercise regularly BUT I also know that washing your hair everyday is not good for your hair :/ Do you have any tips on how you can exercise regularly and still keep your hair looking good? Thanks! :) Btw, I love you and you are my favorite guru!! <3 xoxo

  25. Sorry, I know you get this a lot, but what camera do you use to film? It's super crisp!

    thanks lovely! xx

  26. You are flawless!


  27. Hi Annie,
    You are so beautiful. I wish
    I have your skin. I saw your comment about eliminating
    wheat and dairy to get clear skin. I heard about dairy products
    can lead to breakouts but how about wheat? What does it do?

  28. Yes Yes Annie make a new video about taking care of sensetive skin : ) because sometimes i just don't know what to do with my face . Having a nice skin is very important for every girl because than they really feel cofident and beautiful : * There are some days like today when my face is in really bad condition and I just need some piece of advice :) because when i watch your videos or photos i 'm like omg how perfect and nice face she has :*

    Kisses from POland : ) ; *

  29. Hi Annie!

    I love you channel – you’re so inspirational!
    You should do a get “unready with me” video on how you take off your makeup and cleanse your face after a long day.


  30. Hi Annie!

    I just started reading your blog and I agree with you: to have a perfectly clear skin you have to tend it like a garden. I don't wear makeup everyday (only when I go out which is like once or twice a week), I drink lots of water, eat veggies and fruits, limit my dairy intake and pamper my face with hydrating cremes. And it works!

    I haven't been able to watch your channel yet (I am currently in Africa and the Internet isn't very good for videos). Good thing that you have a blog! Also loving your makeup! I need to try it sometime and see how it works out for me. I am just not a big fan of foundation. I don't know if it's because I am used to not wearing makeup, or maybe it's the foundation that is too 'heavy'? Any tips on that?


  31. Hi Annie !

    I wanted to ask you if you could make a list of some of the best foundations for acne prone skin : the foundations that you tried and didn't give you any acne, or the ones you know that are for sure non comedogenic. That'd be great ! Thanks :)

  32. You are beautiful even without makeup :)

  33. Hi Annie,
    Great videos as always...
    I have been asking a lot of people for a help on a good contour powder and I have not been getting much help. I see you used the L'oreal true match in a darker shade. I can purchase that brand since it is available in my country. But one question can you please tell me if it is 2 or 3 shades darker than you natural skin tone?
    Please answer this question..I would appreciate so much

  34. I loved this video of yours Annie! I don't really were a liquid foundation type products regularly, on a regularly basis I tend to stick to my Laura Mercier Mineral Powder, which I love to use with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. However if I am wearing a liquid product I usually wear MAC Face and Body foundation or if I want a bit more coverage then Laura Mercier's Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer. I also like to apply those with the real techniques buffing brush, The ELF powder brush or the stippling brush from Real techniques! Thank you so much for the Inspiration and motivation! So much love for you Annie! Hope you're well xo

  35. Annie, I would really, really like to know what kind of a camera do you use? Your pictures are flawless!!! :)


  36. do you use a lighter consealer to your skin tone? xoxo

  37. hi annie,I have been watching your videos lately, they are really helpful!

    Thank you!

  38. You are so beautiful and I love your videos. You have a great personality as well. Love watching you....

  39. I just want to say you r so pretty xx