How I Fill In My Brows!

Hi everyone! Finally got my new video uploaded! It is past 2am here and my internet has been sporadically turning on and off due to the damage from the storm so a video that takes 2 hours to upload will take 7-8 hours! Anyway :) I'm happy that is up! In this video I show you how I fill in my eyebrows - and I know there are already many tutorials of this on YouTube but I wanted to show my way of doing it, and maybe it will be helpful to some of you! 

Something worth mentioning is that a few years ago, I use to have the most hideous eyebrows ever... EVER! I just over plucked and the few hairs left over were holding on to dear life. I talk about it briefly in my previous eyebrow video here. Anyway the moral is: Don't over pluck! It took me years to realize this, and I wish someone would've just confiscated those darn tweezers lol but at the time I really didn't see it. I sometimes look back at pictures and honestly wonder what I was thinking. But I guess we all learn! And now after some discipline, I'm really happy with them! 

My beloved eyebrow beauty products!  


  1. Such a short and amazing video, thank you for sharing! And the clear mascara is a great idea. I have one question about getting your eyebrows waxed, do you have to wait until they're longer to be able to do it, 2-4 weeks is quite a long time, and since I have light skin color I'm afraid you could see them too much? xxx

  2. Very nice and useful


  3. Hej!
    Jag tycker jättemycket om din sida! Kan du inte göra en video om vinter outfits. Jag gillade den om höstkläderna.

    Kram Emma

  4. I love reading your posts!

  5. I love Anastasia products, I use the tinted brow gel and it is amazing!

    Ellie @ Ellalogy 

  6. hey annie, thanks for this. one point in my life i had thick eyebrows and due to overplucking i barely have any left. so now im trying to grow them out but its taking time. do you have any tipe for me please? also i love your start to end makeup videos, i would love to see one next pleasee x

  7. Annie I LOVE YOU! Even though I already basically do the same brow steps as you, I still had to watch you're video. You're insanely gorgeous, and when it comes to the way you live you are SO inspiring! Keep it up!

  8. I like using the ELF brow powder. It works very well for only $3. I also use the Great Lash clear mascara. One day I will try the Anastasia brow powder! Love your brows! Thanks for the tutorial!

    xo, Mal
    Pastels and Mascara

  9. I love watching your vidéo and blog!!!!!!

  10. great blog !! :))
    greetings from Luxembourg :)


  11. Oh nice thank you Annie
    Lol your so bad well in a good way of course or any least I am . I bought the doughnot hole finally and love love it
    And I bought a peplum. I saw your blog and pic abt it and it looks gorgeous . So thank you. I got it in red ... I was looking for for the longest time. You have good taste:)

  12. Very nice thank you

  13. Thanks so much for the video. I used to have beautiful full defined eyebrows when I was younger. My eyebrows thinned out and have some bare spots due to thyroid issues. This will really help a lot. Hopefully with lots of practice I might be able to get my eyebrows to look better than what they look like now.

  14. Annie, could you do a "room tour" video please ?

  15. Anastasia's Romanian girl like me<3 P.S i like make up it`s simply and chic only good when you have to go somewhere and hurry

  16. Your eyebrows are prefect! they frame and highlight your face:))

  17. Hey Annie,
    Great tips and i love that the video is short. :) In all your videos.. u look equally good before and after!! so pretty! you are truly beautiful inside and out!

    Oh and BTW.. i got super inspired by your falls looks and especially loved ur Zara peplum jacket and wanted to get one..:( cant find it anymore.


  18. Awesome video sweetie :)
    Im a new follower btw :)
    I saw in a video on your channel that you are Swedish :) Jag är också svensk, eller jag är finlandssvensk :)
    Ha det bra!

  19. I've seen your previous eyebrow tutorial when it was uploaded way back in February but I just saw it again since you linked it to your post and I was just curious if you remember what lipstick you were wearing in the previous video? It such a pretty bubble gum pinky color that looks super wearable compared to other bright pink cartoonish colors. I hope you remember. Thanks Annie! :D

  20. Hi annie I come originally from Morocco but live in the Netherlands and here you're not as well known as you are in America. I love your articles and videos because they are so real and you can learn a lot from.
    I try to eat healthier and move more now, thanks to you.
    I hope you have read this