Another Storm?

Hi everyone :) Thank you for being patient with the video! It's been uploaded since Wednesday but unfortunately I am having copyright issues with the music used, so I can't make it live just yet. Been trying to sort it out so I can get it up as soon as possible. I might have to re-edit the whole thing but keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out! :)

To give you a little update, we had to leave New Jersey and drove 3 hours away to Connecticut - the closest place with available hotel rooms! All hotels in New Jersey are fully occupied, and getting gas is almost impossible (2 to 3 hour waiting lines). So we got in last night, never been here before. It's nice to visit new places. I'm starting to feel like a real gypsy lol. Anyway I am warm, have a nice bed to sleep in and food to eat which is the most important.

I keep tuning in to watch the news, and recently became aware of a snow storm said to arrive next week tuesday - how is that even possible?? Even though this one won't be as strong, it will be a difficult one to cope with for all those without power - or furthermore, homes! These are times when coming together and helping one another is so important, and I really hope everyone puts all social barriers aside and just helps out as much as possible.

Mother Nature is as beautiful, as she is viscous. Whether this storm, or one of Mother Nature's other unjustifiable and devastating disasters, I truly believe times like these are moments when we have to show our strength, our compassion and at the end of the day become stronger, better people. Hopefully this will make people stronger & smarter, and will bring out the fighter in everyone. My prayers are with everyone who is suffering during this difficult time.


  1. That is a great quote! One that helps me through tough times is Isaiah 41:10 :) Have a great day!

  2. Nice quote. Good weather here in California. Stay safe and dry. I pray for all of you on the East. <3

  3. I hope the upcoming storm won´t be so bad! I´m so sad hearing about all those people who died, lost their homes or those, who, which I think is the worst thing, did not have a home to shelter from the storm.
    Very glad to hear you´re safe. Living like a gypsy can be exciting, too, I guess. ;)
    You´re so right, Mother Nature is pretty unpredictable sometimes. But I think it teaches us, that now matter how safe we feel, how high our standards are, and were we life, in the end we all are the same, we all are human beings and no one of us has the right think he´s more valuable than others. :)
    xo, mona :)

  4. Great quote:) Here in Slovakia everything is okay, we have perfect weather. Stay safe Annie! Looking forward for your video :)<3

  5. :( I wish you all strength and hope everything is going to be okay.

  6. "I'm starting to feel like a real gypsy lol" LOL! I love you haha! I'm glad you've been able to find somewhere to stay safe. Hope you and your family are okay as can be! xxx

  7. you need to be strong! all waters will returns to their places. I lost my house in an eathquake last year and the only thing that you can do is wait, be hope and praise. I am with you ! kisses from Spain.

  8. Hi Annie! I live in Connecticut. I would kill to meet you!