Thinking Like A Star

Good morning angels! How is everyone's week going? I had to refilm the blue liner tutorial due to some issues I had with the first one :/ being a perfectionist can really bite you in the butt! Just want to make sure I'm giving you guys the best quality every time! But I refilmed this morning and I think it came out pretty good :) Just in the middle of editing it and it will most likely by up tomorrow morning (or maybe even tonight). Excited to show you because I absolutely love this look! It's so fresh yet still has something unique about it, and as most of my tutorials, it's so easy & simple to do!

A little preview of my next video! 

I love sharing quotes with you, and here is another one of my favorites!

"If you think you can do a thing,
or think you can't do a thing,
- Henry Ford 

In my words, this quote basically sums up the idea of "You are what you think". So if you say, "I suck at doing makeup/playing sports/cooking" or "I can never be healthy" or "Bad things always happen to me" or "I am not confident" - then that is what you're brain is going to function by.

However, if you say "I might not be an expert at ___, BUT I am going to try my hardest to improve on it" your attitude is completely shifted, and so is your brain and your thoughts, thus your actions. If you say "I can be healthy", "I am confident" - you're brain is going to go by what you say. Make sense? And notice how good it feels to say that - I am strong! I am confident! I am beautiful! I am smart! I am special! Good things happen to me! (Even if you don't fully believe it now, and it's almost like you're 'lying' to yourself, keep repeating it until you feel it coming naturally.) This also goes back to positive thinking, and The Secret (which if you haven't watched or listened to yet, you should really!)

A good quote which sums it up: 
"The mind is everything. What you think, you become."
- Buddha

Have you guys experienced, or put this idea into practice before? I certainly have! :) I remember having to give presentations in class, and I'd sometimes get pretty nervous and choke up a little, but then I'd literally tell myself "I am a great public speaker!" (lol even if I'm not, it just makes you feel so much better and really gets your through it!). When we have positive thoughts, our mind and our actions follow accordingly. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments! :) 

Be back soon with my new video! XOXO


  1. Your makeup looks gorgeous! I am looking forward to the video :) Those quotes are great - I try and think quite positively and I find it really helps :) x

  2. good morning! (haha it's 8:10pm here in Finland). I just want to say that u are my favourite blogger, you are so beautiful inside and out, and you are just gorgeous! Your texts always inspires me:)

    ps.sorry my poor english haha

  3. I read (and watched) the Secret, the Power...
    love reading books on this subject !! Yeah, i really think that what we think, we become! but i have to admit that sometimes, I tell myself "i'm confident..etc" but a voice is like, "nooo you're not!" anyway, i think with practise we can do anything with good thoughts on mind :)

    thanks again for sharing articles so inspirational, Love it !

    have a nice daaay :D

  4. Love the blue liner with your skin tone, gorgeous!x

  5. It's always good to read your inspirition, I have a kind of feeling that I can do and be more and better. Thank You Annie

  6. I do do that. If I'm feeling nervous about something, I just assure myself that I'm good no matter what and at least I tried and that I would regret not going 100 % for it. :) x


  7. You look gorgeous! I'm loving the pop of color and your necklace!


  8. You are beautiful outside but much more inside. I love your messages about being a better person. I really get very inspired thanks to you. Don't change.

  9. You're so inspirational to me! Love the quotes you're posting, keep on doing that!
    I've got a question, do you speak german? Because it's near Sweden where you're from ;)
    Greetings from Germany & good night <3 (lol, here it's 10 pm :D )

  10. I'm looking forward to the video! Love this makeup! <3 Good night...(in Greece is 12.05pm ;p) xoxo

  11. Your videos have helped me understand the meaning of beauty. Can't wait for your new video. :)

  12. Love this look, excited to see the tutorial!

    I also use that technique, and it really works--especially when learning about new material or difficult concepts presented in class. If you think it is just too complicated, and impossible to learn, then you have made it just that. But, if you approach it as something that is unfamiliar but understandable, you will have much more success. Great quote!

  13. Dear Annie! I agree with you. You can make all whith your mind! You much replay and wait. Positive and think in pink. Thank you so much darling.

  14. Omg So pretty! I love the blue pop of color! Cant wait for the look! Thank you Annie! xoxo

  15. This is so great. I do agree. Always have to practice what will lead you to your best mindset and life! :)

  16. Gorgeous! Can't wait for the vid!!

  17. Beautiful look on you, Annie! I wonder if I can be as daring to wear it. Love the quote too! When I am struggling with something that I want to do, I try to find a way that I can think differently about it so that it seems more doable to me and encourages me to go for it.

  18. You always look so gorgeous! Love the pop of blue!

  19. Thanks for another beautiful and inspiring post! What you say is so true... willpower can make such a difference!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

  20. Thanks for sharing these quotes! I agree with them 100%! Can't wait for the video to be posted, your makeup looks flawless, as always!

  21. LOVE IT and TOTALLY agree with you Annie..
    this is how i encourage myself and others ..

    keep it up Annie..

    Blessing from Hong Kong.. xoxo

  22. Hi Annie, I just wanted to let you know that you are SO inspirational and amazing. You have inspired me to eat healthier, exercise more and not to criticize myself so much. Whenever I workout, I pull up your YouTube video's and watch them. They are much more interesting than music. I watch those, and ever since you recommended Beyonce I've been listening to her. I usually run/jog half a mile, but when I started watching your video's and listening to Beyonce while working out, I run/jog 2.5 miles now. You are amazing, keep making videos!

  23. Hi Annie. Great! I like your thinking. and nice sharing quotes!. Thank you. :D Annie super guru of beautylife. O:) from at chinatown NY

  24. Hey!
    i've just discovered ur amazing blog!
    looking so beautiful, pretty eyes!!!
    have a lovely weekend :)
    kisses from Spain,

  25. Great quote! I love it, and this make-up looks so pretty with your eyes!


  26. Awww...you're sooooo beautiful - i love your Blog! <3 :)

  27. You are simply AMAZING! My biggest inspiration in life! You have no idea how much you help go trough tuff times! I don't know you, but I love you like a sister! <3