Rose Gold Nail Art

Hi everyone! Happy happy monday :) I filmed my September Favorites video yesterday - which will be up shortly :) I'm also doing a little giveaway on some of the products I mentioned which I'm really excited about! 

Over the weekend, I also painted my nails a little crazier than I usually do. It is my first attempt at doing somewhat edgy nail art at home (as opposed to having it done professionally), and I really love the way it came out! It's not too extreme, but still unique and cool! I love the color combo too. It's like wearing jewelry on your nails. It's fun to catch a glimpse of them now and then :) 

(On my lips: Jordana Lip Liner "Plush Plum" with Revlon Lipstick "Cherries in the Snow")
Sally Hansen "Guilty Pleasure", OPI "Hopelessly in Love", Sephora by OPI "Dear Diary", Kiss Nail Dress "Babydoll"

I chose to go with two neutral light pinks and a gold polish to create a rose gold look. 

Got these nail stickers two days ago for about $7. You just peel them off, and place on your nail and cut off the excess. 
It totally looks like gold embellishments on your nail 

For the triangle design on my ring finger, I simply cut the edges of a piece of scotch tape, as to form a triangular tip, and placed it on my nail (make sure nail polish underneath is completely dry). Then I just painted the gold polish on top of it and it made this cool design :) 

The stacked rings & necklace are by Forever 21, and the spikey ring comes in a set of two at H&M! :)


  1. This nail art is so gorgeous! Love Love. Lately I have been into painting my nails and this inspires me to try some new things:) Thanks love

  2. I love the chevron nail trend! :) It's super edgy!

  3. Ooooh I love this ! Sooo pretty !

  4. Great-looking with your finger nail. it super color trend! Annie,super guru of beautylife O:)

  5. Love the nail art. I really want to check out the Kiss Nail Dress. Those are really pretty. <3

    Sexy Little Things

  6. i love ur necklace sooooo much i know that u said u got that necklace from London when u go visit there.i have been looking for it in every forever21 in los angeles and still no luck:( i reallyyyyy love it so much. it is so pretty on u!!!any idea where can i find it in state????

  7. I absolutelty looove this look. <3
    I'll try to re-create it the next time I do my nails !

    Do you speak German? If so, you could check out my blog, if you have time :)


  8. Wow this looks really cool!!! I have to try it =D

    I'm hosting my first ever giveaway on my blog and would love it if you checked it out!


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