Gold & Silver

Hi beautiful! Below are a few pictures taken of the outfit I wore recently. As always, thanks to my friend Gregory Palmer for the beautiful photography! I can definitely say the summer weather is officially coming to an end here in New York, it is starting to get cold really fast! Has the weather started switching over yet where you guys live? In the photos below, I am wearing some of the new jewelry I got from London last month. Totally loving silver and gold together. I also think this sweater is great as it covers up the bum, which, when wearing white pants, is a good thing! :) I paired it with a few statement accessories and just threw on my white converse which just seem to go with just about everything! Totally casual and comfy yet still chic. What do you guys think? XOXO ♥ 

What I'm Wearing 
Silver High Low Sweater, River Island (UK)
White Jeans, Zara
Bag, Chanel
Both Necklaces, Forever 21

Spiked Bracelet & Gold Cuff, Forever 21
Watch, Michael Kors
Shoes, Converse 
(Also looks great with black leather pumps)
Sunglasses, Nasty Gal
Lipstick, Sao Paulo NYX Matte Lip Creme
Nail polish, "Dear Diary" Sephora


  1. Beautiful!!!I love your outfit!!

  2. Love everything about this outfit! You bring me so much inspiration! :) Love following your blog!


  3. you look so pretty! love the way you layered the necklaces!

    I sell jewelry! I would love it if you would check it out!

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  4. absolutely in love with your outfit! it's so classy! :)

  5. love how the converse makes such a glam outfit casual! xo

  6. that last pic is such a channelesque photo! Love it! xoxo
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  7. Love it! Especially the accessories <3


  8. You look so beautiful. love your sweater :)

  9. I love the jewelry combination and how you always manage to look so chic and flawless! Would you like to check out some outfits on my blog? :)


  10. You are so pretty! And I love your outfit!! :)

  11. Love this outfit! What is the name of your Chanel bag? I'd love to get one like that one day but don't know the name of it! :) xx

  12. You are looking really gorgeous and the combination of gold and silver really awesome and make you look prettier.

  13. Hello !
    I'm from Finland and i like read your Blog. You look so beautiful and i love your style !
    I will join your blog reader.

    ~ Karoliina
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  14. You look awesome! And what a great outfit :)
    I do have one request though: could you maybe upload more pictures of NY??? The streets, central park ... I was in NY in August this year, for the first time, and though I have soooo many pictures, I can't get enough of this city :)
    Greetings from Germany! It's sooo cold and rainy here, but I like the fall time :) You can wear boots, scarfs, parkas... I'm loving it :)

  15. I love your style Annie!
    Do more OOTD! and your more zara hauls :)

  16. You look beautiful as always Annie! I love the outfit posts, gives me some ideas as well! P.S have you heard about Chia seeds? Alot of people put them in their smoothies as well, and its supposed to be good for your hair and overall health!

  17. Lovely outfit!!


  18. This is so so cute! I love it:) I wish I had your style and good choice on your jewelry

  19. Love your blog! Were these pictures taken with your camera?? I love the quality of the photos, and I'm in desperate need of a new camera!

  20. I love how you put a ton of beautiful pictures in every entry! Every picture is so luscious to look at! But, I really want to know more about your personal life! Now that you've graduated, what have you been doing? Apart from shopping and traveling with the family? Have you gotten a job?? I, on the other hand, send my greetings from Don Muaeng Int'l Airport, Bangkok :) I am off to do my own travels and this is the first time I flew out ON MY OWN. Kinda daunting but I love it :)

  21. I'm obsessed with silver and gold too. Reminds me of the song... "Silver and Gold... Silver and Gold..."

  22. Hi, Annie!This is probably my fav outfit of yours: so stylish and classy, yet so casual! I also love you blog posts about healthy lifestyle and food, so please keep 'em posting :))

    XOXO from Dubai,

    PS: I have just started my blog, please visit one day: http://inguliya.blogspot.com/

  23. Most of the women prefer Gold over Silver, but when is comes with a combination the results would be exquisite. The images tell the story what this Gold & Silver all about. Mind blowing combination thought!

  24. We should change our selves according to present fashion trend, so whether it is Gold or Silver we love to take any thing with a positive frame of mind. The angles of the images look fantastic.

  25. Love your outfit- wow, you are so gorgeous!

  26. o my gosh... those glasses

  27. so gorgeous and nice pic share wit us... your jewel really i like it