Quick OOTD

Good morning sunshine! Just came back to my room from a lovely breakfast with the fam :) I had lots of fresh fruit and two eggs on whole wheat toast, with my green tea of course. Yesterday we spent the whole day cruising around London, literally just admiring all the stores. All the work they put in to presentation is amazing. We walked through Harrods, which was stunning, and there was even a woman singing opera in the escalators! How crazy! New York is definitely a nice city, but I think London has a little more.. pazaz? - If that's even the right word :) I also attended the wedding last night which was so fun, and even got to meet a viewer! She was so sweet ♥ Hi lovely if you're reading this! Below are a few pictures of my outfit that I wore yesterday during the day. It is so cold here and almost have no warm clothes, so will probably throw this jean jacket on again today. Love it :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

What I'm Wearing 
Studded Jean Jacket, Primark
Floral Print Top, H&M
Necklace, Gifted
Bracelets, Accessorize & J.Crew
Black Jeans, J Brand
Worn with black gold-studded horse hair loafers from Zara
Lipstick, Sao Paulo NYX Matte Lip Creme (with hint of lipgloss on top)


  1. Love this look! You are gorgeous!
    & I love the Jean Jacket from Primark !!
    Have a great day! much loove :)

  2. Gorgeous OOTD :)
    Lots of love
    Elise xx

  3. Hi Annie :) you gorgeous as always :) aw.. today your outfit is smart and very pretty. annie guru of BeautyLife O:)

  4. you look lovely! i live near London! You should check out Ping Pong (great Chinese restaurant) or Vapianos (amazing Italian restaurant!) x

  5. Hi Annie! Can you please post what you were wearing for the wedding? I'm attending a wedding next year so I'll nedd some inspiration ;) Thanks! ( déoslée s'il y a des fautes d'orthographe :p )

  6. I met you today I was so happy x thanx for coming back i almost got in trouble for taking that photo lol ...thanx again you made my day

  7. OMG HI! thanks for mentioning me :) You looked very pretty at the wedding, I was so surprised to see you there! You made my day extra special... Thankyou!! XOXO

  8. Wow your here in london :) wish i would run into u lol! & im half swedish too by the way :) x

  9. Love the outfit!! Stunning as always :)


  10. I have a top with the same print from H&M :) do you have it as a tank or the Tshirt? <3

    XOXO Bee~