Chanel Pop Up

Hi beautiful! I have a few more pictures from my trip below :) I had to check out the new Chanel Pop Up store at Covent Gardens which just opened a few weeks ago. It was really cute, much smaller than I expected but still very glam. I got the chance to get my nails painted in the lower level of the store which was so fun. They had all the beautiful Chanel nail polishes displayed for you to try, as well as some nice fragrances too. Took a few quick pictures with my iPhone, so the quality isn't the best, but you can still get the gist! :) My time in London was just amazing. Really love this city!!  


  1. Rouge noir and Ballerina are by far the most the chic and unique colours from chanel, must-haves!
    I loved that store when I went the other week, only wish I could have been there at the same time as you!

  2. beautiful girl:))

    love your blog!!

  3. Your blouse looks cute! oOhlala, love Chanel too!

  4. Wow! I love Chanel! Wow! so beautiful!

  5. where is you blouse from??? primark??

    it looooks soooooooooo cute !!
    youre adourable
    kisses n huges

    charm <3