Annie, the Tourist

One of the best parts of traveling, is getting on one of those old-school red tour buses and seeing the city! It may be totally cliché haha but it's a great way to see and learn about a new place. Knowing a someone who lives in the city is great too, so you can experience both parts. Anyway, on Monday we hopped on a tour bus and got to see all the beautiful historic parts of London. We got off by Westminster Abbey (& Big Ben) and got on the London Eye. It went so slow lol but it was relaxing and we got to see some great views of the city. It is just gorgeous! More pictures coming soon!

 Haha this is an awkward picture but thought it was funny.
Didn't want to get too close to the horsey :)


  1. I'm so ashamed that I live near London and haven't done half of these amazing things! I need a touristy day! Looks like you had an amazing time, you look gorgeous and it looks surprisingly sunny for England. Glad you're back to make more video's though :p and to hopefully blog more I check every day!

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  3. LOL annie that last pic is funny. I see the sign "Beware horses may kick or bite you. Thank you"