Tanned Skin FAQ

My new video is up! Hope this answered a few questions I've been getting about tanning, bronzed skin and how I achieve my color. To sum up, I'm naturally tanned so I just like to accentuate it by using bronzers and pretty blush shades (pink is definitely one of my favorites, but corals really help bring out tanned skin too). When it gets really cold here I love boosting my tan with a little gradual tanner, rather than baking inside a tanning bed - it's a much better option! Plus, if you burn easily in the sun, using a gradual tanner can give you a nice easy bronzed look. Biggest advice when in the sun, is to wear a high SPF. It is the #1 anti aging cream, wear it on your face religiously to protect your skin :) Hope you enjoy!!

Products Mentioned:
- Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 40
- Lumionoso Blush, Milani
- Casion Bronzer, NARS
- Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Lotion  

During colder months, I apply a self-tanner usually once every 2-4 weeks.
- Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin (Medium)
- L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (Medium Deep)


  1. Hi, this is a completely off-topic question. But I have the same shirt from Zara that you have on. And I'm having a hard time finding a bra that will be discreet underneath. Would you mind telling me what you did? I really hope you answer =)

  2. You should try out the St. Tropez Tanning Mousse as well! It works wonders & is mess/streak free! :)

  3. Hi Annie!
    Im from Brazil and I love your videos!
    Its winter here, so I think I will try the Nivea Sun-Kissed Radiant Skin :*

  4. Hi Annie, this is not about tanning [I'm sorry] but can you please give me any recommendation for everyday lipstick and blush [as your colouring is similar to mine]. I'm starting uni this September and I don't know what to bring. Also my upper lip is darker than my lower lip and when I wear lipstick it just looks weird so I'm wondering if you have any tips for that. I know that smoking can be the reason for that but I don't smoke. Thanks so much =]

  5. I always thought that your foundation is too light for you, and now that you are tanned, it is even more visible... well maybe it's the camera, but it looks very unnatural, sorry :-/ however, overall you look amazing :) and please continue with posting what you eat every day!!

  6. Oh and one more thing. I remember you saying that you only wear foundation for your videos, and you recently did a video where you showed your daily routine where you only use powder...it looked AWESOME and if you don't wear foundation on a daily basis, please don't wear it in videos!!!! it's very unnecessary! ;)

  7. You are so lucky to have been blessed with your dad's complexion! I am mixed like you--half Lebanese from my dad, and my mom is sooo white (also European). Unfortunately, I am pretty pale though! Thanks for the tips!

  8. One last thing about the self tanner: after washing your hands (after you have applied the self tanner to your whole body) take a cotton pad, put some self tanner on it and rub your hands with it and especially your wrist. Rub at least a minute until your hand is completely dry, and don't forget to rub along your fingers etc.. trust me ,it works! the cotton pad absorbs most of the self tanner, so your hands won't be too dark, and at the same time it helps to spread the tanner evenly... if I would do it like you said, I would be left with a very uneven tan on my hands..but the cotton pad really helps!!!!

    1. Anything else? You seem to look for all the negative points. Just be positive!!

  9. Hi Annie!
    Im from Denmark and I love your videos!
    you help me not only with beauty but also with the English language
    I'm really bad to English but when I se your Videos I become better and better to understand and talk English.
    So thank you so much. Ps. you're so fucking beautiful.. :)

  10. Hi Annie!! Let me just start off by letting you know that you inspire me so much every single day! It's because of you that I have started thinking only positive thoughts and begun my new, healthy life. Now I work out 3 times a week, eat healthy food and drink loads of water. I just want you to know that you change peoples lifes in a very positive way and you inspire so much. So i just wanna thank you really and let you know that I'm so thankfull for your blog and youtube videos! You are so beautiful from the inside and out.

    Lots of love from Norway <3 XO

  11. hey what do you think of spray tans, like if you go to a tanning salon and get a professional spray tan, have you ever tried it or do you know anyone who has? im from europe and i have superlight skin so i dont really ever go lie in the sun because ill just burn anyway but i would loooove to look a little tan aswell. do you think it might be an option?

  12. Wow, Annie! You look GREAT! I love your sunkissed skin... it really accentuates your natural aura of being healthy. Nothing is healthier than glowy golden skin :) Hawaii did you well! Did you do a meet and greet there? Also, your makeup look is amazing. I can't wait for the tutorial on that (as noted in your previous post). Have a lovely day!

  13. I'm so jealous of your bronzyness! Thank you for posting that YouTube video about self tanners. I will definitely try it out myself! You inspire me Annie!!

  14. You are the best Annie ! Your are the most beautiful, intelligent, elegant and classy beauty blogger I've seen for now...
    I love your way of thinking, your advice and tips.
    I always read your blog and watch your videos with such a great pleasure :)
    Please never stop to make us dream !!!
    XOXO from France

  15. You're looking beautiful as always! I don't get any color much at all, and I live in Hawaii! I used to want to be tanned, but now I'm comfortable in my fair skin and I think I look strange with any bit of a tan. Thank you for your post!


  16. Hey Annie, I've heard of Herbalife that more than SPF15 is unnatural for skin and therefore the sunscreen contains much more chemicals

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