Mini Fashion Haul

Hi ladies, just came back from an awesome workout with health & fitness coach extraordinary Jonathan Angelilli who will be featured in the workout videos with me! I am super excited for this and I can't wait to share it with you. I also just realized I hadn't posted my latest video onto the blog, so in case you missed it on my channel, it's a quick little haul & demo showing you some of my favorite purchases I've gotten recently :) Which item is your favorite??


A few screen shots of some of my favs! I've also been wearing that grey t-shirt with leather sleeves so much these days. It's my go to comfy chic top!
Leather Jacket with Frill at the Waist, $249
Tulle Blouse With Appliqués $99.90
Printed Mini Skirt, $59.90
T Shirt with Pearls on the Yoke, $49.90

And you can watch my episode on the Beauty Pop here: http://bit.ly/QWoJDx. It was definitely so fun to shoot (and a great experience), but I wouldn't say it is one of my best looks. I wanted to keep it pretty simple & quick, and I absolutely LOVE the "Sable" eyeshadow I used by MAC, but felt like it came out looking a little too basic haha. But I guess that's nice too sometimes! :) Anyway let me know what you think!! XOXO 


  1. I love the print skirt, it's really gorgeous and so are you! :) x


  2. love the leather jacket! i was just curious, do you play any sports?

  3. Hi Annie, i really love your blog and your videos. I want to order the PMD Personal microderm. I saw in your video that you are using it and was wondering if you could write or do a video about how you use it and what products you use with PMD. I would really appericiate it.
    Do you use it with your regular day cream? Have you seen any results. Is it worth trying?

  4. i love u so much! ur a source of motivation for me! plz do a rooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm tourrrrrrrrrrr
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz , i am redoing my room! and u are so insperational do a room tourplzzzzzzzzzz
    roommmmmmmmmmmm tourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Super cute collection to add to your wardrobe. Please, please, please do outfit of the days. I remember you used to do them a while back! and I miss them! I'm sad that you didn't model the Juicy Couture dress you bought in your haul. It would've been nice to see how it looked like on :)

  6. LOVE your earrings! Where did you buy them from? xo

  7. Looking gorgeous as always. Annie Super Guru Of BeautyLife O:) & great your collection to add to your wardrobe. I like your outfit "Leather Jacket" ,"Tulle Blouse With Appliques" :):)

  8. Love the Leather Jacket, but too expensive for me :/
    Love so much your blog!! ... It would be great if you do a room tour :)
    have a nice day :)

  9. I love the Tulle Blouse. For your next Haul could you do one from like Target or a department store that is more affordable for others?

  10. I really like your haul-videos; this one especially. I also love that you give suggestions about how to wear certain pieces - totally helpful and inspirational :) I'd love to see a room tour also!

  11. Love the jacket and the shirt with the pearls especially!


  12. I like the black t-shirt the most :) and as to your beauty pop shoot: I liked the basic look! simple but still very cute and put together!

  13. I love all the clothes you bought! Especially the leather jacket. I love your blog/youtube channel :)
    Join my site annie?
    xo http://brookesbliss.blogspot.com/

  14. HI Annie,
    YOu said that black jeans are must haves in your wardrobe.
    I agree. Can you do a video segment on other clothing must-haves, not just for a specific season but kind of like all-year round. I am a college student (on a limited budget) but it would be nice to have some ideas on must-have items that I can swap around to make my wardrobe look bigger than it actually is. Any ideas or advice would be awesome!