Lace Bra

Found this gorgeous lace bra today at Victoria's Secret. Can't get over how pretty it is! It's from the "The Body by Victoria" collection, and it's the new Demi Bra that just came out. I received a little gift card in the mail from them so decided to check in to see if there was anything I liked. This bra is actually one of my favorite ones, the wider straps make it really comfortable and it gives great support. I have two other ones in the same style (not quite as beautiful though :) more simple ones) and I always love wearing them. Another favorite of mine is the Sexy Tee Multi-way bra - great for wearing under tops with thin straps, or even under tee's when you want to feel a little more... "free"? Some people may ask why I'm writing about bras, but they're very important too! :) 

Also love the nude!


  1. How did you get a free gift card?

  2. This bra is so beautiful !! wawww!
    I love Victoria's secret but unfortunately it exists only in your country .. anyway.. have a nice day :) much love!! :)

  3. I really like that bra!! I think one of the first shopping places I will ever go when I go to the USA is definitely going to be VS!!! They have such amazing stuff and I think they are great quality from what I hear!


  4. aah, I wish there was Victoria's Secrets in Scotland :( the bra is so pretty x

  5. love this post! I mean, many bloggers won´t write about underwear but really, it´s important part of every girls wardrobe :D this bra looks amazing, I am so sorry that VS is not in Europe....


  6. Went to VS yesterday and bought some pink bras, this looks cute too! I'll have to check it out! Love your blog!! :D

  7. Gorgeous and perfect for those outfits that may show a bit of the bra...this is one bra that should not be hidden ;)


  8. Oh it is pretty! I can't wait to fit well in their bras again but for now... working out, haha! I'll get there...


  9. This bra gives great support without being too wide on the sides and straps. Looks great under t-shirts and sweaters. I love to buy wonderbra bras more.