Gold & Purple Glitter Makeup

Hi everyone! I have had such a fun and super busy weekend, so I didn't have much time to edit, but I finally put the finishing touches on my new video this morning. This is the makeup I had on in my two most recent videos and I am in love with the gold and purple combination :) The hint of glitter totally makes it party appropriate. It's also really simple and pretty fool proof! So it's great for beginners. What do you guys think of this look? XOXO

The products used!
(All the names are listed in the video)
Love these 

Some more pictures! 


  1. LOOOOVE IT!!!! OMG!
    BTW you have a price in my blog. Maybe you already got it, but I wanted to give it to you :) You can use the translator to translate the blog.
    Best wishes!

  2. This is such a lovely look! I always get worried about putting purple and pink colors on my lower lashline because I don't want to look like I have a bruise, but you've done such a stunning job I think I'm going to try it out :)


  3. Hi Annie,
    Is it me or are you wearing clear contacts?
    PS: Love the eye makeup! You are amazing =)

    Love, from New Zealand!!

  4. Annie you are beautiful with any look. Are you gonna tell us what you ate today? Looking forward to it.

  5. i love it :)
    what foundation are you wearing here?

  6. It's such a pretty look
    Good job Annie:)

  7. hey Annie! beautiful look, as always! And I LOOOOVE the nail polish, what and where is it from?

  8. I wanted to know what contour brush you use

  9. I am so surprised these are NYX glitter liners! I am totally getting some for my wedding! Isn't NYX sold at drugstores?

    Speaking of wedding, I would love if you could do a "formal event" makeup look! Something very light with matte nudes and brown shadows, gel or liquid liner, but also very beautiful and noticeably done up. I know you have a lot of similar looks, but something specific geared towards summer weddings, since it is summer and a LOT of people I know are getting married this year. Just a thought :)


  10. Such a lovely look! It's really beautiful !! Love it!

  11. I really like this tutorial. I think the colors look amazing on your new skintone!
    I'm looking forward to some new Haul-vids and maybe you could film a Hits and Misses vid?

  12. the gold purple combination is perfect, I really love the look :)

  13. plz tell me what kind is ur camera ? :(

  14. Hey Annie,

    Loved this video, just wondering where you got your top from it is gorgeous??

  15. Such a pretty look!! I like how you're using color but it's not over the top (I'm kind of a neutral kind of gal =P)

    You have the most amazing brown eyes =D


  16. hey Annie :) i love your blog and this makeup is amazing.;)
    I have a question. Do you wear contact lenses?
    Please, answer me. :)

  17. Annie please... What camera do you use to film your videos??? Please do a question of the day post about it!

  18. Hello, are you able to tell me what shade of NARS bronzer you use to contour your face????? Thanks.