Get Healthy TODAY!

Having a healthy lifestyle is all about incorporating movement throughout the day and eating healthy nutritional foods. These two principles don't just count for the one hour at the gym, but it counts throughout the day :) Being healthy is just that, a lifestyle.

1. Always take the stairs 
It's a quick and easy way to get your heart beat up and burn extra calories throughout the day. It's great for your heart and for your muscles. Our body was made to move. Let it :) Exercising also releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. Get little happy perks throughout the day, why not? :)

2. Take a few deep breaths 
A lot of tension and stress is held in our muscles (tense shoulders). By simply breathing, we can let go of a lot of metabolic waste trapped in our cells by giving them more oxygen. Breath in goodness, exhale stress.

3. Include fruits and veggies in your next meal (& lots of water!)
Fruits and vegetables have countless benefits for our bodies and our beauty. They make our skin glow by removing toxins, they keep us fuller for longer, they make our bodies function better and they also make us stronger and smarter by feeding our brains. Plus, some are really delicious and can totally satisfy sugar cravings (strawberries, blueberries, apples, carrots etc.)

My health & fitness bff, Taylor :) 
She is so knowledgeable and is finally starting up her own food blog!! So excited, she is super healthy and has amazing food recipes. 
I will share her blog with you when it's up. 

Picture taken in Hawaii, we went paddle boarding in the ocean - heaven! 


  1. Great tips Annie! And you girls look great in that picture! I want to try paddle boarding! Can't wait to see Taylor's blog!

  2. Annie! Please would you make a video on outfits for job interviews/career fairs? I want to look professional but not boring and dull. If anyone can find a good look, it's you!

    1. Yes please, it will be great! Regards from Barcelona.

  3. Thanks for the sharing!!
    Your blog and video always inspires us!!
    i watch ur motivation youtube every SINGLE morning to light up my day.
    now i cant wait to browse ur lovely frd's blog about food.. ;)

  4. You've got such a great approach to leading a healthy lifestyle! I began to live a lot healthier about two year ago - started running, playing sport, eating everything green and good - and there is NO going back x

  5. Yes, share her blog when it's up! I love recipes blogs! =D

    Thank you for sharing these tips with us, I truly think you are an inspiration! You seem so real and down to earth =D


  6. Your blog and video always inspires me !!! I'm addicted ^^
    I can't wait for your next post & videoos :)

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    1. you are right and its such a great ideas about health while agree with you and Levitra

  8. I hope Taylor's blog will be up very very soon ! Also, thank you for what you do, for sharing your healthy lifestyle with us. I'm trying to stay on a healthy diet but there are so many temptations around me and my friends are not very into healthy food.
    So thank you, you're very inspirational ! I think, your tips, your youtube channel, your blog and Taylor's one will be a good combo to help me reaching my goals.

    Sorry if I made some writing mistakes (I'm from France, even though I understand everything I still make mistakes).

    Merci pour tout, bisous de France ! ;)

  9. is Taylor's blog up yet? I'd love to check it out! xx