Food Log!

Healthy Food Inspiration Log

- Organic mango smoothie with spinach, frozen berries, 1 banana, almond & coconut milk
- Whole wheat turkey sandwich with tomato, lettuce, and vegenaise 
- Made a super juice with kale, carrots, apples, lemon, ginger
- 2 brown rice cakes with tomato, salmon and avocado (with lemon juice)
- Cut up pineapple and mango (yes it's the best!)

Picture taken over the weekend at my family's house. How good does that look? Fun to make, and super nutritious! 
Two of those will keep you really full (I didn't think it would at first, but I was stuffed).

Just a little disclaimer :) 
I've decided to share what I eat from day to day as a source of inspiration for others who like healthy food ideas. It is the number 1 requested thing I get asked to do, and I am so happy that you guys are curious about healthy food! These posts in no way are meant to "dictate" the way you guys should eat, everyone is different! And we are all in different stages on our way to optimum beautiful healthy bodies. These are just little inspirations! Just wanted to clear that up for those of you who had mixed opinions about my motives :) 

What did you eat today? Join me in these food logs and share your healthy meals with all of us! XOXO


  1. That looks so good, I'm really glad you decided to do this because I've been trying to eat healthier and exercise more to lose weight and you're really an inspiration! I need a friend like you around to keep me motivated, haha!

  2. Wow !!! I'm going to try that ! :) Thx for sharing :) Lots of love from Germany

  3. Looks amazing! I ate oatmeal for breakfast and a handful of almonds. For lunch I ate tuna and pesto sandwich and for dinner it was chicken wraps :) x


  4. Gosh I really need to examine my diet. This will inspire me.

  5. breakfast:
    - green juice- celery, kale, cucumber and apple
    - brown rice with crushed walnuts, grated apple, sultanas and topped with vanilla soy yoghurt

    -2 organic corn taco's with red kidney beans, salsa lettuce, tomatoe, cucumber, avocado and mozarella cheese
    -4 pieces of raw organic dark chocolate

    -cup of strawberries
    -2 coconut flour peanut butter and choc chip cookies ( no sugar and no wheat)

    Love the food longs Annie! keep it coming :)

  6. Hi, do you have snacks in between??

  7. I'm soooo glad about those posts! So helpful! :) Could you do a video about the healthiest and worst drinks at Starbuck?! :)

  8. Look so good!Yammy


  9. hey annie! you are a great inspiration and motivation for me... it is great, that you concentrate on healthy food and not only on loosing weight :) looking forward for further ideas and advices :)
    PS: I tried your receipt with avocado and salmon, it was delicious:) greetings from slovakia! :)

  10. Hi Annie! Thank you very much for the rice cake idea, I tried it tonight and it was delicious and super quick:).

    breakfast: green tea+2 wholewheat toasts
    lunch: 20grams of cheese+quinoa+broccoli+cabbage
    snack: 2 pieces of cake
    diner: your rice cake!+ steamed broccoli+cabbage
    snack: green olive tapenade

  11. I love this kind of articles :).I am just curious--you are the same height as me and i eat wayyyy more then this. I mean i dont know how much of this do you eat but i guess a normal amount and I cant imagine myself eating just that. I dont whant to ofend you or anything cause i think that it is very brave of you wanting to shere somthing so private with the world but i was wondering do you eat snacks or sometnhing more then this cause like i said a eat more then this, at least 5 times a day and my weight is 60 kilos. I think that if i would eat just that that i would have much more less, you know .I think you should be eating lot more cause you also do exercise and you are eating healty. I look at your photos and see a girl with normal weight and then i see this and....of course you konw the best how much food do you need. I cant imagine having just smoothie for brekfast, i usuly have it with egss or somthnig. Im sorry if i sounded ofensiv or somthing... stay healty ;)

  12. Loving the food log.

  13. This looks amazing! defs gonna try this soon :) good work annie :)

  14. Don´t eat Wheat. Try to eat Rye Bread instead or Spelt.

    Keep on going....

  15. Avocado is one of the few things I just can't eat (that and mustard basically), do you know if there is anything I can substitute it with?

  16. You don't know how much your healthy food logs inspire and help me...pls keep on doing it for us. I am going to try all of your ideas..love you

  17. Do you blend your own smoothie in the morning? If not, is there a brand you can buy that's already premixed? ..and if you do mix it yourself what kind of blender do you use? Also, is that raw salmon? ...and how and where do you buy it? a local grocer frozen?