Beautiful Jog

After uploading the video earlier this evening I decided to go for a nice long run by the water. It happened to be right around sunset, and the sky was gorgeous! Just had to stop to take some photos. The sky was literally blue, purple and pink! Definitely had a nice view for my run. I went for about an hour and a half, alternating between walking, jogging, running, leg and ab workouts as well as the occasional sprint to get my heart beat up. Been craving a nice run for a while, it felt so good! Totally feeling super accomplished now :)

Healthy Food Inspiration Log

- Oatmeal with cinnamon & blueberries
- Large cup of green tea (usually have it twice a day) 
- Plain grilled chicken (nothing too exciting lol but just had some left over)
- Watermelon 
- Made a mango smoothie - bought 3 organic mangos today after my run :)
- Brown rice spicy salmon & avocado sushi (8 psc)

What did you eat today? Let me know below! Definitely going to make another mango smoothie tomorrow for breakfast, it was delicious! Now I'm going to hop into bed and watch some late night talk shows :) XOXO


  1. I love mango smoothies! When I was on a raw food challenge I made them with coconut water, stevia and a squeeze of lime--super refreshing! x

  2. Did you have a certain number of minutes you would do jogging then walking then running or just whenever you started feeling tired??

  3. I had oatmeal with honey, blueberries and cinnamon for breakfast, pirates booty as a snack, small slice of homemade lasagna and a green smoothie for lunch, yogurt and cherries as another snack, another slice of lasagna for dinner and a peach for dessert... I eat so much compared to you! Lol

    1. What is a pirates booty? Was the lasagna made with whole wheat pasta, lean meat, amd an all natural no preservatives sauce? Other than thhat your meals seem pretty healthy to me. It's great that you are not depriving yourself.

  4. In Czech Republic It´s aerly morning 8. August, so I had a loaf of dark bread with mozarella and some cherry tomatoes and for drink I had a fruity tea :)
    Beautiful sunset!

  5. omg so beautiful! I'd love to take a ran try haha <3

  6. Omg I'd love to run there! Nice pictures! The sky looks amazing!


  7. Hi Annie!

    How do you prepare the porridge?
    Maybe you could make a video about it? :)


  8. Great healthy program menu & gorgeous sunset. I'm glad do you success and super accomplished now your skill :{),,Annie Super Guru Of BeautyLife O:)

  9. what kind of green tea do you use?
    and do you make it cold or have hot tea?

    please answer:))

  10. wow! beautiful view, so amazing. I wish to see NY someday!


  11. Nice pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I live in Portugal and sometimes the sky is purple and pink too...Is so pretty...
    Keep with those post's for inspiration...You really are a inspiration for me.
    D. S.

  12. Just had b-fast. Started it off with your blueberry smoothie. The pics look beautiful.
    Question: Do you prepare your oatmeal with milk or just water?
    -Thanks xo

  13. Good morning to my favorite beauty guru of all time! These pics are soo enchanting..And Thank you so much for posting your daily meals as it inspires me and helps me do the same as you. Pls keep on doing it. xox

  14. I used to run after work, before, when I was single, ....I read that running lat night was not the best...What do you think?

  15. So very breathtaking! Like a page out of a fairy tale.

  16. Thank you for our food logs....Its totally an inspiration to many on diferent ideas of meals, exspecially as healthy as you are. Wish you could do more of them cause im pretty sure we all enjoy. Thanks for inspiring all of us =]

  17. breakfast - 2 eggs scramble, 1 piece of raisin toast, coffee
    lunch - salad, nectarine, water
    dinner - half a stuffed spinach and ricotta chicken breast, cucumber

  18. Gosh that sky is gorgeous!!! Really pretty!!! =D


  19. Oh amazing sky! How do you carry your camera with you on a jog, like what kind of bag or pocket?


  20. What a gorgeous view! I'm so ready for the temps to cool down here so I can start running again!

  21. You have the great grounds to run ;) and sky is awesome ;* i love it.!

  22. You are my favourite beauty guru of all times! So sweet and inspiring :) I live in Finland and we don't have very much any beauty gurus but I will definitely follow you.


  23. Hello there Miss Annie! I've never commmented to you, but today I wanted to just go for it! I really like your blog so inspiring and so fun to read! You're an amazing girl with beauty and health, I love it! Thanks so much for taking time out of each day to blog and vblog for us! I hope to hear from you or talk to you sometime, I think we have a ton in common. I'm Mandi by the way :)

  24. Pictures are awesome and your blog is really beautiful :)) This is my first visit your blog and I must follow you!!

  25. What a beautiful picture!!! Great post :)

  26. Gorgeous pictures. I love the colors. Breakfast was oatmeal with orange juice. Lunch was bell pepper beef with rice and ice tea. Supper was chicken and cauliflower curry with rice and ice tea. I prefer doing my 3 mile walk in the morning because it's cool, but I've done late night walks also. You burn the calories either way. Walking bumps up your metabolism and may make it harder to relax and go to sleep.

  27. it looks so so beautiful. Wonderful skyline. I wish I could be in New York one time. :)
    - stoni :)

  28. Vegetable smoothie and humus with whole grain wheat crackers

  29. Thank you very much! It is very helpful.

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  30. Hi Annie :) I live up in Westchester county in NY but I ALWAYS see people on instagram posting pics of this view and running but idk what it's called and I feel weird to ask them lol Ive been looking for a place to run that's nice and it looks so peaceful. Can you please tell me the name of it? Thanks so much!

  31. Such a gorgeous view! I hope to visit NY this December:) That view would so motivate me to run!

  32. what a beautiful sight! Love that you share your meals with us! I find them very helpful!


  33. Hey Annie! I love watching your videos. Everytime a see that you upload a new video, I will so excited! You are a lucky girl!! My motivation! love you Annie :) xo

  34. do you eat bread because i just started to eat healthy and i want to know more about food ..
    ps you are a good inspiration.xx