The Beach Cove

Here are a few photos from yesterday. I've been swimming in the ocean pretty much all day and the water is just beautiful! Such a pretty turquoise color, and you can see your feet perfectly when you're swimming around. I'm seriously in heaven lol I am so happy and thankful that I get to visit these beautiful places. I wish I could bring you all with me! Maybe some of these photos will make you feel pretty close to actually being here :) For those of you wondering, we are staying at the Ihilani Ko Olina Mariott Resort. Everyone here is so friendly & helpful, probably the best service we've experienced. That is something I think Hawaii is known for, they're friendly people. Everything runs really slow here, everyone is really laid back - let's say it's a total 180' from New York :)

The beach cove right in front of the hotel
Desktop background!
Our hotel :)
Can you see the little fish?


  1. wowww no words...pls post more pics ...i almost feel like im there with you..but we also want to see you in the pics :)

  2. Such a beautiful place! We go there every year. I'm so jealous. Be sure to have a frozen mai tai!

  3. Wonderful pictures- thank you for sharing with us! I could tell which hotel from the picture in a previous post, because of the rock formations i the water. I agree that Ko'olina is just beautiful.

  4. wow! such a great view! happy summer Annie!

  5. Aloha Annie!

    I was so surprised to see you're in Hawaii! It's my home and I'm so glad you get to enjoy and experience it. :) I just had to comment when I read you're here. I recently discovered your youtube channel and website a month or two ago and have become such a big fan. You're so pretty and have a beautiful spirit about you. I hope you get a chance to check out the North Shore of Oahu! Sunset Beach is my favorite spot. Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. glad you are enjoying your 23rd birthday and your trip to hawaii! I am currently visiting the mayan riveira in mexico and it is also absolutely beautiful! What a coincidence that we are vacationing the exact same week!


  7. I can't believe you're on Oahu!! I'm from Honolulu, which is pretty much the opposite side of the island from where you're at! Haha. Happy birthday and hope you have an amazing time!

  8. beautiful!
    hope youre having a good time:)

    LOVE your blog:)

  9. Lovely pics. The weather in Estonia is awful.