Little Black Bag

Hi everyone! I'm back with a new video on what I got from my first Little Black Bag order. What do you guys think of the items? I think my favorite is the BCBG heart bracelet. The site is pretty unique and if you like monthly subscription services and have $50 to spare a month then check it out! It takes a little while to get used to the trading part, but it's easy once you get the hang of it. Hope you enjoy the video! 

In my big white box...
Color Block Buckle Structure Bag, Nila Anthony
Long Floral Stretch Ring, Robert Rose
Heart Bracelet, BCBG Generation
Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment, Redken


  1. I am so in love with that ring!


  2. Great video girl ! :) will definitely be checking that little black bag website out! I have a question though!! Which camera do you use to film your videos? They look quite clear and nice!! Please address this question in your next question of the day blog post if you can as i have seen several other people also ask this same question in the comments and i know a lot of us are dying to know lol!!

  3. the bag is so beautiful!


  4. Tried the little black bag thing but unfortunately they don't ship for Brazil (US only) :-(

  5. Your new bag& ring is beautiful,annie :) :{)

  6. Such a cool concept! And congrats on being a stylist for it!! Love the bag the most i think!
    Here is hoping they make it international!
    xoxo from Aus

  7. bag is really nice!

  8. I love that bag!!
    That's definitely a keeper :)


  9. Ahh, you got great stuff in your bag! I really like the Nila Anthony bag- yellow is my fave color and this combination keeps the bag classy with a little fun! Also, really appreciated the way you explained LBB- it was very to the point and clear, and the screenshots helped. I'm going to reference your video to help explain LBB from my blog later- THANK YOU!

  10. I love that stuff! (antisnap) Love your blog Annie!!

  11. I love that stuff (antisnap!) I LOVE your blog Annie!!

  12. I closed my bag this morning and will be getting the teal/turquoise version of your Nila Anthony bag & I'm so excited!