Kisses from Hawaii!

Hi loves! Hope everyone is having a great week! Taylor arrived to paradise today to spend a few days with us here before returning home. We spent the whole day exploring the other beaches outside of our hotel's perimeters. We found some beautiful spots! Below are a few pictures but more will be coming soon. I just couldn't believe the beautiful sites. I am truly in heaven! Now we are off to a Luau dinner for some Hawaiian food & dance :) Will post more pictures soon!

Kisses from Hawaii! 


  1. Oh Annie, I love it..this is too beautiful...and you are beyond beautiful..These pictures of you made me stick to my healthy
    diet and prevented me from making the mistake
    to go eat junk food. When I see just how
    amazing you look it just gives me the drive
    to do the same as you and eat healthy! xox
    Can't wait to see more pictures.

  2. You should definitely do a vlog!!! <3

  3. It trully looks like heaven, I would sooo go there if flights weren´t so expensive... Anyway, you look wonderful Annie :)


  4. Wow looks great, hope you are having a nice time!
    - Keyta x

  5. You are inspired me to life healthy. <3 from swiss

  6. You ladies are a little too hot for me. Making me feel bad! lol just kidding... inspiring!


  7. Oh my goodness! The scenery is AMAZING, I haven't been to HI in so long, I wish I could go! And you look so tan and beautiful!

  8. Hey Annie,

    Can u do an article or a video about what u take with you when you're going on vacation? the beauty products in the must haves etc..

    Thanx ;)

  9. Amazing pictures!! what camera do you use? please let me know, thanks! :D

  10. You're such a model! :D How tall are you btw?

  11. annie! please could you do a video or post talking about studying abroad in america?
    i would love to hear your experience and see what types of things you had to gather to be able to move to america! thanks x

  12. Hi Annie!

    Awe, I also live in Hawaii myself. I love, love, love the Ko'Olina Lagoons! You must be at the fourth lagoon, where it's right next to the Paradise Cove Luau :) Well, I hope you enjoy the entirety of your stay here on Oahu, and hopefully you'll decide to do a meet-&-greet? It would be super amazing to see you in person! <3 Anyway, I'd like to ask you if you have a P.O. Box mailing address? I'd definitely write to you, and send a post card or a letter sometime!

    Malama pono!

    1. I agree Annie, please open up a PO BOX!

  13. Anniiiiiiiiiiiieeeee I miss you too much right now and I ask you to please post more pictures of your vacation and what you are eating etc etc.. I've been doing really well for the past week eating healthy but I am about to fall off the wagon and I need some Annie inspiration!!

  14. Bonjour annie ,

    Je comprends pourquoi tu prends soin de ton corps ,tu a un très jolie corps !

    Juste une question, tes cheveux se sont éclaircis ou c'est juste une couleur ?

    J 'espère que tu comprendras ce message, il me semble que tu disait que tu parlait francais , est vrai?

    Merci :)

  15. Now thanks to you I need to go to Hawaii! I love the often updates! Keep them up!

    These photographs are SO beautiful, you again inspired me (as you have many people) to be healthy! I really want to start going to the gym and eating healthily, but I'm having trouble as to where to start. I watched your Weight Loss story and it helped me get going but I was wondering if you could do an updated version? Maybes what machines to use at the gym what sort of foods to avoid etc?

    Thanks x