Sock Bun

Hello gorgeous! How is everyone today? It feels so nice waking up without any homework to worry about :) happy girl! Rocking this really cool bun today that literally takes half a minute to do. It is called the "Sock Bun" and I'd obviously been living under a rock or something cause I had no idea this little hair trick existed. My love, Emily - the queen of up do's, told me about this hairstyle the other day and said she watched a tutorial on youtube on how to do it. So this morning, before filming, I had no idea what  to do with my hair, so I whipped out an old sock, cut the toe part off and rolled it in my hair. Below is a video of the tutorial I watched.

It took me about 4 try's to get it right, but just practice and you'll get the hang of it. Love it because it's so classy and can be worn casually during the day, or for a night time date or party look.

- Roll the sock on with your head upside down. It will prevent the layers from falling down and out of place when rolling
- Use a sock that's a similar color to your hair to disguise it better 
- Practice practice practice (my first one was a mess lol)

This morning I filmed a tutorial on the makeup I had on in my curly hair video, as requested. I show everything from start to finish (foundation, concealer as well as eye shadows etc). It should be up next week! Almost done with my updated skin care routine video which should be up this weekend. Happy to be back to filming :) feels good! XOXO


  1. can't wait for your next video :) & I really like this "sock bun" style! Nice !!!

  2. That's beautiful! I love it

  3. toll!! :)


  4. it feels so good to see you uploading video! I just love watching them :) Love you Annie!

  5. Hi !Love your hair, it's beautiful ! can you please check out your personal Email ? I've sent you a message and i'm not sure if youv'e seen it. ! :) Thanks :))

  6. hey.. itz so easy & super cool... :)
    thanx for sharing...

  7. i love this! i had to try it right after!


  8. i really had a lot of fun trying the bun