Santa Monica Pier

Hi everyone! I've been having such a fun time here, been out and about non stop! Yesterday I went to Venice to meet up with a fellow YouTuber, Nikki Phillippi who is such a darling!! We had lunch at this really cute place called Lemonade on Abbot Kinney Avenue then browsed through some little stores down the street. Yesterday my brother, Taylor and I went to the Santa Monica Pier to have dinner right by the beach. Here are some pictures from last night. It is just beyond gorgeous here! 

My West-Coast-love, Taylor, and I

After dinner we walked on the beach a bit then decided to go check out some of the rides on the pier. We ended up going on the yellow roller coaster and totally felt like kids again :) I actually got nervous before the ride haha but it was so fun! Then we hit the 3rd street promenade for a bit to get tea from The Coffee Bean (it was pretty chilly by the water!) and later went to a roof top bar and met friends for some drinks which had a gorgeous view over Santa Monica. Love this city!


  1. omg it looks so nice! santa monica is really really really pretty!! <3

  2. I love how the palm tree's line the streets.


  3. what camera did you use for these pictures? :)))