Today my brother and I drove up to Malibu on the Pacific Coast Highway, and I think I repeated "this is so freakin' gorgeous" at least 20 times! It took us about half an hour to get there and it was such a nice drive by the ocean. We had lunch right by the beach and watched people swimming and laying out in the sun. Very relaxing, a totally 180' from New York :) It's a nice change! 

Tomorrow afternoon I'm finally having my meetup! I can't wait, have been thinking about it this whole trip :) Will post some pictures from the meetup tomorrow evening! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! XOXO

The view when cruising on the Pacific Coast Highway

View from the restaurant right on the beach :)


  1. Great view, but I still think Rio's beaches are the best! Have fun in LA! And please post the places a traveler can visit there.

  2. At malibu..Wonderful of sea and blue sky. annie you're gorgeous
    you and your brother good take photos. this place on near...point dume state beach? :)

  3. looks fun! more pics please hehe :) love ya

  4. It looks gorgeous! Have a fab time! :) xx
    Beauty by Emma

  5. Such a beautiful place. That's where I need to be :)


  6. Wonderful pics, I love your blog so much, you're so beautiful! Where did you buy your jacket? (sorry if I made some language errors, I'm french...)