Black, White & Gold

Hi everyone! Hope you've all had a nice weekend! Today we decided to take some pictures of my outfit, which I'm hoping becomes more of a regular thing since I get quite a few requests to do outfit of the days :) But today was kind of cloudy - borderline about to rain, so the lighting wasn't too good, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway! 

This is what I wear a lot for times where I want to be a little more dressed up, but still casual. Fitted black high-waisted jeans is definitely a wardrobe staple of mine. I've also really been into white tops with gold accents like the top I wore today. It's quite effortlessly chic and super easy for anyone to rock. If I were wearing this out and about, running around the city however, I'd throw on some white converse or black ballet flats, but for a nice evening out with the girls I'd definitely wear some heels with it. If you're wondering how I curled my hair today, check out this video here to learn how I did it.  

I am also super excited about everyone who's RSVP'd for my LA meet up! I will be emailing you all soon with details on where we're meeting and when. It will definitely be a huge highlight of my trip!

What I'm Wearing 
Gold necklace, H&M
White blouse with gold studs, Zara
Lace vest, Zara
Metallic belt, Forever 21
High-waisted black jeans, Zara
Sandals, Zara
(Paired with a simple nude clutch)


  1. love your outfit :) and love you doing the "outfit of the day"! look forward to watching ur next video :)

  2. sooo good photos, i like your outfit very much. Now i had to go to Zara and buy the lace vest ^^

    Have a wonderful day <3
    xoxo :)

  3. Hi annie :) Thank you for you said to they and me have nice weekend. wow! you look like models and you have beautiful hair in classic style. wear dress in casual style. but you're gorgeous to always.
    Hmm...your new babies shoes "Sandals, zara" - made of goat leather is well get along well with dress :)

  4. Hi Annie! I was wondering what shoe size you are? :) xx

  5. You look absolutely Gorgeous !!!!! :) I love your outfit !!
    Maybe U could talk about all the inspirational books you've read, I'd love that!
    much love, have a nice day <3

  6. gorgeous :)


  7. super schön :)


  8. My Gosh, you look that gorgeous!
    Love U Anni, you inspire me :*
    Much Love, Eda

  9. Beautiful!!!
    I love the necklace!

  10. How did you style your hair in these photos? Will you do a tutorial for this?

  11. You look amazing Annie!! Fabulous as always :) Who takes your pictures? I'm interested in starting a blog but find it kind of hard to find someone to help me take pics.

  12. please please please do a hair tutorial pleaasseeeeee

  13. What a pretty girl you are! These photos are stunning - I envy your style haha :) I particularly love the necklace, I will need to find myself something similar! Lovely blog also. X x

  14. GORGEOUUUUS!!!!!! Those shoes are soooo stunning I ran off to Zara to buy myself the same pair! Thanks for the inspiration Annie!
    xoxo Keep doing these super nice OOTD!