Baby Blue

Good morning girls! Just getting myself ready for the day and wanted to show you a quick picture of these new baby blue jeans I got from H&M the other day for only $24.90! I adore the color of these jeans paired with a neutral top like this soft grey one I have on today. It's super gloomy out today, so adding a pop of color to my outfit just gives the day a little more color! This morning I made a super healthy veggie juice so I'm feeling a little kick from it now :) It's like natural coffee, gives you so much energy. I juiced kale, celery, carrots, apples, lemon and ginger - and have some to spare for tomorrow morning! Now I'm off to go have lunch and run some errands around town. Hope everyone's having a good day! XOXO

What I'm Wearing 
Necklace, Aldo
Grey linen top, Zara
Blue jeans, H&M
Rose gold watch, Michael Kors
Blue bracelet, J Crew
(With white converse)


  1. Ohh i like the necklace :) you*re gorgeous girl!
    and how tanned you are :/ I'm very pale ... and have sensitive skin, you are so lucky <3

  2. Love your makeup and the necklace is just stunning! :)

    xx, The Cabinet Of Fashion blog

  3. wow so super schön, die Kette :)


  4. Gorgeous outfit, Annie!! Love those jeans! Your blog is very inspirational and I love watching your videos - my new fave channel on YouTube!

    Love from Scotland! =)

  5. What lipstick color are you wearing here?

  6. I love the blue and love the outfit from the last post!

  7. Nice Blue bracelet, J Crew & blue jeans :)

  8. Love your necklace Annie!! It's gorgeous!! Those baby blues are adorable as well :) Thanks for the awesome blog!

  9. Annie! Your clothes and your style are flawless...as usual. What I really admire here is your physique! And the fact that you've kept and it and nurtured it since you started your weight loss regimen all those years ago. I really cannot wait for your detailed workout video!