1 Million

Over 1 million visits! So happy when I saw this :) 
Thank you!


  1. Good for you! That's great Annie!
    I'm super excited for getting to 1000! Lol, I think I'll get it today! Just need 32 more visits! :)

  2. woop more blog posts!
    i cannot explain how happy i get when i see youve posted new videos or blog posts. it instantly puts a smile on my face:)

    i honestly reckon at least half of them views are from me, i like literally every hour our so check your blog for a new post.

    im so glad you post regulary now, and that you can film. ive missed you loads :D your so inspirational, beautiful, classy, and down to earth.

    youve taught me alot about everything.

    i would love to see some more videos:

    -how you got to america(im very interested, i want to move to study aswell)
    - a whats in my on the go makeup bag video
    -makeup collection
    - loads of ootd videos (I,aswell as many other viewers love them types of videos)
    - hair tutorials, such as messy buns, updos, curls, straight dos, summer and spring hair
    - fashion hauls and beauty hauls
    - health hauls
    - loads of cooking videos
    - a meal plan video such as what you eat etc
    - a house tour/ bedroom tour
    - a closet tour
    - a bathroom tour - WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM! my favourite types of tours!
    - beauty trends video
    - what inspires you type of video
    - hygeine routine - would love that!
    - DIY videos such as masks, decorating things etc
    - a little mini biography about your life - when you were younger etc, with pictures etc.
    - celebrity inspired videos
    - giveaway videos - this brings more subscribers and viewers to see how AMAZING you are
    - how to tone your body video
    - fitness and diet
    - what not to wear
    - quick skin fixes
    - easy hairdos on the go
    - drugstore foundation
    - everyday hair routine (tutorial)
    - products that suck/ dont suck
    - your oral routine
    - skincare routine in depth with a demo
    - your high school experience
    - what you want to do in the future
    - how to get clear skin
    - how to tan
    - feminine care
    - messy hair tutorials etc especially no heat etc
    - loads of health videos e.g food
    - how to stay motivated etc.

    i really hope you reply!
    i hope ive given you loads of ideas for vids! xxxxxx

  3. Happy for you :) you deserve it !! much love :)

  4. Congrats!


  5. Congratulations !!! I enjoy reading all your blog posts, thats great.

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  6. Aha! :D:) Is great news. Congratulation to you,annie! :)

  7. I WISH I COULD REACH 1 MILLION VIEWS ON MY FASHION BLOG! I POST VERY FREQUENTLY! http://www.SydneyFactorFashion.blogspot.ca I love your blog Annie!! :) I am going to follow some of the other ppl on here who left their blog link!


  8. I'm looking your old posts and now you have more than 4 millions visits ! Good job girl ! Keep doing :) I hope you'll do outfit post soon as you did back in summer. Big huge to you xx

  9. Hi Annie! how do you feel about fiber pills? or fiber lax pills if your fiber intake is minimal due to living situations/ health reasons?