Sun & Sand

Hi everyone! Woke up bright and early this morning, so happy and excited to be here. Last night we ended up getting in around 1am so I still got some good sleep. I had a great breakfast consisting of fresh fruit and an omelet along with papaya & orange juice, so good! Then we pretty much spent the whole day by the beach. I am in heaven haha! We swam in the sea, laid by the pool and just relaxed. I've gotten pretty damn dark to say the least, tomorrow I'm amping up my SPF a few notches. Here are a few pictures from today! I love wearing this F21 dress when it's hot, it's so flowy and light. 

We are planning on going on a scuba trip on a nearby island hopefully tomorrow. I'll try to get one of those disposable waterproof cameras and take some pictures of the coral and the colorful fish! XOXO 

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