NY Family Time

It's been so nice having my family here from Sweden. Been getting up early every day this week and spending the whole day out and about in New York... we've been everywhere! My grandparents are troopers, visiting from a small town in the quiet suburbs, to crazy busy NY wasn't an easy adjustment. I'm proud to say that they now they make their way through the streets like true New Yorkers. In swedish you say you need to have "sharp elbows" to live here, couldn't agree more. That's something I love about New York though, it's the perfect mix of beauty and toughness. The city is gorgeous, but you gotta have some cojones to live here lol. Today we took a horse & carriage ride through the park, went shopping and had lunch at the Time Warner Center where I met a lovely subscriber - Hi :) if you're reading this!  

My grandmother is such a doll!  
She taught me so much about health & beauty growing up.

Here are a couple pictures in Times Square from our little sightseeing adventure this week. 
We took one of those double decker bus tours around the city. We had fun :)

Craziness of Times Square



  1. NY looks fabulous! I really adore your vest where did you purchase it? I've been looking for a cute one for spring but have not came across anything at all. Xoxoxo

    1. Thank you! I got it from gap 3 years ago, they have similar ones now tho at H&M and F21 :) XOXO

  2. omg! how beautiful is NY! i have eto go there really soon!


  3. I love NYC! I want to go back!!!

  4. Hi Annie! I'm a new subscriber and I looove your channel/blog.

    I'm in my last yr of law school and have one more week of exams to go (can't wait!) so it's such an awesome feeling to take a study break and see all these updates on your blog. It's totally nerdy of me to admit this but it totally made my day lol!

    I'm in love with your style and as a poor student (lol) it's great to see you mixing and matching some of your older pieces in new ways and that's not a brand new outfit every single time. Love that! :)

  5. Oh your grand mother is so cute !!! Nice pictures of NYC :)

  6. you always look so pretty! I'm from Portugal and since I've never been in NYC i was wondering how nice it will be if one of your next videos is like a tour of NYC, showing some of your favourite places and stuff. I think it would be very cool and your international readers would love! Also, since the Summer is almost here, you could do a video about skincare before going to the beach, talking about hair removal, your opinions, etc etc. Hope you like my suggestions! Xoxo

  7. hello annie!
    I love reading your blog, im like your biggest ever fan. im from the UK btw:)
    id love to meet you! your abosolutley stunning!

    I was also wondering wot kind of converses you have? as theres so many, but i like the ones you have, please reply:)xxxx

  8. Where did you get your sunglasses?

  9. Hello annie, Oh! you have warm hearted family :):)
    and you a have nice shooting art..
    I have been visit your site to often but I comment your photos and to sometime., because I am a male...my friends ladies get your follow

    I follow your site and like your videos to always. Umm.....your video share in > CATEGORIES > Woman Power > wow great trailer and! loved it. These ladies have the right idea...and I think to everyone no one is too old to learn and health care itself to best..:)