Makeup Drawers

Where did you get your acrylic clear drawers which you kept all your cosmetics? Which website did you order it from?
I got my drawers from Muji (www.muji.com), they're pretty inexpensive and look amazing. I love that they're clear so you can see exactly what you have. I have 3 stacked on top of each other:

I like that you can stack them and organize different products by different drawers. So for instance I have two drawers for lipsticks, one drawer for blushes etc. They're also great for organizing jewelry and/or other small items.

Can you do a makeup collection/organization video?
Definitely, I'll be back to filming soon!

Do you read all your comments? Do you reply?
My blog comments, Facebook and email messages, yes. Under my youtube videos it's hard to keep up because new comments come in quite often. I reply to emails almost everyday so if I haven't gotten around to yours yet I will soon :) On my blog, I like doing these Q&A's because I get asked similar questions a lot so I like to share answers with you here (and I also answer totally random questions too).

Why do you delete negative comments?
My blog is a positive place and I don't like seeing negative/rude/inappropriate comments here - it's just like a wet blanket for no reason :) So I just delete them! If you don't like my blog, you don't have to read it :) It's so funny (& sweet) when I see people reply to them basically telling them to shut the heck up, which I appreciate lol but there should be no reason for you guys to waste your time on silly people.

Love Your Sandals!! <3 Where are they from?
From Zara but a few years ago, they have similar ones in stores now for spring though!


  1. love that bag..may i know what brand is that?
    BTW,have a nice holiday..


  2. Hey Annie! I was wondering what are you majoring in? What are you going to do after college? Will you still have your apartment? lol so many questions but i really want to know! Congrats on your grad by the way! All you're hard work has paid off! No more papers, essays, homework- you must be psyched!

  3. Hey Annie! I was just wondering what you are majoring in. What will you do after college? Will you still have your apartment? lol so many questions but I really wanna know! Congrats on grad by the way! All that hard work will finally pay off! No more homework,essay,tests- you must be psyched! Wishing the best for you!

    - k

  4. Great post! I love my muji drawers

    xo Jenn


  5. Hi Annie!

    How do you keep your jewelry organized? I find my jewelry out of place and scattered everywhere in my room. Do you have any suggestions? What containers do you use?

  6. i can't wait to see you filming your collection !!!