How to: Heatless Curls

Hi beauties! My new video is up :) It is exactly the way I curled my hair in my two previous videos I posted a few weeks ago. You guys wanted to see a tutorial and here it is :) Totally in love with this hairstyle for the summer. It only takes a few minutes to put in the rollers before bed, then you wake up with this gorgeous wild hair. In the morning it takes about 10 minutes to tame down the locks a little to make them look nice and groomed. I hope you enjoy this video!

Extra tips!
Before rolling up hair:
- Comb through each section to smooth it out
- Spray hair slightly with water / hairspray if you're hair doesn't curl easily
- Roll in the same direction for one smooth wave, or in opposite directions for a wilder look

Products Used:
- Curling Rods, 16mm foam curlers, eBay. Also available at drugstores. 
If you want looser curls, use thicker rods - tighter curls, smaller rods.
- Curling Wand, 24mm curling wand, NuMe
- TRESemme Flawless Curls Mousse
- Argan Oil

My Nails:
Day 1 Coral color: Tarte Deco, Essie
Day 2 Light pink: Dear Diary, Sephora

Day 1: Pink Nouveau, MAC
Day 2: #187 Rouge Allure, Chanel

It is now 11pm and the curls have fallen so nicely! It's so nice knowing I didn't use any heat and hardly any product to get my hair this way. Next time, I'm only going to use the Argan oil and a spritz of water to relax the curls. The curls are so bouncy and natural looking, love 
Have you guys tried this before? It's an old school method that works pretty darn good!


  1. I absolutely love doing this as well! I use the tiny rollers not the bendable ones... and sometimes I use fabric or paper bags.

    Having the curlers in for hours as you sleep is great because my hair doesn't hold curls very well.

    You look gorgeous, love this look!


  2. I've followed your sweet blog for a few months and love your tips. The curls turned out beautifully- I forsee sleeping in curlers in my future!

  3. das steht dir seeeehr gut :)


  4. i love your blog and your youtube channel, girl! great tutorial great look i really have to try this out! i think my hair needs to grow a bit before i can attempt it since the curls are rather tight. for now i will stick to my curling technique with my straightener for more natural beauty waves, but i do really love you. it looks GREAT on you! fabulous hair girl.

    xx rae

    stop by http://www.loveforschoolgirl.net/ and follow back if you like! <3

  5. it looks beautiful! i have to try it!! its a great way not to ruin your hair with those curling irons :)


  6. Waww, it's amazing !!!!!! Your look really beautiful with curly hair :) & I sould try this !!

  7. It looks very cute!



  8. I like it a lot!
    Could you do a tutorial on the 'Day 1 Look', please?

  9. Yay!!! I love watching your new videos!!! I can't wait to go out and get some of these roller thing-ies and try this myself! Thanks Annie, another great video!! xo!

  10. So pretty! I have to buy those curlers! x

    You inspired me to start my own blog! :)


  11. Hi Annie, you look stunning! Please tell me where you got your yellow shirt and if its still vailiable, because I absolutely love it!

  12. SO STUNNING!!! i was wondering where do you work? i know you study but you always go shopping hahaa i work part time and i LOVE to shop but i can never keep up with all your great recomendations!

  13. I have been using these curling rods for years but it is the first time someone tells me that I can brush my hair after, or use a mousse so thank you so much ! You have solved my problem. :D
    By the way, I really really really love your yellow shirt !

    A bientôt ! :)

  14. So jealous of your hair, it's beautiful! I wish mine was that long :(


  15. Hey I just found your blog and I love it! You seem like such a nice down to earth person. Your blog makes me smile :) I always use flexi-rods for heatless curls it's so easy to do.