Aruba Tomorrow!

Hi girls! Tomorrow morning I am off for a short family getaway! Of course, my family books the vacation a week before I graduate and have a million papers due, BUT I wasn't going to pass this up, so I guess I'll be writing my papers on the beach :) not too shabby! I am beyond excited and so thankful for this little trip! Woop 
So excited! Can't wait to be there again 


  1. Annie, is that you in the picture with striped bikini? if it is , you have an aaaamazing body and I am gonna start juicing and eating just like you as of today lol.

  2. you have such a nice figure :) Aruba is surely a nice getaway :)

  3. Please tell me that's your natural hair!! Goodness, it looks great, beachy little waves! <3 Is this picture from before you started the Brazil Butt Lift? Either way you look great! Do you have a special workout you do in preparation for "swimsuit season"? Or is it just the everyday healthy eating and lifestyle habits that you maintain throughout the year? Sorry for all the questions! Hope your vacation is most pleasant. :)

  4. YAY! have fun!

    xo Jenn


  5. Aruba is looking amaaazing !!! Have fun A. !!! Xoxo