Touch Down

Hi Friends  touched down in Geneva yesterday for a short but much needed trip to see my family! The best part of arriving is when I step off the plane, and take a deep breath of the fresh clean air. In new york, I do quite the opposite sometimes lol. I also love the drive from the airport to my house. It's so scenic here, its almost unreal (I will try to get some pictures up before I leave). On the flight I watched a few movies, one of them being Mission Impossible 4 which was so entertaining. Every 20 minutes I'd think "No way that did not just happen" or "How the hell did they think of doing that?!". Haha I was obviously very entertained! I also watched The Descendants with George Clooney which was great but quite heavy - I was balling like a baby! 

I've just been hanging out relaxing with my family and little adorable brother and sisters. Finished editing my What's In My Bag video this morning so it should be up either tonight or tomorrow! I'm already leaving on Sunday so definitely trying to make the most of my time here :)

Hope everyone's doing great! Lots of hugs from Geneva XOXO

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  1. wirklich toll :)

  2. Wow!! Geneva!!! Definitely on my list of places to visit. Enjoy the time with you family :) xoxo

  3. Heyyy Annie, it`s so great to hear from you, I was all ready missing you!!!! it`so great for you to get to see your family and spend time with themm, hope you get to enjoy alot...

  4. It seems we'll be closer for a while :)

  5. Have a wonderful time back home! Enjoy your well deserved time off! :) xx

  6. Oh Annie tu es à Genève ! Tu habites dans quelle région de la ville d'ailleurs ?
    Amuse toi bien avec ta famille en tout cas et peut-être qu'on se croisera ;)
    Gros bisous <3

  7. Hope you have fun with your family annie! :) I really can't wait for your video! Hey incase you don't see my email, I emailed you from my address, bobbobbobq@hotmail.com asking a quick question about if you were using any other eye shadows other than nutty in this video:


    It would mean so much if you replied either by email or to this comment :) were you wearing nutty alone or did you have virgin from the naked palette in your inner corners or anything etc.? Hope to hear from you!!

  8. Woow! Have fun!!!
    Annie, could you please do a video about which cosmetics we should take in the trip.
    Thank you! Waiting for photos from Geneva. xox

  9. Aw your so close from my country now!! :) I live in Luxembourg.. it's quite a small country but I love it here! Enjoy your time with your family :) <3

  10. bienvenue a g'neve!
    je suie regulierement tes videos, c'est une grande source d'inspiration.
    je suis contente que tu soi a geneve.
    on peu peut etre se voir au starbucks du rhone lundi si t'a un peu ti peu de tps.
    mon numero est 0788198924 et je m'appel meriem, j'ai 23 ans et je suis etudiante a l'ecole d'ingenieurie de gestion.
    et g perdus 5 kilos avec les raw food!!! so happy!!!
    gros bisous, tu me tiendra au courant.

  11. Enjoy your time with your family ;)

  12. Ohhh that picture is so beautiful! I miss those days when i used to travel around Europe.
    Now i´m in my last year of college and i'm hoping (fingers crossed)that i'll find a job oportunity in the uk:)
    Anyways, enjoy your time and have fun!! I've been to Switzerland in 2008 and I loved it, everything is so colourful and cozy...btw, i live in a small country beneath yours.. :)

  13. Annie, is it the Geneva in Switzerland "Genf" or is it a city in the states? because there are about 10 towns in the states named geneva lol. in case its the switzerland-geneva, you speak french or german then?

  14. I'll be there in a few days.Have a good time!!