Hi everyone! Happy Sunday :) Spring Break has finally sprung after a crazy two weeks of midterms yay! I filmed a tutorial for this look below using my favorite gold eyeshadow and a really pretty blue color, which came out looking green in these pictures. I will edit it tonight hopefully and it should be up by tomorrow :) Friday, I spent the whole day shopping with my friend Anastasia who's visiting from Geneva and we got some really cute things that I'll share with you all in an upcoming haul. I will have more time to film next week so I am excited to get some new videos up! (As always feel free to send me requests either here on on my facebook) Now I'm going to get ready for the day, and I think I will wear similar makeup to the below, quite like the green/blue springy touch :) XOXO


  1. Hey Annie! Just want to thank you for the juceing tips. I have been juceing now for 4 weeks and really can tell the changes in my body.

    You are such a inpirational person!
    Love from Sweden

  2. Happy Sunday to you too ,Annie!
    You inspire me every day. Thank you!
    Kisses and hugs from Montreal!

  3. i love it :) xxx the gold is beautiful

  4. sieht sehr schön aus :)

  5. Apartment tour our makeup collection and how you organize your makeup.. We all really wanna see how you organize your life and environment :)

  6. hey annie , i just wanted to tell you how i love your videos and love love your style looking forward to see your haul video!!!! hopefuly soon ...(and the make one as well)
    also ... im really into astrology latley and i wanted to ask you if you dont mind what is your sign and when is your birthday and even to tell a bit a bout yourself if ull like ...
    love and kisses from Israel !!!

  7. These colours are gorgeous. Makes your eyes really standout.

  8. Hey Annie!
    I love your blog and videos. Keep up the good work!
    I was just wondering whether you have any advice for freckles and sunspots? I get tons during the summer and would like to know a way I could lighten my old ones and prevent more from appearing?