Questions: Tea, Books, Bum Bum

What kind of green tea do you drink? D
o you add sugar to your green tea, or just drink it plain?

I like to buy both caffeinated, for the mornings / afternoons, and decaffeinated for the evenings. I am not super brand loyal to any specific type, so I try new ones out all the time. I go through boxes of green tea pretty quick so I have tried a few brands! One of my all time favorite flavored green teas is by Mighty Leaf. It's on the pricey side so I consider it my little luxury that I have every other day when I'm in the mood to really enjoy a good cup of tea (as opposed to drinking it quickly before heading out in the morning). The "Green Tea Tropical" and "Green Tea Passion" are my fav luxury teas! I find it as satisfying as a piece of cake after dinner. Oh and no I don't add anything to my tea, just plain! :)

A few of teas in my "tea cupboard" :)
Regular affordable Green Teas are just as beneficial

Just wondering if you could tell us a little bit about you bangs (like how they are cut etc) because mine have overgrown so I need them cut too. Do you have a preference for which side you have your parting?

I always ask for my bangs to be cut down the middle, because then I can part my hair which ever way later. But then again, it also depends on your face structure and the overall style of your hair. Bring in a couple pictures of hairstyles you like and ask your hairdresser for their opinion :)

What are your favorite inspirational books?

I love The Secret, and listen to it on audio. A few years ago I read Fabulosity by KLS and it was really inspirational and fun at the same time. I've heard so many great things about The Magic, which is a follow up to The Secret which focuses on the importance of Gratitude. I am planning on getting that one soon!

Hi Annie! Waiting on your march 2012 fav:-) 
Thanks! :) Sorry I haven't been able to film it yet, I've been so busy with school work. Hopefully I'll get to do my April Favs soon!

How long have you been doing the Brazilian Butt Lift? Have you noticed a big difference?

I love this workout because, of course it focuses on sculpting a beautiful behind :) but it also has a lot of core workouts and cardio exercises which are important as well. I bought it at the end of February, so I've been doing it for about 2 months. I have noticed a big difference in the sides of my hips (or otherwise known as the "saddle bag region"). It's a lot more toned and smooth. My abs are a lot more toned as well as my "bum bum" as they call it in the workout. Definitely recommend it! I am still planning to do that workout video where I will show you some of my favorite moves from this DVD.

I Instagramed a snapshot from the DVD when working out this past weekend
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  1. Hey Annie!

    I just had to let you know that I bought the Brazil Butt Lift because of you! I had debated buying it a while ago but wasn't sure.

    When you made the video about working out I decided to finally buy it and I'm loving it. It has pushed me to work out more often and I have been working out every other day and also walking (I'm still trying to train my muscles) don't want to overwork them.

    I also own the Zumba collection and another one called "Envy Girls" which comes with four different DVD's each focusing on one part of the body. That one is great and it is super cheap on Amazon!

    Also! I bought "The Secret" on audio book after you mentioned that you listened to it in the morning before heading out. I had watched the movie but never read the book so now I listen to it while I'm driving to work and it's already making me more positive!

    Thank You so much for your videos! You are amazing!

  2. Yeeahheee!!! You answered my question about the bangs, could you please in one of your videos show how long you bangs are because I never see strands of you hair on your forehead. I also like green tea but am not drinking it too much as my mum says that I'm too young to have too much caffeine and I still have growing to do (I'm in my middle teens)!! Please make a video soon and can't wait for your fitness video..
    Lot of hugs and kisses from Scotland

  3. Oh and yeh, could you please tell me if you have a tutorial on your hair that you have in your profile pic on this blog....
    Lot of hugs and kisses from Scotland

  4. I really like youre blog! My favorite tea is Mighty leaf camomile and orange. Highly recommend

  5. Hi Annie, I follow u since the begining and i dont think someone told you about Davids Tea.. I was used to drink like lipton tea or stuff like that, but when i discover de Davids Tea, i fell in love. The taste is amazing and you have a lot and a lot of flavor... You have a lot of kind of tea like White tea (my favorite!), black, green, Roobios, oolong etc...

    I dont know if theres a store in New York, Im come from Montreal (I'm a french who's triyng to write in English so sorry for the faults !lol) But, you can order Online... There's the Link http://www.davidstea.com/

    Those ones are my favorite if you want some inspiration....
    -Black, Pear Cranberry http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/black-tea/cranberry-pear
    -Green, Détox bio http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/green-tea/detox
    -Green, Toasted Walnut (There's a little bit of pinapple and coconut in it ! delicious !) http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/green-tea/toasted-walnut
    -White, cherry-potion http://www.davidstea.com/our-teas/white-tea/cherry-potion

    Of course i have a ton of favorites but its gonna take too long... If you make some discover, share it ! :)

  6. My favorite tea is PEACH-MINT green tea by MULLER!!!You have to try it!!! (p.s- and I love to drink it plain!!!) :-D

  7. If you love green tea you've got to try YERBA MATE. It's one of my favorite things. It's actually an herb, but it's almost like a tea. Super rich in antioxidants and natural caffeiene, it's yummy too with almonond milk...

  8. P.S. Just bought Brazilian Butt lift soooo excited!!!

  9. Do you have a reccomendation of a good sunscreen that's all natural and not filled with chemicals???

  10. my favorite mighty leaf tea is the chamomile citrus, but i bought this really cool mug that has a tea brewing thing...i don't know how to explain it or what its called, but its like a tea kettle. it has a top and everything. so lately i've been buying loose tea and just making my own little blends. my favorite so far is chamomile with rosa de castilla..it's a loose rose petal tea. very relaxing and the taste is incredible.


  11. thank you so much for answering my question I really enjoy drinking teas as much as you do.. now that I know what kind of green tea ou drink I will start drinking green tea more often..

  12. Never heard about the "saddle bag region" haha! As per your tips, I added green tea to my habits and I am currently alternating the mint green tea with the tangerine one (it is so "in" this season...)

  13. have you ever tried the tracy anderson workout? i think its better than the brazil butt one:) -A

  14. Hey Annie! Does this DVD actually give the results that they say they do? I bought it but returned it because I wasn't sure if I'd get the results I wanted.

  15. I absolutely love the secret, and I read her third book, The Magic too, it is so amazing, but her second book is called The power, and in my opinion it is the best of the 3. you just have to read it. then get the magic! it will make more sense too and it will make it easier. xoxo S

  16. I really don't understand why brazilian butt lift isn't avaiable in Brazil! :/
    Please, do a work out video, i want it so baaad!
    And I will realy love see your room...

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    Greetings from Germany

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